A Poem by Hailey Juliet

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so i'm in a mood
that makes me want to . . .
makes me want to . . .
Oh god here i go again,
i'm overthinking 'mood' again
damn, i just rhymed again with again
make that three times now
again and again and again
there that redeemed it
now it's poetic
maybe . . .
shut up

brood rhymes with mood
that's my ultimatum
i either write or i brood
wait what's the exact definition of brood again?
 (googles it) . . . ok yeah brood
i had it right
brood rhymes with food
nope . . .
nope, not gonna eat . . .
ugh, fine

that's all i ever write about
ah, wait, now i'm revealing too much
scratch that
  i'm an overconfident butterfly
look, see, watch me fly
oh jeez what am i, five
i'm a pretentious artist 
watch me pretend
watch me contrive
watch me beehive
. . . 
what? its modern art
now i'm avant-garde

yeah so this poem is coming along real
ooh i dropped that word down the line for
oooh i did it again
ten outta ten, tabbed over
punctuation is overrated
so am i

ok one more stanza for symmetry
so i'm in a mood
that makes me want to brood
while i eat food
and attempt to overcompensate
for whatever word ends with 'ate'
umm . . .
i'm a tortured artist
and a deeply troubled soul
mmm . . .
'god knows'
i paint pictures with words and my bloody pen
but my niece is a better artist
and she's ten 

© 2018 Hailey Juliet

Author's Note

Hailey Juliet
I'm making fun of myself

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I’ve read several of your writings and like them all! Please keep going.

Posted 2 Weeks Ago

Even tho you're being flippant here, it's really an excellent lesson in writing. Becuz all good writing has to start with good observing. This is astute self-observation. You catch every little nuance of what's occurring to you & lots of writers miss or skip over those delicious details. These are the building blocks (or bytes) of being human that make our stories & poems relatable. You may think of this as a sort of "throwaway" poem, but I think it's a valuable writing lesson! *smile* Fondly, Margie

Posted 3 Months Ago

Ha! I love the imagery of an overconfident butterfly, hilarious indeed. painting pictures with a bloody pen is also an attractive line. Interesting, well done. I gotta read some more of your writings

Posted 3 Months Ago

Hailey Juliet

3 Months Ago

Thanks for reading:)
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Even at 4 a.m. this made me laugh, Hailey. A funny, light-hearted poem to which I can certainly relate. Sometimes it's good to release that junk in our head and let it flow in whatever form it takes. Good piece!

Posted 3 Months Ago

Hailey Juliet

3 Months Ago

Jeez, and i thought i was a night-owl. Thank you for that Robert:)

*zzz zzz
Delightfully dreadful, excruciatingly relatable. I love the flow and the positive attitude used to describe these feelings. If we can’t make fun of ourselves, can we make fun of anything? Thanks for sharing!

Posted 3 Months Ago

Hailey Juliet

3 Months Ago

Thanks for reading, glad you liked it!

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Added on January 31, 2018
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Hailey Juliet
Hailey Juliet


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