Chapter 3

Chapter 3

A Chapter by Toshita

"Welcome home Jeonggukie." Taehyung feels a wide smile spread as he takes in the smile the taller sends. It's one of his favorite smiles, the one that causes his nose to scrunch up and creates lines at the corner of his beautiful eyes. It's always a loss when the lines don't stay for more than a couple seconds before smoothing out once again, leaving no trace.


"Are you alright?" Taehyung looks up from Jeongguk's chest, taking in the questioning gaze. He can feel his head buzzing, just a low hum reminding him of a buzzing bee. It's pleasant almost, pushing out previous worries laying heavy on his mind. The white-blue rings in his eyes are hypnotic, almost as if they're beckoning him with promises of comfort and warmth and an undercurrent of something he can't place. It takes a moment to realize Jeongguk is still talking, arms loosening their hold.


The warm arms pull back and Taehyung mourns their loss as the cold of the lab creeps under his clothes. "Tae? Did you two have a fight again?" At that, Taehyung shifts his gaze, embarrassment and upset heating his face.


"How'd you guess?" Taehyung pulls away with a sigh, staring over Jeongguk's shoulder to watch their friends. Jimin has Yoongi laying down with his forearm exposed, tinkling with some wires while Seokjin is sitting on the couch, probably drinking his favorite tea, while Hoseok takes notes on his tablet.


"I heard you on the phone." As much as he wants to be upset at the invasion of privacy, he can't.


"Ah, yes. Your super hearing." Jeongguk looks sheepish, hand coming up to tug on his hair. An odd gesture he's picked up from Jimin whenever he's nervous or frustrated. Taehyung shifts his gaze, watching the way his synthetic muscles shift and bulge in his bicep.


"Sorry, I didn't mean to. Honestly." Taehyung doesn't say anything. The slight ache behind his temple is coming back from this morning. He hates this. Hates fighting with Chris, being the one to constantly instigate him. Maybe he should ditch the party tonight. Or maybe he can attend for an hour and then leave after showing his face. The hand not holding his phone comes up to rub his temple, hoping to soothe the pain.


"It's okay. I know you can't help it." He feels Jeongguk's fingers run through his hair and he almost falls into his chest at the soothing touch. Taehyung's eyes flutter shut at the pleasant feeling of strong fingers gently removing the knots in his hair. He's almost purring, content sighs leaving his lips. The slight ache is pushed back, easing until it's all but gone from his brain and after the stressful day he's had, he's content to stand like this for a long time. However, the content feeling is soon replaced with disappointment. In himself. He's running away again. Using his time at the lab as an excuse to avoid dealing with his relationship.


"Do you want to talk about it?" Taehyung opens his mouth, the words on the tip of his tongue but he stops. He really should stop worrying others with his problems. Shaking his head, he regretfully pulls away from the soothing touch, taking a few steps back.


"No, it's nothing. I messed up and upset Chris. But I'll make it up to him. I always do." The ocean blue eyes darken slightly, irises almost flashing with what Taehyung doesn't know. But the look passes so fast Taehyung's pretty sure he imagined it. He must be more tired than he thought. Taehyung steps past Jeongguk, only to stop when his hand is gently caught. He looks towards the taller in confusion and waits. Jeongguk looks like he wants to say something, but eventually just shakes his head and lets go. Sending a puzzled glance his way, Taehyung walks over to his desk, waiting for him to jump up on the operating table.


There's a peaceful silence between them, with Jeongguk watching Taehyung set everything up. The brunette double checks all the wires are connected properly and the fuel processor is finished rendering before turning around to ask Jeongguk to remove his turtle neck only to see him already shirtless. No matter how many times he's seen his body, it always makes him nervous. There's really no reason for the feelings, especially considering he helped built the sturdy form. And yet his eyes linger. What can he say, Taehyung is a sucker for defined bodies and defined is definitely what Jeongguk is. For a machine Jeongguk is hott, all of the pipers are.




