I was misunderstood again

I was misunderstood again

A Story by Karisha Nove

This is a story of innocent quiet girl.

Five years old Lucy, lived with her grandparent for two years. She was small enough not to know what was going on. Her parents took her back home. She was not ready to go, she threw lot of tantrums during her packing and departure. But it was necessary for her parents to take her back to home for her futher studies. She cried and cried but no one listen to her. At last she stopped complaining about dragging her back to home. Her parents enrolled her in a popular school, so she have a great future. But their was a strange thing about Lucy moving back she stopped talking to anyone. Indeed she always obey what her parents told her but she never decline anything like other children did.

At her school she won't talked to anyone and even she won't replies to her teacher. At first her teacher thought that she is a quiet girl so she won't trouble her to participate in conversation. This continued in every next class. At the age of ten, for the first time she really want something and asked her parents to buy it. It was a doll house. But it was expensive and her parents can't afford it so they told her that she is a grown up kid and she don't need these things. She again started to stay quiet.

It was mid terms' time and a girl named Suzy, started to take interest in Lucy and after a long time someone was there for Lucy as a friend. Suzy was in her neighbours too. Suzy asked Lucy will she able to come for play? Lucy was excited to know what type of games she will going to play and they enjoyed her play time a lot. She always wait for her play time so she can go outside for play. But this happiness won't last forever, her mother took her play time for dance classes. Now she was alone again but this thing won't effect her much because she was able to meet Suzy at school but that chance took by her father. In her tests she scored low than she always did. And her father requested her teacher for letting Lucy sit with no one. And now she felt alone.

But this behaviour of her mother and father created rumours that Lucy hated Suzy that's why she wanted to sit idle and she took dance classes to avoid Suzy. Everyone in class looked at her like she was a sinner and she have done a great sin. Her classmates started to harass her in various ways.  Whenever their teacher told them to make a group, her classmates always left her out, etc,.

At the age 15 she experienced horrible treatment from her classmate. Because of thone two people she was handling these things- her parents. One day she bumped to a girl in her class. That girl demand an apology from Lucy for an accident. Lucy didn't replied to her and she went on her seat and calmly sat down. That girl somehow feel humiliated by Lucy and at recess she put her maths notebook in Lucy's bag when Lucy was not around. After recess there was maths period and that girl started to claim that her notebook was stolen by someone. Teacher helped her checked everyone's bag one by one and the notebook was in Lucy's bag and everyone claimed her as thief and students add up stories as she always did these things.  Her parents were called.

Lucy was looking at her parents with faith that they will believe her but when her father said, "I never knew that Lucy will do these things. I'm ashamed of her". That broke her heart into pieces which can't be rebuild.

© 2017 Karisha Nove

Author's Note

Karisha Nove
Please ignore grammar mistakes and I hope you will like it.

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Lucy was really misunderstood,
I like the story and it is very good..

Posted 4 Months Ago

Karisha Nove

4 Months Ago

Thank you :)

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Karisha Nove

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