Nick visits the North Pole

Nick visits the North Pole

A Story by shortstorieswithrhymes

Nick was just an orphan who dreamt of making toys. He lived inside an orphanage with twenty girls and boys.
The orphanage had yellow walls and greenish colored halls. It only had two bathrooms but it had eleven rooms.
Miss Carol was the matron. She wore a purple apron. She took care of the orphans, their futures and their fortunes.
Back in 1980, when Nick was just a baby, Miss Carol found him by the gate. It was windy, cold and late.
He was left inside a basket and wrapped around a blanket. Miss Carol found a note that the baby’s mother wrote.
It said that she was gravely sick. It said her baby’s name was Nick. Her fate was looking very grim. She just could not take care of him.
She had a ruptured organ. Her condition was severe. Nick became an orphan when she passed away that very year.
In 1996, when Nick was only 6; he wrote a Christmas letter that would change his life forever.
Nick was sitting in a chair. He had a disappointed stare, chubby cheeks and curly hair and his one eared teddy bear.
It was almost eight o’ clock. Trees were swaying back and forth. Birds were flying in a flock. Gusts of wind were blowing north.
The kids were playing in the yard. Nick designed a Christmas card. He drew a snowman and a sleigh. Christmas Eve was days away.
He brushed his tattered sweater. He looked around the mist. He wrote his Christmas letter. His letter went like this;
Dear Santa Claus:
My name is Nick and I'm your biggest fan. You’re a very giving man. One day I'd like to shake your hand.
When I was 3, you left for me a Christmas present by the tree. It was 1983; Miss Carol said it was for me.
My present was a teddy bear. It’s brought me lots of joy. I take him almost everywhere. He’s more than just a toy.
Nathan tore its fury ear earlier this year. He also broke his button eye and tore a hole into his tie.
Nathan said you don’t exist and neither does your naughty list. Miss Carol said you do and I believe it too.
All I want this year is a little bit of thread. I’d like to stitch the ear that he tore back on its head.
I will leave my teddy bear underneath the Christmas tree. If you have some time to spare you may sew the ear for me.
Anyway I’d like to say, I really love this holiday. I really love your flying sleigh and Merry Christmas, by the way.
I hope you know I still believe. I wish you luck on Christmas Eve. I hope you get this letter. Santa, you’re the greatest ever.
Nick folded up the letter and tied it to a red balloon. He watched it slowly fly away. It headed for the moon then...BOOM!
Nathan popped it with a rock. It landed down the block. He had a wooden slingshot. He laughed and did “the robot.”
Tim began to laugh. He said “it popped in half. It landed down the street. Hey that was pretty neat!”
Nathan was a meanie. He wore a yellow beanie. He had jeans with stripes and a denim coat with spikes.
Tim was Nathans sidekick. He wore a hooded sweater. He also liked to pick on Nick but wasn't very clever.
Nick wrote another letter. He tied it to a new balloon. The weather was a little better as it flew across the moon.
Nick had a smile on his face, he kept it for the next few days, He couldn’t wait till Christmas day; his very favorite holiday.
When Nick woke up on Christmas Eve, he couldn't find his teddy bear. He just could not believe it but he couldn’t find him anywhere.
There was fur across the floor. Nathan stood across a door. There was cotton everywhere. Nathan had his teddy bear.
Nathan tore the other ear. He threw it straight across the floor. He laughed and then he shouted “here! It looks much better than before!”
He threw the ear across the wall. He yelled “he’s got no ears at all!” Miss Carol walked across the hall. She said “good morning to you all!”
She slowly stepped inside. She had a set of books. She set them all aside and saw the children’s looks.
Fur was flying toward her dress. The floor was just a mess. She asked “what have you children done? What happened children? Anyone?”
She saw the poor ol’ teddy bear just lying there without its ears. Nathan had a guilty stare. Nick was on the verge of tears.
“What happened?” Nathan said, “I was sleeping in my bed. He yawned and scratched his head then he said “good morning Fred.”
Jessica said “don’t pretend, you did this to my friend. She and Nick were best of friends, she spoke in his defense.
She put her hair in ponytails and grabbed her purple coat. Nathan bit his fingernails and then he cleared his throat.
"I swear it wasn't me" he said "I'm telling you the truth! Ask anyone, ask Jeremy, ask Timothy or Ruth!"
His clothes were full of fur and thread. “I didn’t do it!” Nathan said. He fought the accusation. Miss Carol stopped his explanation.