Jeongguk smirks as he watches the human's eyes trail over his chest. "Like what you see?" He fights the urge to widen his smile at the pink tinting Taehyung's ears. Humans are interesting to him, they're such odd and passionate creatures. He slides his gaze over to the other humans, watching as Hoseok flirts into Yoongi's space making weird noises while Yoongi holds him off, holding his face away from him. One would assume the droid is annoyed but somehow the blue haired piper seems to have grown a soft spot for their psychologist. Besides them, Jeongguk can see Jimin animatedly telling Seokjin about something or another, probably his newest inventions if his gestures are any indication. He watches with slight amusement as Seokjin warily eyes the laser in Jimin's hand, jerking back on the operating table anytime his gesturing gets too close to his face. They're always so…animated and excitable. Over the littlest things. He supposes its cute, their way of making  mundane day to day activities interesting.


A light touch on his chest brings his attention back to Taehyung and smiles at the obnoxious snort he lets out. "Of course I do. I built it." Warm chocolatey eyes glance up at him from under messy bangs, mirth dancing in his gaze. Jeongguk lets at a quiet laugh that dies down as warm fingers trail all over his chest, placing electrodes on his abs, sternum, biceps, jugular, ending with his pectorals. He watches the slender fingers trace a path from one electrode to the next, cold fingers making sure they're fixed properly before sliding over his n*****s before pulling away. Jeongguk looks up sharply, chest tensing at the odd sensation the contact elicits.


Taehyung just smirks at his reaction before leaning forward into his space. Jeongguk takes a deep breath and can't help but rest his forehead on his clavicle as Taehyung connects the connecter gauge for fuel exchange into the base of his neck.


"It's starting now." Taehyung waits for his nod before starting the process. The second the machine starts recycling the fuel in his body, an intense wave of what he's been told is nausea overcomes him. He grits his jaw and shuts his eyes tightly, hating his enhanced hearing. He can hear every pump and movement of the fluid as it leaves and enters his body, the soft hiss of steam releasing from the reel. The smell isn't much better. It's like musty cement and burning metal. The humans don't seem too bothered by the scent, probably because they barely smell it. They probably just notice a small metallic scent it they're really trying. But to him, it's potent. He can practically taste it in his mouth. The gurgling makes his head spin and he lets out a soft whimper.


The entire recycling process is a necessity, required once every three months to remove any dirt and grease build up but Jeongguk hates it. While it's unpleasant for Yoongi and Seokjin, it doesn't seem to bother them as much. Either that or they have much more refined control over their senses. It's a terrible feeling. The incessant need to hurl even though his body is physically incapable of it and really has no need to. It's all in his head technically. He doesn't have organs or cells rebelling against the fluid. It's just a collection of senses his processor has decided to interpret as nausea.


He's been told that the common androids- or class D- only really have a limited range of emotions: happy and sad. The pipers on the other hand have been programmed to interpret a much wider range of emotions. He still doesn't know what half of what he feels is but Taehyung and Hoseok seem to have fun testing their range so it must be a good thing. Hoseok told him the only emotions not in their repertoire are greed and anger. Something about making them as neutral as possible in society's favour. Honestly, he doesn't really care as long as it doesn't interfere with his activities.


"I hate this." He whispers. If he could sweat, he knows he'd be sweating. He feels more pressure on his chest, pump expanding out against the sensors protecting his core pump from his electric ability, against his metal frame as the fluid finally refills his central core pump, his heart if you will.


"Shhh, I know Kookie, I know. It'll all be over soon. Just focus on me instead." Jeongguk nods, burying his face in the warm chest, arms curling tightly around the narrow waist. He focuses on the soothing sound of Taehyung's voice, on the vibrations rumbling in his chest with every sound. The human has always had a pleasant voice to the android. It reminds him of smooth honey, warm, sweet and low. A fresh intake of fluid has the smell returning, filling his mouth. He pulls Taehyung closer, shoving his nose into the human's pulse. Focusing on the rhythmic pattern, inhaling the ocean cologne Taehyung adores. It's a good thing he doesn't actually need to breathe as he continues inhaling, allowing the fresh scent to fill all nasal sensory inputs until it's almost all he can smell. The bitter, metallic taste is slowly replaced, like a breath of much need fresh air. So much that he's tempted to see if the skin actually tastes the same. However, Hoseok has told him that tasting others is not appropriate response to curiosity so he refrains.




