Why Me?

Why Me?

A Story by Autumn

A woman is rescued from a terrible, meaningless life, but you'll never guess who her rescuer is...


“No, precious human, you are not the last,” he replied in a soft compassionate voice. “You are the first.”

I tilted my head to stare into his obsidian, soulless eyes. Before I could even stop the words from spilling from my lips, I murmured, “Why me?”

“Because you, my dear, were extremely miserable up there with the rest of your kind. You were treated so horribly that you cried yourself to sleep nearly every night that you were sober. You were always attempting to drink your pain away nearly every time you had the chance. You were broken down by the people who you gave nothing but kindness to.” He gently caressed my cheek, staring directly into my pale, golden brown eyes. “All you did was suffer.”

I lightly placed my small hand on top of his rough one. “Thank you,” I whispered, holding back the tears that were threatening to fall.

“How about we get you to my home so you can rest? The journey here for a living human can be treacherous.” He slowly retracted his hand, causing mine to fall as well, but he quickly grabbed it and led the way.

I allowed my eyes to wonder around. There was not a speck of grass in sight and the trees appeared to look more like charcoal instead of wood while the leaves were a dark shade of purple. “What is this place?” I wondered aloud.

He pulled me a little closer to him. “You’ll know the answer to that question soon enough.”

He and I continued to stroll through the twisted field until we saw an enormous dark castle that appeared to have been built during the medieval times. As we neared this monstrosity of a building, a cloaked figure appeared to be floating towards us.

He immediately stopped as soon as he realized that the figure dressed in a dark cloak was coming towards us. He removed the deep red cloak from his broad shoulders and wrapped it around my slender ones, revealing him to be wearing a normal v-neck shirt that captured each one of his muscles perfectly. He cupped my face in both of his large hands, staring deep into my caramel eyes. “Listen to me, do not, I mean absolutely not, listen to a single word, a single syllable, that I am about to say. I mean none of it. I love you, remember that.” He then collided his perfectly rough lips with mine in a passionate kiss. As soon as my mouth began to catch up with my brain, he pulled away. “And whatever you do, do not show your face until you are in my chambers. Understand?”

I simply nodded, too breathless to offer a verbal answer.

He planted a feather light kiss on my forehead before pulling the hood of his cloak over my head. “Good girl.” He then easily lifted me and tossed me over his large shoulder.

“Hey!” I squealed in protest.

He lightly smacked my bottom and growled playfully, “Quiet peasant!”

I then felt the man holding me tense. I knew the hooded figure was standing near.

“Hello master. I see you brought back one of your father’s creations back with you this time. Are you going to experiment on this one or just torture it just for fun?” a raspy voice asked.

What in the hell is that f****r talking about? This hunk who is carrying me is too nice and caring for the bullshit I’m smelling! There was no way he could possibly do these things to anyone. Wait, I don’t really know him that well, considering I only started talking to him three days ago. Should I have agreed to come with him so quickly?

“Those both sound so tempting but I have another in mind,” he growled out.

Did I just hear him lick his gorgeous lips? Of course not! I got to be imagining things again.

The figure let out a bone-chilling laugh. “I understand, sire. I just told one of your close servants to bring the usual equipment to your chambers. All I ask thought is to remember the prophecy.”

I felt his grip tighten on me as he simply nodded. “Of course. Now go on with your business. I mustn’t keep you any longer.”

The figure chuckled. “You’re the boss. Keep me as long as you need if you want. Do you need me to call anyone to escort you to the castle?”

He shook his head. “No, this is all I need.”

The figure bowed before continuing onto its own journey.

He continued to walk back to what I assume is his castle with me still slung over his shoulder.

“You know you can put me down. I have legs that work perfectly fine,” I casually said, trying to lean up a little bit.

He shrugged the shoulder I was digging my elbows into, purposely causing e to fall flat against his back once more. “No, it’s not safe. They’re watching us now.”

“Who’s watching us?” I whispered, scared that whoever was watching could also hear us.

“My followers.”

Now I was utterly puzzled. Who was this man I allowed to steal me away from my life? Why did he seem scared of his own followers? Who was he in order to have followers? I immediately tensed as I realized that I did not even know what this man’s name was.

“What is wrong, my love?” he asked, breaking my train of thought.

“N-nothing,” I liked, not wanting him to suspect something.

I felt him come to a stop. “I know you’re lying. There is something on your mind, and you are going to tell me what it is now,” he commanded, sending shivers up and down my spine.

“What is your name?” I murmured, attempting to keep my voice level.

He sighed. “I cannot tell you this now for I am afraid that you will run from me.”

“Why? Why can you not tell me?”

“Because I love you too much to see you fear me,” he softly explained before pushing a creaky door open.

Why would I run? I thought to myself. What could possibly be so terrible that he can’t even tell me his own name?

His pace quickened as he approached a set of wooden double doors. He let go of me to shave them open, causing them to slam into the brick walls with an ear-piercing bang. “Why is there no one outside any doors?!” he shouted, placing his arm back around my legs. “Just because I took a short vacation does not mean you worthless piece of s***s get to! I am going to my chambers and there are to be no interruptions under any circumstances!”

The power in his voice had me shaking like a leaf in the wind as he ascended a spiral stair case located behind the throne. Wait throne?

Suddenly, I’m being tossed onto a large bed cover in black silk sheets. I laid there staring deep into his obsidian eyes. “What is your name?”

He laid beside me, bringing me into his solid arms. He began to brush his nose against my pale neck, lightly setting my skin on fire. He then brought his lips to mine in a feather kiss. “Just promise me you will not leave if I tell you.”

I forced him to stare into my eyes. “I promise I won’t leave you but you have to tell me.”

“Lucifer, my name is Lucifer.”

My heart stopped for a second. He cannot be who I think he is. This man does not have red skin or horns, so it can’t be him, right?

“I am the Devil, love” was the last thing I heard as the world around me turned to complete darkness. 

© 2018 Autumn

Author's Note

I just jumped into a scene, so there is no true beginning.

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that was really good, u can take this story and turn it into a full book!!! it has alot of promise to be an amazing book :) great job :)

Posted 1 Week Ago

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