Differences Aside Excerpt Jayden and Xander's fight

Differences Aside Excerpt Jayden and Xander's fight

A Story by neonebula_stories

Jayden's best friend has a fatal secret.


Jayden soon sat down on a brown couch as he waited for Xander while Mallory headed to her room upstairs. Soon, Xander appeared in the living room where Jayden was from the stairs and greeted him quite dully. Jayden greeted him back and then they began talking with each other, but as they did, Jayden suspected there was something quite different about Xander at the moment that made him a bit concerned.

        As the two sat on couches and chatted with each other, Jayden couldn't help but notice that Xander seemed even more disappointed than yesterday.

        His voice was lower and duller than usual, he also sounded quite crestfallen, and he was once again acting despairing. It was as if all energy and life had been sucked out of him.

        "Thanks for coming here and talking to me, Jayden," Xander continued miserably as they spoke to each other.

        "It was no problem really," Jayden replied. "I'm always here for you, dude. You can count on me."

        "Thanks. I'll always be by your side too. Anyway, I wanted you to come here so we can talk about what's been going on in our lives lately. I'll let you start."

        "Okay," Jayden began. "Well, I still haven't been able to patch things up with my other friends and my parents' business is still bankrupt, but luckily, I'm still with my girlfriend, Kyla, whom I love and adore so much. I'm so lucky to have her in my life.

        "She's amazing, you know. I don't know where I would be without her right now. She saved my life and she's been a good friend and girlfriend to me ever since we started getting to know each other. She's really the only thing keeping me happy and calm right now. Without her, I would be in shambles."

        "At least you still have a girlfriend," Xander muttered. "I don't have one anymore. Christina broke up with me. I feel absolutely horrible now. First, I started failing classes. Second, I got kicked off the basketball team. And now third, my girlfriend just broke up with me.

        "My life has already fallen apart. I've lost almost everything I enjoy and love. You, on the other hand, still have your girlfriend, who loves and adores you just as much as you love and adore her, but I don't have someone like that anymore. I don't have someone who's like how Kyla is to you. Sure, there's my family, but they don't show or provide as much love and care as someone who's like how Kyla is to you."

        "Where are you going with this?" Jayden asked, sounding a bit worried in his tone.

        "I'm just speaking my mind," Xander replied as he stood up and walked toward a tall, large brown cabinet in the living room. "I'm just telling you what's been on my mind for the last couple of days. Weeks even. My life is already ruined, Jayden. And there's nothing I can do. Nothing I can do except drink of course."

        "What?" Jayden asked as he watched Xander open the cabinet and look through it for something.

        "I said drink," Xander replied as he searched through the cabinet eagerly. "I've been drinking lately ever since Christina broke up with me."

        "Drinking what?" Jayden asked as fear swelled inside him.

        "Alcohol of course," Xander replied as he continued searching through the cabinet. "Apparently, my dad has an entire stash of alcohol bottles just lying around in this cabinet. I found it when searching through here for my sister's book she lost.

        "I'm so glad I found this stash and began drinking. It really helps me not think about all the trouble that's been going in my life lately. You should try it, bro. It'll help you with the problems you're facing. Trust me."

        "Xander, are you serious?" Jayden asked as he stared at his best friend in utter fear and worry. "You're kidding me. Right?"

        "No, I'm being completely serious," Xander replied. "I drink now so I can get my mind off the problems I've been facing. Plus, I love the feeling when I drink it. I may be addicted. I don't know. All I know is I need another bottle right now."

        "Another bottle?" Jayden asked, now feeling very nervous and concerned. "How many have you drunk so far?"

        "I don't know. Maybe twenty or twenty-two bottles over the last couple of days."

        "Xander! Are you out of your mind? This is crazy what you're doing. This is underage drinking. You're going to get in so much trouble if you continue doing this."

        "No, I won't," Xander responded. "Ah, here's a bottle," he mumbled as he pulled one out of the cabinet. "This hasn't been causing me any trouble at all. Dad even says it's okay for me to crack open a bottle if I feel like it. Plus, the stuff is the bomb. I can't get enough of it. It's just so good. I can't really describe it. But you'll love it. Trust me. I do."

        "I'm not going to drink anything you give me," Jayden replied as he eyed Xander intently.