She said “end of conversation. You have no consideration. Treat each other’s things with wore affection and appreciation.”
Miss Carol said “you’re grounded. Nathan frowned and grunted. He dusted off his sleeve. He shouted “but it’s Christmas Eve!”
She handed Nick the teddy bear. Nathan said “you’re so unfair!” He gave her a resentful stare and said “well I don’t really care.”
Little did he know; Santa Claus was watching him. He was in the North Pole with a crystal ball in front of him.
He saw the way he treated Nick- The day he stole a pogo stick. The gum he put on teddy’s hair and all about Nicks teddy bear.
Santa saw it all; he saw it through his crystal ball. He knew which children shouted; the ones that cried and pouted.
Santa brushed his beard. He said “this is what I feared, he tore the other ear. He’ll get a lump of coal this year.”
He walked out of his cabin with his compass and his list. There were snow around him; there was also snow and mist.
He walked into his stable. It was fifty yards away. He walked over a cable and around a stack of hay.
His sleigh was on the other side. It was filled with lots of toys. Four elves were standing side by side. Santa said “I’m ready boys!”
 The elves had tiny little suits, pointy hats and pointy boots. Their socks were red and white. Their hats were slightly to the right.
Mrs. Claus came through the doorway. She said “I double"checked the sleigh. I fed the reindeer hay and everything is A-Okay.”
She kissed him on the cheek. She said "the weather's getting bleak." He started turning red. He said "I need some thread!"
Mrs. Claus responded "did you rip your pants already? I told you not to have that second helping of spaghetti!"
Santa started laughing with one hand on his belly. His body shook like jello. He said “you’re very silly.”
“It’s not for me!” he said. “It’s for a dozen girls and boys. “I need all of this thread to fix all of their dolls and toys.”
She looked up at a hilltop. She said “I’ll get the thread. There’s some inside the workshop and a little in the shed.”
She slowly turned away and walked around his sleigh. She grabbed a bag of bird feed and said “what colors do you need?”
He said “we need some blue and brown.  I need to fix a headless clown. A monkey’s nose is falling down. A princess has a broken crown.”
She handed him a pouch. The wind was getting louder. She said “you left this by the couch. Here’s your magic flying powder!”
He poured some on the reindeer. Misses Claus said “have no fear; I will have the thread, my dear. Don’t forget to get the ear.”
Santa said goodbye and hopped inside his sleigh. The sleigh began to fly as the Rudolph led the way.
Meanwhile in the orphanage, Nick was walking down the hall. His elbow had a bandage after Nathan pushed him to a wall.
He walked across the living room then headed for the dining room. Looking at the Christmas tree filled his heart with Christmas glee.
Suddenly he spotted Tim. Nathan was in back of him. He took away his hallway pass and said “you’re headed back to class?”
Nathan looked him in the eyes. He said “that wasn’t very nice. I got in trouble twice. I’m sick of hearing all your lies.”
He told him he would pay the price. For lunch, he wanted all his fries. If there were pies, he’d take his slice. He’d also take away his rice.
He said “I don’t need Santa Claus to get the things I want. I’ve taken all your bear claws and I’m taking your croissant.”
Nick headed back to class. He put away the hallway pass. He went back to his chair and held onto his teddy bear.
The lunch bell started ringing. The children started leaving. Half of them were screaming as they ran across the building.
They all ran to the dining room. They lined up by a broom. There were plates and spoons, napkins and balloons.
There were lots of pots of food. Nick was in a jolly mood. He couldn’t wait to take a seat and eat. This was a special treat.
The children couldn’t wait. The food smelled really great. One by one, they took their trays. Nick had a smile on his face.
Nick sat on his table. He began to eat his bagel. Jessica sat next to him. Nathan sat across from them.
He poked his mashed potatoes with his little plastic fork. He ate his fried tomatoes and a little bit of pork.
"I really like your teddy bear" said Jessica, "It's really nice. It doesn't matter that he's got no ears, he's got the cutest eyes."
Nick saw Nathan passing by from the corner of his eye. He simply tried to hide by looking over to the other side.
He looked outside the window. The clouds were white as snow. He ate a slice of mango then he tasted the oregano.
He rolled his sleeves and noticed that the trees were losing all their leaves. He ate some of the peas and a little bit of mac and cheese.
There were pigeons by the fences and people by the traffic lights. One of them had presents and a brand new box of Christmas lights.