Taehyung runs his fingers through the dark strands, sympathetic to Jeongguk's unease. It's like a bad case of food poisoning for the androids but for some reason, Jeongguk always experiences the worst symptoms. Unfortunately it has to be done, so Taehyung does his best to comfort him. Murmuring soft words and comforting touches, anything to ease the discomfort.


"It's just as bad this time, huh." Jimin's small hands gently rub his broad back soothingly, eyes soft with concern.


"Yeah, I don't know how to fix it. Yoongi and Jin don't suffer as much and it's the exact same process." Jimin purses his lips in thought, pausing his gently strokes for a moment before continuing.


"I think it might have to do with his ability. Maybe the semi conductivity of the fuel is reacting negatively with his manipulation sensors? I'll look into it." Taehyung nods his thanks as Jimin removes the gauge before welding the insert site closed. Taehyung scrunches his face at the smell, knowing it must be 100x worse for the androids. It takes a few moments but once Jimin is finished and the skin is flawless again, Jeongguk finally lifts his head. As much as the process sucks, thankfully, the recovery only takes a minute.


"All done?" His voice and expression are so childlike and innocent that Taehyung sometimes has trouble acknowledging that this is an android, a machine. Not some young boy in Taehyung's arms. 


"Yeah, you're all done. Let me just upgrade your language software and you're set." Again Taehyung is hit with an odd sense of regret as Jeongguk retracts his arms and replaces his shirt. At least one thing's for sure. Hoseok, Jimin, and Taehyung all love it when the pipes go shirt less. They definitely look like art pieces.


Taehyung quickly shakes the thoughts from his head, before launching into an overly in-depth explanation about the upgrades while getting him set up on the programing chair. He knows Jeongguk doesn't actually care but it makes him happy when the other indulges him.


"And… done!" Taehyung retracts the headgear and runs through a series of tests to make sure the processing core is able to keep up with Jeongguk's rate of information intake. "Perfect!" Jeongguk returns Taehyung's smile as he walks to the couch to join the others.


"Are you coming tonight?" Taehyung pauses, weighing his answer to Seokjin's question. He truly wants to go, is even technically required to attend but he needs to resolve things with his boyfriend first.


"Ah, I'm not totally sure yet. I'll let you know?" Taehyung looks away from Seokjin's narrowed eyes, knowing the android is picking up on his uneasiness.


"Tae, are you alright?" He nods, probably too quickly and waves off the piper's concern.


"I'm cool, just have some things to do at home. Depends on how they go, we'll see about tonight." With a big smile directed their way, Taehyung heads to the elevator for his massage. Thankfully, the salon is in the same KRJ building so he doesn't have to rush. He checks his phone again for any notifications, missing Jimin's comment about 'Chris troubles.'




The walk home after his massage is a pleasant one, his muscles relaxed and loose. The discomfort of not sleeping in an actual bed almost forgotten. It's almost five now, only a couple more hours until the party. Still, Taehyung takes his time. He only lives fifteen minutes away from the office. Luckily, he doesn't have to take any work home with him tonight as Chris is borrowing his Ford Mustang. While he may not be one for frivolous spending, the red beauty is one of his most prized possessions. He's only had it for six months but he's been saving every penny since he was a teenager for his dream car. He should start driving it to work again. It's kind of sad, he thinks. He owns the car but is barely able to use to since Chris always wants to take it to work. And it makes sense. Chris lives about a 40 minute sky train ride from work, while Taehyung lives a fifteen minute walk. Still. He misses his baby. Taehyung pouts for a bit, before he realizes he's pouting to himself. He has suggested that Chris buy a car for himself, but it was pointed out to him that it would be a waste of money and space since Taehyung enjoys walking when he can. It's not like he gets much exercise sitting in a lab or behind a desk.


