The Angel's in chains

The Angel's in chains

A Poem by Jiya K. MacKenzie

In the dreary dark opaque mist

A silhouette can be felt plugging away

The vibes rippling through the still air.

Its feet a sight

Dawn to dusk in sleepless nights

Pushing away its sins

With all its might

The flightless wings

That were once studded with priceless rings

Fluttering through heaven

Hang on to its body lifeless,

The white pure hands are sodden with soot

The words hang on to its lips listlessly

The torso is repeating again and again

The angel’s in chains.

© 2017 Jiya K. MacKenzie

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Stone angels, staring with lifeless eyes...haunting imagery, melancholy write...what we are and what we become. “ The angel’s in chains” and flies no more...eloquent, lovely language, flow, cadence. Great!

Posted 1 Month Ago

Jiya K. MacKenzie

1 Month Ago

Thanks a lot for your review! It really means a lot...
Beautifully written poem which flowed effortlessly and created magical images in my mind.
I too have written several poems about angels which appear in my new book "My A-Z Of Poetry Collection.
Kudos to you M

Posted 1 Month Ago

Jiya K. MacKenzie

1 Month Ago

Thanks dear!
Smoking Man

1 Month Ago

You're more than welcome,it was my pleasure 😊
This positively gave me the chills. This poem has such great breadth. I identified so much with this angel, which by the end had taken on a stained and mossy angelic figurine headstone, that I literally gasped when I read the lines, "The flightless wings, That were once studded with priceless rings."

This poem strikes far too close to home for me. it is eerie and piercing and I love it. It has a life of its own to me, perhaps because of the subject matter, perhaps because of deep regret and shames it stirs within me, but I found your poem to be a living, breathing creature, indeed listlessly whispering, The angel's in chains.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Jiya K. MacKenzie

1 Month Ago

Thanks dear! Even your reviews are poetic!
I suspect your work may be far more profound than many people pick up on,

Posted 1 Month Ago

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Jiya K. MacKenzie

1 Month Ago

Wow, you depict this ensnared soul so well in this flowing piece.

Posted 1 Month Ago

wonderful poem and thanks very much for sharing.

Posted 2 Months Ago

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Jiya K. MacKenzie

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