Parallel World's Consequences

Parallel World's Consequences

A Story by Autumn

Beware of what you do when visiting another dimension because you never know what consequences might occur, and this story warns the readers of it.


“Next, you’ll expect me to believe that there’s an alternative world where I’m a girl.”

“There is. You’re kind of hot as a chick. We made out in the girl’s bathroom.”

Brian’s face immediately looked like a tomato. “Audrey!”

The girl with midnight hair and piercing emerald eyes laughed. “What? I didn’t technically cheat on you.”

“Still! This is so weird! How did you even travel to a parallel universe?” the boy with chocolate hair and matching eyes shouted.

Audrey shrugged her shoulders. “I don’t know.” She paused for a moment before mumbling, “Damn, you are still a fantastic kisser as a girl, if not better.”

“Hey!” he protested with his face getting redder.

“It’s not the worst thing in the world, well other world. I’m here with you now, so you could always prove to me that the male version of you is a lot better,” she flirted with a wink.

Brian chuckled as he shook his head. “You’re my little minx. I would enjoy that right now, but we need to figure out how and where you had traveled to and how you got there to begin with. There’s no telling if you’re the only one who disappeared or if there are any others.”

Audrey frowned but nodded. “You’re right, as always.”

Brian wrapped her tiny hand with his. “That’s because I’m the brains and you’re the brawn.”

Audrey threw her head back as she laughed. “You’re twice as strong as me, you big dummy!”

Brian smiled sheepishly. “Well then, you’re the beauty to my beast.”

Audrey giggled. “You’re so sweet.” She pecked his cheek. “Now let’s go into the woods behind my grandmother’s house.”

“Why there?”

“Because that’s where I came back at silly. I figured that we would begin there to see if anyone else came back through if they disappeared into the parallel universe.”

“But you left through the library supposedly.”

Audrey nodded. “I did, right through the mythology section. For some reason, I came out in a different place.”

“Do you have any idea as to why that is?” Brian asked.

Audrey shrugged. “Maybe because my grandmother’s house is one of my strongest memories and whatever sent me back through there possibly choose her house because that is what they would see most clearly.”

 Brian smiled down at the gorgeous girl before kissing the tip of her nose. “You’re so smart.”

“But not as smart as you,” she laughed. She then dragged him to her car. “Let’s go, silly.”

Brian nervously swallowed. “You’re, um, driving?” He pulled at his shirt’s collar a little bit.

Audrey tilted her head to the side. “Of course I am, sweetie. It’s going to take forever to get there if I don’t drive,” she softly explained. “Don’t you want to solve this dilemma as quick as possible so no one else has to be put through what we had to?”

Brian nodded. “Yeah, of course I do, honey. It’s just, please do not get mad at me for saying this, but your driving terrifies the living s**t out of me.”

Audrey tried her hardest to hold in her building pile of laughter. “Is that why you seem extremely nervous?”

Brian slowly nodded while looking at his dusty shoes.

Audrey hugged him tightly. “Don’t worry. I promise I’ll be more careful this time.”

Brian nervously chuckled. “I guess I don’t really have much of a choice then. I’m going to sit in the backseat though.”

Audrey giggled as she stood on her tiptoes in order to kiss his cheek once more. “Whatever makes you feel safe, babe.” She had let go of his hand and rushed to the driver’s door to unlock the car before starting the engine.

Brian climbed into the backseat of the car and quickly buckled up. “I’m ready when you are, Aud.”

Audrey speedily drove down the wide street, weaving and sharply turning down many roads. She glanced back to see Brian’s knees pulled up to his chest with his head between them. “How are you doing, babe?”

Brian groaned extremely loud. “Ughhhhh, I think I’m going to be sick.”

Audrey’s car’s speedometer hit a hundred miles per hour as she stepped harder on the gas. “Just a few more minutes and we’ll be there.”

The car finally stopped in front of a large, white house that had a forest behind it.

Brian leaped out of the car, immediately puking on the green grass.

Audrey quickly walked around the vehicle and softly patted his back. “Just let it all out,” she softly said. She then glanced up at her grandmother’s house, freezing any movement.

Brian felt her stop. He looked up to see a male that looked striking similar to Audrey, jogging towards them with steam coming out of his ears. “Who is that?”

Audrey quickly stepped out of her paralysis and shoved Brian into the vehicle through the open back passenger door, climbing in directly after him. “That’s the male version of me. Let’s just say I did a little more than kiss the female you, which also happens to be his girlfriend. He-me is very possessive when it comes to his significant others, so now he either wants to beat my face in or kill me. I don’t think he has decided yet.”


© 2018 Autumn

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That was a pretty cool and funny story!

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

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Added on January 3, 2018
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