A lone figure in the distance steals his attention away from his pretty car and he can't help a soft smile. It's a light brown haired kid, early twenties or late teens probably, sitting on a stool playing his guitar. Taking a detour, the melodic sounds navigate his feet until he's right in front of the loner. It's a slightly cold night but the kid doesn't seem to notice, too focused on his task. It's amazing really. Watching the different emotions invoke in the musician as he performs. Even though Taehyung's the only one listening, the kid performs as if he's on a stage. And Taehyung can see it. The bright lights focused on him, reflecting off the beautiful finish of his guitar. The audience holding onto every word sung and woven between the guitar strums. The song is a happy one, reminiscent even. Telling of glory days past, of future ones to come.


Taehyung doesn't realize the music has stopped, the melody repeating in his head, echoing in the silent evening until the kid shifts to pack up his equipment. Shifting into gear, Taehyung hands the kid a 100. It's an outrageous amount he knows, probably more than this C class citizen has ever seen for less than a full day's worth of work. But at the same time, it feels right. Taehyung truly believes that something big is headed his way. To him, the music felt like drinking pure happiness, the ultimate euphoria filled with hope and wonder and he wants to hold onto it for as long as possible.


"Mister…I can't accept this. It's way too much!" The kid tries to give the money back but Taehyung just steps back one for every step forward, raising his hand and shaking his head.


"Trust me, you definitely deserve it. I sincerely wish you the best and hope you can share your music with the world! I'll even be your biggest and first fan!" The kid blushes at Taehyung's wink and Taehyung bites his cheek against the sudden want to hug the cuteness out of him. The kid is speechless for a few moments, looking between Taehyung and the note, as if wait for the punchline. When nothing happens other than an awkward stare off, he bows to him, thanking him profusely. Taehyung waves it off with a smile and ruffles his hair before heading home. "I hope to hear you again!"


Now, he thinks, the evening is perfect. Thinking about the C class is a bit sobering though. Due to the technological neo-industrialization, economic disparity is at an all-time high, with class C residing at the bottom of the food chain. Which is unfortunate in his opinion as they work the hardest for the least, not that the other classes don't work hard to get where they are. It's just that the other classes-excluding class D- are paid more equally for their labour. He knows that even though he grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth, outside of the downtown business sector, the poor congregate in small communities to help each other get buy. He's never seen the communities or come across them, but he's come across many C class workers at Chris' plantation. It's an unfortunate aspect of today's society but unfortunately, even with A.I advancements, there is no way to help them without limiting the higher chaste and sadly, those on top are not willing to compromise or give up what they've worked hard to obtain.


Soon enough he reaches his building, greeting the door man before heading to the penthouse. He hears the TV on as he removes his shoes and jacket. Chris must be home already. If Taehyung's honest, he adores his place, even if it's a bit too big for him alone, Luckily, he shares the space with his boyfriend. The entry way is wide, with beautiful hardwood leading to a small staircase covered in plush carpet. He walks into the living room, taking in the spacious area filled stylishly with wall length oak bookshelves filled to the brim next to the alcove by the window. A long black leather couch extends in a L-shape in front of a large wall-mounted flat screen. Pictures of Taehyung and Chris and their friends and family fill the blank spaces, along with random trinkets Taehyung likes to collect.


And that's where he find his boyfriend. "Baby, I'm home!" Chris looks up from his phone and Taehyung's heart squeezes. Chris is dressed in one of his baggy sweatshirts, fitting him better than Taehyung. His dirty blonde hair is styled off his face and ruffled, as if he's been running his fingers through it, though knowing him he probably has. His sharp facial features soften in the low light from the lamps, still stunning nonetheless. He's wearing Taehyung's clothes so he must have forgiven Taehyung. He mentally crosses his fingers in hope of sleeping in his bed tonight. He misses his cuddles, sue him.