He turned and saw a homeless man walking down the street. He sat beside a trash can with a polyester sheet.
Nick just knew his name was Sam. He’d seen him save a little lamb. Nick spread a bit of jam on his slice of roasted ham.
Sam was getting sick. The temperature was dropping. He looked over at Nick then he started coughing.
Nick felt really bad. It made him really sad. The man was out there freezing, meanwhile Nick was in there feasting.
As he stood there contemplating, Nathan caught him by surprise. He was right across the table staring with the meanest eyes.
He took a pen out of his pocket, popped a red balloon; ate his noodles without a fork and drank his soup without a spoon.
He placed his elbows on the table; ate the pudding with his hands, wiped the pasta on his pants and started shooting rubber bands.
Nathan grabbed a toothpick. He pointed it at Nick. He said “I want your gingerbread. Nick said no and shook his head.
Nick picked up his plastic cup. He put it in his food tray. He quickly started getting up. He took his bear and walked away.
He walked out of the building. He headed for the gate. Sam was by another building. Nick was shouting “wait!”
He offered Sam the tray of food. He mentioned that the meat was stewed. He said the corn was nice and warm. The steak was cooked in perfect form.
Sam replied “okay!” Nick handed him the tray. He slid it underneath the gate and said “the steak is really great.”
Sam sat there on the street. He then began to eat. He liked the chicken and the meat. The sauce was sort of sweet.
He ate some of the fudge. He told him “thank you very much. You’re a noble little boy. I bet you’ll get your favorite toy.”
Nick told him of his teddy bear. He said it was in disrepair. He handed Sam the ears. He said “he’s been my friend for years.”
He then showed Sam his teddy bear. He pointed out the biggest tear; unaware that Sam was once a toy maker extraordinaire.
“Santa and his reindeer are busier this time of year. Maybe I could help them here “he said, “I’ll need my sowing gear.”
He said “I’ll need some thread to sew these ears back on his head.” He took a piece of bread and dipped it in the ginger spread.
Sam said he would try to fix its button eye. He finished up his pie as a pigeon flew on by.
Nick got on his knees. He shouted “could you please? You’ll be the greatest ever if you put him back together!”
Sam looked at him and said “okay” He handed Nick the empty tray. He said “I’ll finish by today if I get started right away.”
Nick said “you’re very kind. Sam said “well I don’t mind. I’ll treat him as if he were mine. I’ll bring him back by nine.”
Sam left with the furry teddy bear and not much time to spare. He went back to an alleyway, several blocks away.
He took a metal tool box. It was lying by some rocks. It was full of thread; there was yellow, brown and red.
He took some scissors from the dirt. He tore a button from his shirt. He said “you’ll have a brand new eye. I’m also gonna fix your tie.”
He opened up a table, it was small but it was stable. He sat down on a wooden crate and leaned against a gate.
Sam began to sew. The wind began to blow. He couldn’t feel his nose and his eyes began to close.
His hands began to shake. His face was cold and freezing. He took a little break. The winds began increasing.
The needle slipped out of his hand. Sam looked down and watched it land. It was lying by the sand, right beside a rubber band.
He cracked his tired/weary back. He said “I’ll be right back.” He set the teddy bear and ear right beside his sewing gear.
The minute that he walked away, the ear began to roll away. It flew across the alleyway and down a narrow driveway.
Sam returned and scratched his beard. He said “that’s really weird. I thought I’d left it here.” He started looking for the ear.
He quickly grabbed the teddy bear and started looking everywhere. He couldn’t find it anywhere. It wasn’t here, it wasn’t there.
He checked through all the contents of the dumpsters and the garbage cans. He checked around some rusty fans and right behind some crusty pans.
Sam began to scour, hour after hour. It wasn’t by the flower store, it wasn’t by the tower.
He looked around the park. It started getting dark. It was nearly nine. He was running out of time.
There was nothing he could do. He couldn’t find a single clue. He crossed a wooden bridge and headed for the orphanage.
Nick was very sad when he heard the awful news. He wasn’t really mad but he sort of had the blues.
Sam was really sorry. He told him not to worry. He told him not to fear. He promised he would find the ear.
Sam gave an apology. He said “can you forgive me? I’ll make it my priority. I’m really sorry, honestly.”
Nick said “that’s okay, Merry Christmas anyway.” They both began to walk away. Sam headed down the alleyway.
