The Ex-Sorceress and the Knight

The Ex-Sorceress and the Knight

A Story by Autumn

A sorceress travels back in time to where she was considered evil, and a knight finds her. Their interaction is quite unique.


“I’m not as bad as the books say, you know.”

“Quiet, evil one.”

“Ooh, name-calling"so fearsome.”

“Show me your hands,” the knight demanded as he continued to point his sword at me.

I rolled my violet eyes as I took my hands off my hips and held them in the air beside my head. “Happy?”

The knight squinted his eyes and tilted his head. “Why would I be happy about that?”

I sighed, blowing a stray hair out of my face while doing so. “You know what? Just forget I ever said anything.” I moved my hands to pull up my worn out jeans that were slowly moving down my hips. How could I be so careless that I freaking forgot to change into a set of clothes that were more medieval?

“Hey! Move your hands back in the air, sorceress!” he shouted.

“Okay, okay! Geez, I was just freaking pulling up my clothes!” I growled back at him while fiercely glaring.

The knight bravely took a single step towards me. “Are you truly the Sorceress of Abaddon?”

I groaned. “For the fifth time, yes! Well, I used to be.”

The knight stared at me with a puzzled complexion again. “What do you mean?”

“I mean that I don’t work for the knights of hell anymore. Before you ask, yes I still have my powers, but I only use them when I absolutely have to,” I quickly explained.

“So you only use your powers for good?”

“No! My powers are only used when the situation absolutely calls for it!” I yelled. After taking a few deep breaths with my eyes closed, I stared back at the annoying knight. “Sorry, I did not mean to yell at you. I just have very important things to do in very little time, and you are prohibiting me from doing them.”

The knight appeared completely stunned. His sword stayed steady while his icy blue eyes stared blankly at me. The knight’s entire body was completely motionless. The only way I could tell that he was not literally stunned was that he was blinking.

I cautiously took a step forward while lowering my hands to my sides. “Excuse me sir. Are you okay? Can you hear me?” Please say something,” I begged. I quickly began to scan the area, searching for anyone else in close proximity.

As I momentarily had my back turned, I felt a hand slightly grasp my upper arm. Without a second thought, I conjured a blazing ball of fire in my free hand and swiftly spun around to throw it at whoever was grabbing me. I immediately summoned the fire back towards the air I pulled it from. A small flame landed on my shirt, instantly setting it on fire. I promptly began slapping the tiny fire, swiftly putting it out before it could burn by skin or shirt any worse. “S**t! I am so sorry! I didn’t realize it was you,” I apologized. “Damn, that f*****g burns.”

“I deeply apologize for startling you. Is there anything I can do to help?” the knight offered.

I shyly asked, “Do you happen to have any water I could use, hopefully cold?”

The knight took off his helmet, bending down to set it by his feet. He walked over to me and gestured to my wound. “May I?”

I nodded as I moved my hands away from it. My eyes widened once I stared upon his face. His hair was the color of the night sky, which perfectly matched his crystal blue eyes.

The knight gently brushed his fingers against the burn, causing me to wince. “It appears to only be a slight burn. Keep it clean and covered then it should heal perfectly fine.” He splashed some cool water onto it before pulling my shirt back down.

“Thank you.”

“No need. Any good person would have done this for you.”

I shook my head, making my blonde curls bounce around my face. “No, they wouldn’t have. Literally any other person most likely would have attempted to kill me instead.”


“Yes, they would have. When I said that I’m not as bad as the books say, I was in fact so much worse,” I whispered while finding the grass to be extremely interesting.

The knight gently tilted my head up, forcing my violet eyes to stare at his icy blue ones once again. “The past does not matter to me. The person who you are in this moment is all that counts.”

I immediately began to cry. These emotions were overwhelming me. I quickly brought by hand to my face, attempting to wipe away the tears that were falling. “I’m sorry for crying. It’s just that was the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me.”

The kind knight engulfed me in his strong arms, smashing my face against the cool metal of his armor. “That honestly saddens me. I wish that there were nicer people in this world,” he murmured before planting a comforting kiss on the top of my head.

I reluctantly pulled away. “Thank you. I really needed that,” I muttered with a small smile. I touched my palms to my wet cheeks. “Geez, this feels so weird but fantastic at the same time.”

The knight smiled but also appeared confused. “What do you mean?”

“Smiling and crying,” I answered as it was obvious. “I was never allowed to show any kind of feeling, like happiness, as a child.”

The knight stared down at me with eyes full of sympathy. “That’s terrible,” he paused then exclaimed, “How incredibly rude of me! I completely forgot to ask you your name.”

I grinned back up at him. “Don’t worry about it, considering you were threatening me with your big, shiny sword.”

“Please forgive me for that too.”

“There is not a need to ask for forgiveness when the matter has been already forgiven.”

The knight flashed his rare white teeth at me. “Thank you. Not to seem ruder than I already do, but what is your age?”

“I am forever seventeen years old but during this time period, I was actually seventeen. My name is Adeline by the way. I forgot to mention it earlier,” I replied as I began to stroll into the woods that were nearby.

“That’s a beautiful name. You are quite powerful, especially considering your age. The books said that you were at least fifty years old, but you used magic in order to keep yourself looking young,” he explained. He grabbed his helmet before jogging over to me.  “Where are you going?”

“Into the woods. I have a secret, hidden cabin located not too far away from here. There is proper clothing attire for myself inside it. To answer your unasked question, you tend to learn magic quite quickly when you were taught spell long before you were able to speak them.”

“Your mother sounds absolutely horrible,” the knight assumed.

I laughed as I stepped over a large tree root. “My mother was not the one who taught me every single bit of magic I know. The credit for that goes to the knight of hell I was enslaved to, Sir Quinlan.”

The knight halted for a full minute before continuing to follow me through the woods. “How did you know my name? I have not spoken it at all.”

I smirked as I slowed my pace as we both were nearing my concealed cabin. “The biggest secret to me being the most powerful witch is that I am also a psychic. I am able to tell what anyone is thinking and foresee a little bit of the future,” I explained to him. “The extremely greedy woman who gave birth to me gave me away to Abaddon immediately after I was born just so she could have everything she would want in her lifetime to answer your next question.”

“I would immensely appreciate it if you could stay out of my head,” Sir Quinlan replied.

I momentarily twisted around to glance at him. “I am sincerely sorry if I made you utterly uncomfortable. It is an old habit of mine.”

“It is quite alright. I understand.”

I smiled at him as I took hold of his gloved hand. “Thank you.”

“You are greatly welcome, Adeline,” he said before returning the smile. “Excuse me but shouldn’t I be leading?”

I giggled while shaking my head. “I think it is best for me to be leading right now, considering the fact that there’s someone inside the hidden cabin of mine.” 

© 2018 Autumn

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Added on January 3, 2018
Last Updated on January 3, 2018
Tags: medieval, sorceress, knight, meeting, short story, first interaction