"Welcome home." Taehyung smiles at the shy greeting, watching the muscles under his shift sensually. Taehyung can already feel arousal stirring in his stomach as he takes in how the low light deepens the shadows on his exposed arms, making them more defined. God, Taehyung wants to touch them, run his tongue along the valleys and mountains he knows intimately under those clothes. He's always had a huge muscle kink and Chris is perfectly buff, just enough for a more stocky built but he always fills his clothes amazingly well, leaving little to the imagination.


"Hi baby." Taehyung can't help the little growl that escapes, smiling when Chris chuckles into their kiss. Taehyung tries to deepen the kiss, his body heating the more he runs his hands over his tight body, head hazy with the power coiled in the muscles under his fingers. Chris could easy hold him against the wall as he f**k into him. The image has his stomach tightening, biting on Chris' lips, urging his mouth open. It's really too bad Chris refuses to top. Taehyung loves the feeling of being pounded into the mattress. However, Chris hates topping. Say's it dims his pleasure. Oh well, Taehyung doesn't mind topping either. Especially when he has a panting boyfriend under his hands. With a sigh, he's granted access and Taehyung wastes no time before kissing him breathless. Eventually, Chris pulls them apart with a smirk, knowing how easy it is to rile him up.


"Babe, I can't talk like this!" Taehyung ignores him, kissing his mouth in between his words, pleased at the laugh he receives. Eventually, he stops his attempts and resumes their make out session. "Hmm… let's have sex."


"Right now?" Taehyung mouths against his neck, pulling a soft moan from the other.


"Ya, right now." And it's tempting. So damn tempting. Taehyung has the sex drive of a teenager and normally he'd be on board. As much as Taehyung craves sex all the time, Chris doesn't. They only have sex a couple times a week, sometimes longer. Taehyung doesn't mind. He understands, Chris is busier and more stressed than he is and he's totally okay with cuddling him until he falls asleep. But now Chris is offering and Taehyung's only had his hand for company for the last three days. He wants to say yes, hold him down against the mattress, make his voice break but the alarm on his phone decides to break the tense atmosphere.


His head drops with a frustrated groan as he checks the notification. S**t, they've been standing here longer than he thought. It's already 6:15pm. "Sorry, we just don't have time right now."


"What do you mean? What time?" Chris pulls away and Taehyung shoots him a puzzled look. Has he seriously already forgotten about the party, the reason for their recent argument?


"The KRJ company party to celebrate closing a big deal."


"Oh. That." Chris pulls away, returning to his position on the couch with his phone.


"Yeah…that. I really want you to come."


Instead of answering, Chris changes the subject. "Let's have sex. I want to."


"We can later but right now we have to get ready for the party." Chris narrows his eyes at his response and Taehyung can feel his stomach tighten in unease.


"You're turning down sex?" He sounds surprised, which is valid considering Taehyung has never turned down sex before, but today he can't risk it. It's a big deal and he has people to please after his successful presentation. Plus he could really use a night out of the house and office.


"I can't believe I'm saying this but I can't. I don't have the time."


"Are you serious? Just show up late." Taehyung frowns at the flippant attitude as he removes his tie.


"I can't. You know I hate being late and today's no exception." Chris rolls his eyes and Taehyung breathes deeply at the growing pit of irritation. "There are important board members attending and have requested my presence. Director Kim will be disappointed at my absence as he directly asked me to attend tonight."


"Whatever, it's just your dad. Just tell him something important came up." The red bubble of anger expands in his chest, threatening to burst. He hates it when Chris writes off his job like that, as if working for his father's company is the same as running errands for him at home.


"It doesn't work like that. I am obligated to attend." Chris jumps up from the couch, throwing his phone on the glass coffee table with a loud clack.


"Am I not important?"


"Of course-"


"Do you not love me?"


