entry two from relentless

entry two from relentless

A Story by xoxo

The next morning Charlie said he didn’t feel well, so he stayed home, I left and went to work anyways. After work, when I came home I went inside and I saw Charlie with flowers in his hands.

“Hey babe. How was work?”

 “It was great. I am guessing you are feeling better.”

“I was never sick.”


“Follow me.”

 He handed me the roses.

“These are beautiful Charlie thank you.”

He put a blindfold over my eyes and leads me somewhere, I have no idea where we are. He took the blindfold off and there stood a treehouse and a sign was in front of it saying

“You are like a tree, I cannot live without you.”

 “Aww Charlie, I love you so much.”

 “Thank you Scarlet for always being you, I love you too.”

 He lead me up into the treehouse, it was huge. I loved it. He had a picnic set up with peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, potato chips and Mountain Pibbs. This felt so comfortable, this moment and this time. It felt great.

 “Charlie we have dance classes tonight.”

 “Already called. I need to spend some time with you.”

I smiled.

“So Scarlet, tell me some things I don’t know about you.”

“You know everything about me.”

“I doubt that. Like your first kiss? Favorite band? Favorite food?”

 “Well, if you have to know, I never kissed anyone before you pathetic, I know. Favorite band is Maroon Five. Favorite food is pizza. Now tell me your first kiss, favorite band and favorite food.”

“Aww, that’s not pathetic. I have never kissed anyone before you either. I am pretty good at it, I know. Favorite band is, well it is a singer, Billy Joel. Favorite food is lasagna.”

 I smiled.

“Wow. Lasagna”


“Let’s play twenty questions.”

 “Okay, you first Scarlet.”

 “Okay. When you saw me for the first time what was the first thing you thought?”

 “I thought that you had a lot of dirt on your face, but you are still adorable.”

I smiled

 “Your turn.”

 “What was the first thing you thought when you saw me for the first time?”

“I thought dang he is the hottest guy I have ever seen in my life, I also thought you were a stalker because you listened in on me and your dad’s conversation.”

“I had no choice! I just had to know you more.”

“Uh huh. Okay, my question is if you could have one superpower what would it be?”

“Flying. Definitely.”

 I raised an eyebrow. “Why?”

“Because I wouldn’t have to drive, I hate driving.”

“Fair enough. Your turn.”

 “How did you come up with mountain pibb?”

 “Okay, this is an interesting story. One day I ran to the soda machine and closed my eyes and picked two drinks and put them together, and thus was born mountain pibb.” “Interesting. Your turn.”

“Okay. When you see other girls, do you regret your decision of proposing?”

“That is an absurd question Scarlet, of course not. You are way more beautiful than any girl anyways, well, accept for-“

“What? Besides who?”

“I’m kidding” he started laughing.

I smiled. “Just checking.” I punched his shoulder.

 We both laid down in that comfortable place where we knew that we were trusted and loved. I never wanted to replace that moment.

© 2017 xoxo

Author's Note

you guys wanted more of my book.. I wrote this years ago and the amount of cheesiness in this is crazy wow

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Added on July 4, 2017
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