A Poem by Dr. Wood ?



Down in the forest where the weeds grow tall,

where the snakes all sneak and the spiders crawl.

And beside the brook in a deep deep hole

hiding from the day is an ancient Troll.

And he feeds on worms and he feeds on fish

but a tender child is his greatest wish.


Deep deep in the woods where the trees all groan

lives a wily Witch in her house of stone.

And she shares her home with her faithful cat

who’s as black as coal and extremely fat.

And they feed on sheep which they slowly roast,

but a tender child’s what they’d love the most.


Bright stars were blinking in a cloudless sky.

And the pale moon smiled from her place up high.

Oh the badgers barked as the bats took flight

and the bullfrogs croaked on this summer’s night.

And the air was still oh the air was mild

when into a field stepped a poor lost child.



And down by the brook near a deep deep hole

with a net and spear stood an ancient Troll.

And he sniffed the air and he sniffed the ground

then he climbed the bank and he made no sound.

Then his nose it twitched as it found a scent.

He began to run, through the trees he went.


Deep in the forest in the grim grim gloom

oh a wily Witch climbed upon her broom.

And her faithful cat she was fast asleep

as the Witch took off on her search for sheep.

And she flew up high way above the ground

and her eyes were bright but she made no sound.


Oh the night was mild and the night was still

as the sheep all slept on the grassy hill.

And the stars they blinked as they all looked down

and the moon up high gave a worried frown.

Oh the Troll he ran and the Witch she flew

as a poor lost child wandered into view.


 And over the hill living all alone

oh a shepherd slept in his house of stone.

Then he heard the sound of a bleating sheep

and it woke him up from his restless sleep.

And he took his crook and he took his gun

and he ran as fast as his legs could run.


But down to the hill where a yew tree stood

flew the wily witch on her broom of wood.

And she gave a grin as she hit the ground

and she licked her lips as she looked around.

Oh her eyes were bright and her eyes looked wild

for she saw no sheep just a poor lost child.


Then out of the woods that were quite close by

came the ancient troll with his spear held high.

Oh he knew the smell of the wily witch

but another scent made his nostrils twitch.

And he bared his teeth with a grin so bright

when he saw the child in the pale moonlight.


 Up to the summit of the hill so steep

oh the shepherd ran to protect his sheep.

But he stood quite still when he reached the ditch

for he saw the troll and he saw the witch.

Then he felt a chill running through his bones

when he saw the child standing all alone.


Hiding away amongst the grass so deep

was an old horned ram and a flock of sheep.

And they all lay still not a bleat was made

they were all confused, they were all afraid.

There was one main thing that they did not wish,

to be roasted whole for a witch’s dish.


Raising his gun against his shoulder strong

oh the shepherd knew he did not have long.

So he aimed his gun and he made a blast

but the wily witch she was much too fast.

And she raised her wand and she cast a spell

and the bullet turned and the shepherd fell.


 Seeing his master being shot stone dead

oh the old horned ram bowed his woolly head.

Then up in the sky on this night so clear

oh the silver moon shed a salty tear.

And the stars all blinked in the midnight sky

and then one by one they began to cry.


Wickedly laughing with her eyes so wild

oh the old witch turned to the poor lost child.

And she gave that child such an evil look

and the poor lost child in her shoes she shook.

But the wily witch with the wicked soul

she was unaware of the ancient troll.


Winding an arm around with all his might

he released his net and the net took flight.

And the wily witch didn’t see it fly

and the net came down from the midnight sky.

And the troll he wailed with such great delight

as the startled witch she was wrapped up tight.


 Thinking of everything that she’d seen done

oh the poor lost child she began to run.

And she screamed aloud and she screamed in fear

but she knew inside there were none to hear.

And the ancient troll with the fearsome face

he took up his spear and began to chase.


Teardrops were falling from the stars and moon.

Lashing and crashing like a wild monsoon.

And they soaked the ground and they filled the ditch

and they soaked the troll and they soaked the witch.

And the troll he screamed making such a din

for those teardrops burned and they stung his skin.