Nick was feeling down. Sam walked around the town. He didn’t wanna let him down. He took another look around.
Nick took his furry teddy bear. He placed it by the Christmas tree. He sat for hours by a chair and thought about this tragedy.
Nick went up to bed. He didn’t eat his gingerbread. He put a night cap on his head and tried to go to sleep instead.
That night he couldn’t fall asleep, no matter what he tried. He closed his eyes and counted sheep. He rolled from side to side.
Nick thought about his teddy bear. He said “I think I need some air.” He took his tattered tennis shoes.  He said “I want some orange juice.
He headed for the fridge. It was halfway down the orphanage. Jessica was down the hall. He saw her shadow on the wall.
She had a plastic mug. She took a little chug. She stared and shook her head. You should’ve been in bed” she said.
Her rubber boots were waterproof. They were very squeaky. She said “I’m headed to the roof. Hey, you’re very sneaky.”
She asked if he would want to go. He said “but it’s supposed to snow.” He said “okay I’ll go; you know I’m feeling kind of low.”
They went up to the second floor and opened up the stairway door. They headed up the stairs with concentrated stairs.
As they headed toward the rooftop, Jessica said “stop! Watch out for that mop! The floor is full of slop!”
They looked around the town, through the fence around the rooftop. There were pigeons flying down, they landed on a hilltop.
Nick saw a pair of airplanes. He saw a set of trains. He looked at all the candy canes hanging from the window panes.
He saw the artificial snow. The traffic lights had mistletoe. A man dressed like an eskimo was walking by extremely slow.
Nick just stared and frowned as he looked around the town. He heard a pounding sound. Nervously, he turned around.
Jessica was making noise. She dragged a box of broken toys. She said “I found a token. All these other toys are broken.
She said “these toys are crummy. This doll is full of honey. I found another penny. Now I got a dollar twenty.”
She walked around a box of soap. She jumped over a piece of rope. She headed toward the telescope and said “let’s have a little scope.
She looked around the crosswalk. There was no one on that block. There was no one in the sidewalk. She said “it’s only ten o clock.”
She looked at all the stores and the ornaments around their doors. She looked around for cars then she focused on the stars.
The wind was blowing in her hair. Leaves were flying in the air. She saw his saddened stare and asked about his teddy bear.
He told her all about the ear. He told her it had disappeared. It was pretty clear that Nick had lost his Christmas cheer.
She put away her mug and kissed him on the cheek. She gave her friend a hug and pointed at a mountain peak.
It started getting colder. She felt something in her shoulder. Something landed in her ear. It was watery and clear.
A snowflake landed on her nose. They started landing on her clothes. Jessica just froze. She shouted "look at all of those!"
There were lots of snowflakes in different forms and shapes. Some landed on her shoelace, some landed on her face.
They were falling all around. Nick was jumping up and down. He looked up at the sky. There was something different flying by.
He looked a little closer. He said “there’s just no way!” He tapped her on the shoulder and asked “is that a flying sleigh?”
The sky was dark and clouded. Jessica began to cheer. “It’s Santa Claus!” she shouted. “I see his reindeer over here!”
Both of them were waving as it flew in their direction. Jessica was smiling but then she changed her whole expression.
Her mouth was opened wide. Her hair was flying to the side. She tossed the telescope aside and said “I think we better hide.”
“Let’s go behind that sled” she said, “by now we should’ve been in bed. They ran beside a wooden shed but hid behind a couch instead.
Santa landed on the roof. The children heard a “poof!” Nick heard the reindeer’s hooves. He whispered “Shh…no sudden moves.”
A cloud of mist appeared. It took some time to clear. Santa scratched his beard. He said “okay, we’re here!”
There were two elves by his side. They were standing side to side. One pulled back his hair. He said “I’ll get the teddy bear.“
Santa said “ok boys, 11 dolls and 7 toys!” “Did you guys hear some noise?” one elf said in a squeaky voice.
The other elf said “no! It was probably the falling snow. It could’ve been a crow for all I know, can we just go?”
Santa cracked his wrist. He looked down at his list.  He looked at every name. He said “Nathan, what a shame.”
He said “Nathan, Tim and Brad. They were really, really bad. Jessica and Chad were really good, that makes me really glad.
Santa snapped his fingers twice. A cloud of mist began to rise. It circled counterclockwise. The children closed their eyes.
