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lately I've realized so many girls being very insecure bc of this bond that society has that girls think they need to meet. the band that girls are expected to meet to be "perfect" is ridiculous. me & lots of friends have been dealing with low self confidence lately, and let me tell you; it sucks. one thing I've realized though is, you have to want to get better. if you are always downing yourself, you're not gonna get better. you are all beautiful, no matter what people say or what people think about you. you are beautiful. just say that to yourself a few times. "I'm beautiful" it's calming isn't it? & maybe a bit new for some of you. but trust me, whatever you guys like to do or whatever, take time out to do what you like. sometimes, you have to to worry on your own happiness, be happy for you, fake it till you make it. you don't always have to work on everyone else, it's work on yourself sometimes. & it's okay to not be okay, us teenagers have a lot of pressure, guys, makeup, expectations, ect. guys, I know you guys can get low self confidence too, either on your height, either on your ability on sports, or what girls you can get ect. but guys, you're all pretty cool to me. much love for all of you guys. I'm gonna do everything I can to be here for all of you guys, if you feel sad, talk to me. text me, dm me whatever. thank you to everyone who's been there, you know who you are. my confidence is getting higher & higher each day, partly because of you guys. we can all do this, together. 2k16, new standards. change the charts.

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Author's Note

this is in no way a story, a poem, etc. i just found this from about a year ago thag i had written, and it's still acurate to this day.

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Added on July 17, 2017
Last Updated on July 17, 2017




hold me until the stars shine again more..

play? play?

A Poem by xoxo

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A Story by xoxo

i want i want

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