MEDICINE AND PSYCHIATRY TODAY: The Practical Application of Street Drugs

MEDICINE AND PSYCHIATRY TODAY: The Practical Application of Street Drugs

A Story by The Archangel Gabriel

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1) Kedamaine, in party mode kedamine, for mood disorder (having a good time) and in horse tranquilizer mode, help with sleep or to stabilize you like Seroquel; beware anything that tranquilizes a horse

2) Mushrooms,  if nothing else will do or maybe to see God and get good guidance

3) LSD, like mushrooms or as a gateway drug to mind control

4) MDA, MDMA, or Molly (if molly is different) for good sex or for energy or for a good time also specializing in "touchy feely feelings..."  Isn't that special?

5) Cocaine, for "chatty" mood or as an anesthetic or as energy or for a better mood

6) Crack, as a psychiatric fixall to get you into you, having a good time, and everything going your way

7) THC and it's friends, for wasting syndrome/no or little hunger, from  chemotherapy, AIDS, and dying of cancer

8) Opium or Heroin, for pain or for a good feeling for you mood disorder.  Opium is much like a vicodin but more smooth, and heroin is like a tramadol but lighter

9) Crystal Meth, as a performance drug to stay up all night or to get you "pep/energy"

They don't stock this in the pharmacy?  But, they could!  Since morphine comes from poppies,  anything but marijuana is in the federal schedule!

Long live Writer's Cafe!

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Added on December 31, 2017
Last Updated on December 31, 2017


The Archangel Gabriel
The Archangel Gabriel

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