Nick said “hey, where are they? I see his reindeer and his sleigh, right after the mist cleared, the three of them just disappeared.”
Jessica said “hey, let’s go check out that sleigh. Nick replied “okay, if they return we run the other way.”
Nick was on his tippy toes, he followed really close. He walked around a rose and jumped over a water hose.
The children hopped inside the sleigh. They looked around and said “no way!” They opened up the sack of toys. Suddenly they heard some noise.
They jumped inside the giant sack. It was dark and very black. They heard a click, they heard a clack. Santa Claus was coming back.
Santa licked his lips. He said “I loved those chocolate chips. We still have two more trips. We need model planes and battleships.”
Santa said “we’re going to the North Pole! We need coal. To the North Pole we shall go!” Rudolph’s nose began to glow.
“To the North Pole!” Santa said. “To the North Pole, straight ahead! We will get that roll of thread and sow some ears back on its head.”
The elves all said “okay.” Santa said “lets fly away!” Nick said “do we stay? The North Pole’s pretty far away.”
"I guess we're going for a little ride." Jessica replied. The sleigh was moving side to side. The kids were still inside.
The sleigh began to fly. They took off to the sky. Santa waved goodbye to a pigeon that was passing by.
They flew over the gate and right across an alley. They flew over an interstate and right over a valley.
They flew over a barking hound. They flew over a grassy mound. Rudolph led them up and down and all around the town.
They flew over the houses and clothing lines with blouses. They flew over a wire and started flying even higher.
Santa and the little elves were singing the entire way. They were singing Jingle bells as they flew over the bay.
They flew around a red balloon. They flew over the moon. They flew over a cloud. The wind was very loud.
As they were taking flight, Santa made a sudden right. The children saw a blinding light. It was golden, white and bright.
The presents started shaking. Nick said “whoa, what’s happening?” They quickly started climbing and searching for the opening.
“Should we tell him something?” Jessica was whispering. Jessica was screaming. Santa couldn’t hear a thing.
They opened up the sack of toys. They took a little peak. The wind was making lots of noise. They flew over a mountain peak.
The children looked below. Jessica said “whoa!” They saw a mountain full of snow, a sparrow and a crow.
They started seeing cubs. There were mountains, trees and shrubs. The elves began to waive at a bobcat by a cave.
They pointed out the pine trees. They pointed out the geese. Jessica said jeez, I’m gonna freeze. It must be nine degrees.
They flew over a boulder. It started getting colder. He tapped her on the shoulder. “It’s getting cold” he told her.
Nick pulled up his socks. He saw a pair of hawks. He saw an arctic fox. It was running by the rocks.
The wind was very noisy. Their cheeks were getting rosy. Jessica was sneezing. She said “my hands are freezing.”
They saw a wooden wagon. They saw a herd of deer. Santa shouted “there’s the cabin, finally we’re here!”
The sleigh descended gracefully.  The children sat there quietly. Santa smiled joyfully. He got out very carefully.
8888elves, far, here we are
They got out of the sleigh and began to walk away.  Santa grabbed a water gallon as they went inside the cabin.
The children pushed the toys aside. They looked around and went outside. Nick was so excited. Jessica was so delighted.
They walked around the reindeer. Jessica said "Hi! I heard about you reindeer. I heard you like to fly.
You’re Dasher and you’re Dancer. You’re Prancer and you’re Vixen. You’re Comet and you’re Cupid, you’re Donner and you’re Blitzen!
Jessica said “Rudolph! You see his shiny nose? That’s just the way it glows. You remember how that story goes?”
She grabbed a wooden stick that was right beside a brick. She said “be careful Nick, the ice is pretty slick.
They turned around and saw a frog; they also saw a puppy dog. It was standing by a log. The children chased it through the fog.
Nick fell beside a pale. He said “my shirt just tore.”  The puppy wagged its tail. It ran by Santa’s cabin door.
It barked and ran away. Jessica said “Hey! Nick, are you okay? We gotta get back on that sleigh.
Nick started standing up. His face was full of ice. Santa stood there with a cup. Nick could not believe their eyes.
Santa said “Hello.” He shouted “Ho! Ho! Ho!" Jessica was frozen. Her mouth was wide and opened.
"Merry Christmas!” Santa said. You two should be in bed. Jessica and Nick! Step inside or you’ll get sick!”
Santa scratched his chin. He gave them both a hug. He told them both “come in.”  They wiped their feet across the rug.
The elves moved to the side. The children walked inside. Santa closed the door. He said “it’s colder than before.