        "Why not? It's great!" Xander replied excitedly as he rummaged through the cabinet for another bottle. "Ah, here's another one. Catch." Xander threw the bottle he just found toward Jayden, who jumped away from it immediately as it flew toward him and landed on the couch. Jayden was now standing up, trembling nearly all over his body as he watched Xander cautiously.

        "C'mon, Jayden. Just try," Xander continued as he opened his own bottle using the handle of a cabinet drawer. "I mean, you may feel a bit sick, tired, exhausted, guilty, and a bit depressed after drinking it, but you'll get over that eventually."

        "No, Xander. I'm not going to drink this stuff. And you shouldn't too," Jayden replied firmly.

        "Try and stop me," Xander replied before lifting the bottle of alcohol up in his hand and chugging on it satisfyingly. After he drank about half the bottle, he lowered it down from his lips and looked over to Jayden wildly. Xander stared at Jayden intently for a moment before he finally opened his mouth and spoke again. "Try some," he said as some of the liquid dripped from his mouth onto his lips.

        "No," Jayden responded as he stared back at Xander intently. "Now, put that down, Xander."

        "Never," he replied with a blazing fire in his eyes. Jayden moved toward Xander and reached for the bottle in his hand, but this only made things worse as Xander reacted by grabbing the nearest object and hurling it at Jayden. Jayden screamed as he swiftly ducked down to dodge a vase that instead smashed into a wall and shattered into a million pieces.

        "Xander, what's gotten into you?" Jayden asked in utter shock and horror as he looked back at his best friend, who was now glancing around the room fervently.

        "Nothing's gotten into me!" he sputtered before he threw another piece of decor at Jayden that instead crashed onto the floor. "Now, drink some alcohol right now or we'll never be friends again!

        "You're drunk!" Jayden shouted as he moved toward Xander warily. "You do know alcohol is a drug. Right? You're on drugs right now!"

        "I don't care!" Xander yelled before he continued chugging the rest of the bottle in his hand. Jayden saw this as an opportunity to snatch it away from him, but when he rushed toward Xander, Xander immediately backed away and Jayden wound up running and crashing into a table instead, which immediately shattered underneath him.

        Jayden soon got up from the debris of broken table, turned around, and flung himself at Xander, but Xander was quick to react as he grabbed onto Jayden and forced him up over a couch. Jayden landed on the couch forcefully and painfully since it was not a very soft couch, and then he slowly stood up and lunged toward Xander again, who was continuing to drink nearby.

        This time, Jayden managed to pin Xander to the ground, but then Xander used his knee to kick Jayden in the stomach before he stood up and smashed the now empty bottle in his hand on Jayden's back.

        Jayden collapsed to the floor with a thud, feeling completely infuriated at Xander for doing that to him. He slowly stood up and punched at Xander beside him, but then Xander punched him back, sending Jayden onto another couch before he rolled off of it onto the floor.

        As Jayden lay on the floor, feeling utterly angry at Xander, he suddenly felt tears streaming down his cheeks. His eyes were watering with tears for some reason while his entire body was surging with pain, shock, anger, and misery.

        He felt angry and miserable that Xander was beating him up and he was in shock because he thought he would never do this sort of thing. He thought that Xander was his best friend and would never do this kind of thing to him, but here he was, beating Jayden up awfully while he drank and cursed continuously.

        "Xander, this isn't you!" Jayden sputtered at one point while Xander continued throwing punches at him on the floor.

        "This is me!" he bellowed fiercely as he continued pummeling Jayden. "And this is what you get for not doing what I tell you to! You're not my friend anymore, Jayden Youngblood! I'm going to beat you until you bleed! I bet this is why your last name's Youngblood in the first place!"

        Jayden exploded in fury and rage as he smashed his fist into Xander's face, causing him to stagger backwards into a cabinet. Xander smashed into the cabinet with his hands over his face before falling to the floor while Jayden quickly stood up and bolted out of his house.

        Jayden then dashed down the sidewalk as he headed back toward his house, thinking of how much more terrible and horrible life was going to be now that he no longer had his best friend.

        As he did, he noticed his vision become quite impaired as he realized he couldn't really see or distinguish far away things at all. The world around him became very fuzzy, but Jayden just tried to ignore this as he hurried back to his house. Things are going to become much more difficult for Jayden in the near future, and not just because he had just lost his best friend, Xander Lockwood.

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