Watching in silence from the grass so tall

well the old horned ram he had seen it all.

Then he looked across where his master lay

and he closed his eyes and began to pray.

And the frightened sheep they were stood close by

as the teardrops rained from the midnight sky.


 Feeling more terrified than one could tell

oh the poor lost child she slipped and fell.

And the ancient troll yes he saw his chance

and he gave a grin and his eyes did dance.

Then he reached the child he was standing near

and he poked the child with his pointed spear.


Roaring in triumph on this angry night

oh the ancient troll was a fearsome sight.

Though his skin was scarred from the pouring rain

he had won his prize he shut out the pain.

And he then bent down and his eyes were wild

and he bared his teeth to the poor lost child.


Knowing that something simply must be done

well the old horned ram he began to run.

And he saw the troll just about to feed,

 so he dipped his head as he picked up speed.

And he hit the troll hit him hard and square

and the ancient troll hurtled through the air.


 Raindrops were lashing down without a break

turning the ditch into a swirling lake.

as the ancient troll flew through the air

oh he screamed aloud in such despair.

And he cursed the rain he cursed the sheep

then he fell into the water deep.


No-one had ever seen such pouring rain

nobody ever saw that troll again.

And the ancient troll with the fearsome face

he was washed away and he left no trace.

And the old horned ram simply turned and smiled

as he heard a sigh from the poor lost child.


That’s when the raindrops they no longer fell

just like the casting of a magic spell.

And the old horned ram he gave a bleat

as the poor lost child stood to her feet.

And her hair was clinging to her face

as the sheep all left their hiding place.


 Then from nearby they heard somebody groan,

sounds from the netting that the troll had thrown.

And they turned their gaze to the crumpled net

and they saw the witch who was soaking wet.

And their hearts beat fast and skipped a beat

as they saw the witch stand to her feet.


Witches and magic are a scary mix.

Witches are known for knowing loads of tricks.

And the old ram gasped and the child did too

for they had no clue what they ought to do.

Though the troll was dead sunk without a trace

things did not look good with a witch to face.


Over their heads they heard the thunder roar,

rain fell much faster than it had before.

And the witch then screamed as the rain fell down

and she lost her hat and she lost her gown.

Oh the girl and ram simply had to stare

at the fair young maiden standing there.


 Thanks to the magic of that moonlight rain

nobody ever saw that witch again.

And the maiden waved and then she smiled

then took the hand of the poor lost child.

She’d once been trapped by a spell you see

now the magic rain had set her free.


Walking across to where the shepherd lay,

kneeling beside him in a gentle way.

Oh she kissed the shepherd on his cheek

as the shepherd woke he heard her speak.

And she spoke of love and she spoke of pain

and she spoke of hope and magic rain.


Living together in their house of stone

shepherd and maiden are no more alone.

And the sheep all grazed upon the hill

and the old horned ram was with them still

and the silver moon a smile she wore

and the poor lost child was lost no more.


A B Wyze...2017...©

© 2017 Dr. Wood ?

Author's Note

Dr. Wood ?
This really did take me days to write....I still do not know if it is any good but if someone stumbles across it on here maybe they will let me know what they think...Thanks DW

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Doc you have a knack for making stories rhyme. Just lovely!

Posted 2 Months Ago

Dr. Wood ?

2 Months Ago

cheers Andrew......It is a CURSE
Brilliant! I love this Dave!

Posted 2 Months Ago

Dr. Wood ?

2 Months Ago

thanks Denise, I just need Tom Parker to illustrate it and we will have a winner

2 Months Ago

You’re welcome. I look forward to seeing the illustrations.
Brilliant Doc, what an adventure. My only problem with it is, who is it meant to scare more, the kids or the parents :)

Posted 2 Months Ago

Dr. Wood ?

2 Months Ago

thanks Lorry..Hope you are well.....I suppose it works if the parents are a little scared as well...

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Dr. Wood ?
Dr. Wood ?

Raunds, Northamptonshire, United Kingdom

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