There were toys around the floor, too many to ignore. Jessica said “nice decor.” Santa reached inside a drawer.
He said "I’m well aware about your teddy bear, it wasn’t fair.” Santa had a saddened stare. He really seemed to care.
He told him it was terrible and truly unacceptable. He handed Nick a sweater and said I read your Christmas letter.
He said “I have your teddy bear. It’s sitting over there.” It was by a wooden chair. There were letters everywhere.
Santa said “I’ll fix your bear. We just need another ear. I’m sure I have a spare somewhere, you were really good this year.”
Nick said “holy cow!” Jessica said “wow! Is that your crystal ball? Wait, that means you see it all?”
Santa said “I do. Jessica, please tie your shoe. I’m gonna show the both of you what this crystal ball can do.”
Santa rubbed the crystal ball in small circular motions. It showed the image of a hall then images of oceans.
There were lizards in a nest, children from the east and west, children from the south and north. These images went back and forth.
There were people in their couches with their children and their spouses. There were kids with happy faces sitting by their fireplaces.
There were children in their beds with night caps on their heads. There were images of boats and random things like coats and goats.
They saw a valley full of snow, flamingos and a buffalo. Birds were flying high and low. The crystal ball began to glow.
He said “I know about the ear and how it disappeared.” The crystal ball turned clear. Santa scratched his beard.
Santa stared ahead. “To the village" Santa said. "We’ll need a needle and some thread to sew an ear back to his head.”
He gave the children handshakes and then he gave them milkshakes. They had a piece of cake. It was shaped just like a snowflake.
Santa put the rest away in a grey refrigerator. They were back inside the sleigh six or seven minutes later.
The children sat beside the elves. They started singing "Jingle Bells." Santa drove for miles. They all had laughs and smiles.
There were giant chocolate squares. There were hares and polar bears. There were birds with pointy tails, penguins, hawks and orca whales.
There were statues made of snow and sculptures carved from cookie dough. Their eyes would gleam and glow. The kids were screaming “yay!” and “whoa!”
 They saw a tree with lots of berries and a train with loads of cherries.  Santa’s reindeer slowed as they went over an icy road.
There were chocolate fountains and different colored mountains.
Nick said “look, a seal! Santa, this is so unreal! Hey look at that walrus, its tusks are so enormous!”
Jessica said “where?” Nick said “over there! Look, there’s penguins everywhere!” He almost dropped his teddy bear.
Santa said “don’t fall! They went around a waterfall. He pointed out the village wall. It was over ten feet tall.
It was made with candy squares, candy bars and gummy bears. It had towers, doors and stairs. There were giant plums and pears.
Two elves were pulling on a rope as Santa drove around a slope. They opened up a massive gate and began to celebrate.
Elves were running everywhere. Their village was impressive. They threw confetti in the air. These little elves were festive.
They were running from their stoops, some alone and some in groups. They gathered by the sidewalks and ran across the crosswalks.
Some of them had platters with vanilla cakes and batters. Some were waving banners. Some were fixing phones and scanners.
It was like a dream. There were houses made of ice cream. All except the doors, those were giant chocolate s’mores.
There were elves with hammers. They were nailing giant banners. One was putting up a bench with a hammer and a wrench.
They saw a cart with popcorn and plastic bags of corn. It had a purple bullhorn. The donut wheels were pretty worn.
Rudolph and the reindeer led the sleigh across a road with hay. Santa turned around to say “the workshops half a block away!”
His workshop was the biggest that the kids had ever seen. The walls were red and green. The parking lot was pretty clean.
It had red and white stripes on the chimney and steam pipes. There were lots of candy canes hanging from the window panes.
They pulled into the parking lot and parked inside a parking spot. The children headed toward the door ready to explore.
An elf who had a pointy chin welcomed everybody in. He had an even shorter twin who stood beside him with a grin.
Their hearts began to race as they stepped inside this place. Jessica was just amazed. Santa saw it in her face.
Misses Claus was standing there. She had a wooden coffee mug. She said “we’ll fix your teddy bear” and gave them all a giant hug.
Christmas jingles played inside the workshop through the stereo. These were songs Miss Carol and the kids played on the radio.