"What are you asking? Of course I do, I-"


"Then don't go tonight. Stay with me instead." His annoyed gaze turns sultry as his fingers slowly creep up Taehyung's chest, skillfully undoing his shirt before Taehyung gently pulls his hands away.


"I'm sorry. I can't. We can continue when I come back. Or you know. You could come with." Taehyung's eyes turn hopefully, puppy eyes in full effect. Chris just huff and steps away. Oh well, puppy eyes never did work on him. Pity.


"So it that it?"


"Is what it?" Taehyung is confused. What exactly are they arguing about, he's not actually sure.


"You're choosing a party and your trashy friends over me."


"Chris! I've told you before not to call my friends trashy. They are amazing and an important part of me. And I'm not choosing a party over you! This is a work function!" Taehyung is losing his temper. "You've known about the party for months. Why is it suddenly an issue now?" He tries to reign his rising voice in, especially when he sees the hurt expression at his outburst, but it's so hard when he wants to scream across the room.


"But you are! You're supposed to stay with me and yet you want to leave for some stupid party!" Chris crosses his arms. Taehyung watches his biceps bulge with the movement. He knows Chris is watching as he tracks the movement. However, the brunette is way to annoyed to be seduced. After realizing his distraction is not working, the blonde ungracefully falls against the couch, looking away.


"That's not fair and you know it." Taehyung growls out and Chris' head snaps towards him. "I have always placed you first where possible. I even avoid my friends when we hang out even though your rude friends are always present at every damn outing." While you parade me around your superiors and friends like a trophy. Chris remains quiet for a moment. He opens his mouth to say something, indignant at the accusing but Taehyung continues before he can start. "Now, my team and I have worked our asses off for this deal. There are many investors attending the party at which I must network at. Especially since it was a direct request from Director Kim. I'm going and that's final." He glares at Chris, daring him to argue some more but even Chris seems to realize that he may have pushed him too far tonight. The tense atmosphere holds for an awfully long minute before Taehyung breaks it by heading to his bedroom to change. "I really would like it if you accompanied me. I really do miss you. It seems that all we do lately is fight." Taehyung says softly from the hallway. Silence replies back to him and he regretfully turns away when he hears sniffles tainting the air.


Guilt curls unpleasantly in his gut but Taehyung can't take it back. Won't. Chris' jealousy is getting ridiculous. While normally Taehyung would do his best to accommodate it, he cannot, will not sacrifice his hard work for petty feelings. He dresses himself mechanically, only putting in actual conscious thought to double check his appearance and make sure he's got his wallet and phone. He's sure he looks good. The tux is a black satin that fits him perfectly, accenting his lithe figure. His hair is stylishly messy with his bangs almost falling into his kohl rimmed eyes. His tinted lip chap gives his mouth a glossy soft pink tint. He fastens his cufflinks and straightens his cute red bowtie. A gold Rolex goes on one wrist, matching the stud in his left ear and the hanging cross in his right. His normal, everyday rings adorn his long fingers. He looks hot. He knows it and can appreciate it even in his funk. He finishes up with his favorite ocean scented cologne before heading out. He hesitates at the entrance to the living room, watching Chris study his phone intently. Taehyung know he can see him but apparently he is set on ignoring him. Ignoring the pang in his chest, he grabs the keys to his baby and heads out without another word. The purr of his mustang has him smiling even with the knots in his stomach. He lets the vibrations burrow into his chest, echoing throughout his body before pulling away. He hits the gas, giggling at the lurch as he speeds down the open road. In five minutes, he arrives at the venue with a wide grin, previous unpleasantness left behind. Well, maybe he can turn his evening around, play with his friends, make some new connections, drink and eat-a lot. He fixes his hair in the mirror and sends of a quick text before handling the keys to the valet and walking into the hall, ready to enjoy the rest of his evening.


[6:59pm] Sent to: My Love.

I'm sorry for yelling at you. Please come? I miss you. I love you.   


© 2017 Toshita

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