Seven elves were punching in. Seventeen were punching out. Two were by a yellow bin looking for a plastic snout.
Some were filling final orders, carving chocolate coins and quarters, gluing toys together or making jackets out of leather.
They pounded nails with hammers and climbed the shelves with ladders. Some sorted out the Christmas letters; some were gluing toys with feathers.
Two elves were reading letters; two elves were walking down the halls. Some separated sweaters, the large and mediums from the smalls.
They painted faces on the Frisbees, some with smiles; some with frowns. They organized the crayons; the blues, the greens and all the browns.
One elf wrote on a chalkboard. Another made a plastic sword. One was rolling wrapping paper; one was by a coffee maker.
They put together flying kites. They painted them with stars or stripes. They patiently assembled bikes with many types of metal pipes.
They walked into an aisle that was full of labeled boxes. Some were marked as arms or legs, some were marked as noses.
Santa shouted "Here it is! This box is where we'll find the ear. It was on my checklist. We’ll find it Nick so have no fear.
He saw a rabbit’s furry tail. He saw a little plastic whale. He saw a very squeaky snail, a medal and a metal bell.
He took a set of reading blocks and moved them by set of clocks. He found the ear inside the box. It was by a pair of socks.
Santa said "I'll have him fixed in no time, don't you worry. He asked to see the teddy bear then said "but I must hurry."
He left them with an elf named Elvin. He knew almost everything: from the gluing to the welding. He could manage anything.
The children helped with little tasks like gluing rubber noses, testing rocking horses and creating plastic roses.
They polished plastic bowling balls and tested out the trampolines. They also got to play with pianos, drums, guitars and tambourines.
They headed toward the bottom floor. They went up to a metal door. Elvin gave a knock. They went into the loading dock.
They carried presents to the back and threw them in a giant sack. They heard a click, they heard a clack. Santa Claus was coming back.
Santa had a smock; he placed it underneath the clock. He then began to walk straight across the loading dock.
He had two presents in his hands. One was red and one was white. The elves began to clap their hands. They started walking toward the right.
They hopped over a cable and gathered by a table. The children waited by the chairs. Santa headed down the stairs.
He gave the kids their presents. The kids were very gracious. The elves began to cheer. Nick said “thank you for the ear.”
Everyone was clapping as the children tore the Christmas wrapping. Some of them were dancing, some were singing and a few were laughing.
Nick got his furry teddy bear. It didn’t have a single tear. The ears were well attached. The pattern of the threading matched.
Jessica got roller blades with stickers of her favorite shapes. The wheels were pink and white. They also had a blinking light.
Santa shouted “Merry Christmas!” Jessica was speechless. Her heart was beating through her chest. She shouted “Santa you’re the best!”
Santa said “you’re welcome kids. You two were on my good list!” He rubbed his lower eyelids and checked them off his check list.
He said “I have some trips to make; I wonder who I’ll take?” The children shouted “me!” almost simultaneously.
"Oh good!" said Santa, "I can't handle all those presents by myself. They cheered and yelled then bid farewell to Misses Claus and all the elves. But how did Santa manage the presents the years before?
The children shouted “yay!” as they climbed back on the sleigh. They raced across the driveway and then they flew away.
For the next few hours they delivered lots of gifts. They traveled all around the world with tons of toys to give.
Nick was quiet as a mouse as they went from house to house, chimney to chimney and Christmas tree to Christmas tree.
They flew by birds and pheasants. They delivered all the presents. They had a lot of fun but it was almost done.
Finally they set the last one underneath a Christmas tree. Nick said "you're the greatest Santa." Jessica said "I agree."
Meanwhile in the orphanage the kids were sound sleep. All except for Tim and Nathan; they just couldn’t seem to fall asleep.
They put their slippers on their feet. They wanted something good to eat. They said “let’s get ourselves a treat. Those candy canes look awfully sweet.
They tip-toed through the doorway then walked across the hallway. They ran across the bathroom and headed for the living room.
They crept around the Christmas tree and headed toward the chimney. They searched the stockings nervously and ate the candy quietly.
As Nathan took a bite, he saw a flash of light. It was gold and white. It was also very bright.
Suddenly they heard a sound coming from the chimney. Nathan peaked inside and looked around but couldn’t really see.
The chimney was rattling. Nathan started babbling. He grabbed a wooden broom as mist engulfed the room.
His legs began to shake. The firebox began to quake. Tim began to shout, “Hurry, let’s get out!”
Santa and the children came sliding down the chimney. Nathan threw the broom away and ran behind the Christmas tree.
"Ho! Ho! Ho!" said Santa! "I see you by the Christmas tree. Merry Christmas Nathan! Please come out and talk to me."
Tim was getting scared. Nathan only stared. Santa said “come over here. I know all about the ear.”
"I'm sorry Santa" Nathan said "I know I'll get a lump of coal. I'm sorry Nick and Jessica, I sometimes get out of control."
Tim began apologizing. It was so surprising. He wiped the tears across his eyes and promised to be nice.
Santa said “you’re smart. I know there’s goodness in your hearts. You must promise to obey.” Tim and Nathan said “okay.”
Santa said “not just today but every single day. He told them it was not okay to treat the other kids that way.
Nathan understood. He promised to be good. He swore to change his attitude. Santa said “I know you could.”
Nathan said “I’m sorry Nick, sorry that I ripped your letter. Once I hit you with a stick, once I stole a sweater.
Tim said “sorry for the spoon, for blowing up your red balloon. I’m sorry for this afternoon and what I did to Jill and June.
Santa touched his nose. A cloud of mist arose. He said “I thank you both. Well, that's our journey I suppose.
"Will we ever see you Santa?" everybody asked. Santa Claus just smiled, scratched his beard and said "perhaps.”
Santa snapped his fingers twice. A cloud of mist appeared. Right before the children’s eyes, he slowly disappeared.
The kids ran to the window and waived as Santa's sleigh flew by. It disappeared behind a tree as snow kept falling from the sky.
That very Christmas Eve as Sam rolled up his sleeve, he saw a blinding light. It was powerful and bright.
He spotted Santa’s sleigh. It was descending down the alleyway. It landed 50 feet away. He rubbed his eyes and said “no way!”
He stood there and he froze as he stared at Rudolph’s nose. He saw Santa straight ahead. “Merry Christmas!” Santa said.
He just could not believe his eyes. It was such a big surprise. It was pretty strange but his life was soon about to change.
The morning after, all the children gathered by the Christmas tree; they couldn't wait to see what Santa left under the Christmas tree.
They were so excited when they saw their brand new toys. There were dolls for all the girls and bicycles for all the boys.
Miss Carol got a present too. She just could not believe her eyes. She got a purse and it was blue; the perfect color, perfect size.
Tracy got a plastic troll. Gabrielle received a bell. Nathan got a lump of coal and Tim got one as well.
They weren’t so upset. They knew what they would get. They apologized to Brett, to Janet and Collet.
The kids were all surprised when they sat down to apologize. They promised to be nice, stop bullying and telling lies.
They were both regretful but they promised to be better. Nick and Jessica were grateful. They wrote Santa Claus a letter.
It was a terrific day. They got to ride in Santa’s sleigh. They delivered many toys to many little girls and boys.
That Christmas was the best. It was an amazing quest. Tim and Nathan shared the food. They even changed their attitude.
Nick regained his Christmas cheer. His teddy bear regained its ears. Jessica was also glad. Her roller skates were rad.
Santa Claus was happy. He watched them through his crystal ball. He bit into his cookie and said “Merry Christmas to you all!”=

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I just can't get over how talented you are. I just love, love, love it. It was a amazing read. Keep writing! Cheers! :D

Posted 10 Months Ago

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Are you perhaps a wizard? OH MY GOD this work is awesome! Such is the joy of Christmas, I like how you write the story with rhymes just like the narrator guy in cartoons whenever there's a Christmas special. Such a loss for words! Incredible writing and patience you've got there.

Are you sure you're not a wizard, a magician perhaps? I cannot believe the thought and effort you've put into this. And what's with the video and painting, is it yours as well? Thumbs up for that! Such beautiful concept! An amazing plot and story. I'll be honest I cram-read your work I'm sorry but I may safely assume that the entire piece was in awe can I not?

I see you've entered this in my contest, "Why snow is white" I will judge, as to what I've read you've mostly explained how Christmas is white. By white I mean "not dark" than why snow is white.

Well, I'll be shelving this up my library for now, with the contest I've read 15% of this piece explains why snow is white.

Anyways, this review is probably going to make me rake up some points so I'll end it here. Awesome work overall. Putting the contest aside, you write incredibly. May I add you as a friend?

Posted 1 Year Ago

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1 Year Ago

I'll be glad to review more amazing pieces like this!

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