Chapter 5

Chapter 5

A Chapter by Toshita

The wind rushes past Jeongguk's ears as the pipers run through the darkness, swiftly avoiding any obstacles. They will reach the clearing soon, little lights twinkling like a beacon straight ahead. It's a nice night, he thinks. Quiet with little to no wind, silence stretching her reaches into every corner. Even the critters are quiet, softly tittering away as if to respect the peacefulness. Until they run past. The pipers move on, cutting through the tall grass in this tiny corner of South America, at the edge of Brazil. The barely make a sound, but the sudden loss of animal activity in their presence echoes loudly in his ears, the rhythmic pounding of their feet a pleasant beat.


He sees Jin on his left move his hands, the signal. Jeongguk nods his confirmation, watching Yoongi repeat the action before all three break out of the tree line, leaving the dark embrace of the shadows.


"You first, Kook." Suga's voice in his ear prompts him, lazy tone at odds with the amount of activity they've done but they are androids after all. They don't feel exhaustion, but it's curious to Jeongguk how the blue- haired man never betrays anything but boredom during their missions.


"On it." Without a second thought, Jeongguk takes a running leap at the patrol tower, landing silently and waiting in the shadows. He sneaks up behind a guard, dragging him into the shadows and muffling his voice as he shocks him unconscious. The man struggles hard, legs and arms flailing in all directions as he tries to yell in warning, all in vain. Jeongguk can feel the hits against his body but ignores them. Instead he takes a deep breath and closes his eyes, focusing on the rush of electrical pulses rushing through his body. He can't help the smile at the sudden tingly rush building in his chest before he directs it to the finger on the man's temple. Just a small spark, just enough to render him unconscious almost immediately without paralyzing him, well permanently anyway. Jeongguk's hand muffles the short scream but the other guard must be closer than he thought when the heavy footsteps start their way. Without another thought, his hand shoots out to grab a leg from the shadows, sending a jolt through his body. The pleasurable rush makes his eyes flutter, letting out a small moan that quickly turns wistful as the feeling leaves him through their point of contact. He catches the man before his fall attracts too much attention, ignoring the laughs coming through his ear piece.


"You know we can hear you, JK." The amusement in Jin's voice makes his eyes roll.


"You wish your abilities felt that good." He bites back smugly, returning to where the other two are waiting after disabling the communications at the tower. Jin just glares at him as Suga smirks. Their abilities are pretty awesome, but for Jeongguk, he particularly enjoys his. The way the sensors under his skin light up, following the currents on their paths sends shivers to his core. Depends on the strength of his attacks, the feeling varies. A small amount of electrical discharge is pleasurable, orgasmic even-from what his research software indicates even though he's never engaged. The more intense blasts on the other hand, can range from leaving his sensors pleasurably oversensitive to blinding, fiery, numbing pain. He usually avoids going that far as it practically fries his system, rendering him unconscious and requiring a system reboot.


"At least we don't get hard in the middle of a job." He shoots Jin a glare as the other two break out in a laugh. It took him a long time to train his body to stop physically reacting to every surge, often unable to stop the physical sensations just electrifying a small circuit from rending his body weak with pleasure, shivers wracking his body as he fights to control himself. But finally, he's able to dissociate the physical aspect from reacting to his mental arousal. It's an odd side effect but it could be worse, like Jin's.


Jin's manipulation of gravitational fields in large uses often renders him weak. This is why he has a time restraint on his usage. It starts off with a small headache that quickly evolves from a migraine to feeling as if his chest is going to explode. Even though they know his ability is not physically hurting him, their humans seem unable to break him out of the almost crippling mental side effects.


Suga's ability is a bit more tolerable, but not by much. His ability renders his mind into a complete calm state, the most perfect peaceful happiness, Hoseok calls it. There's not physical sensation, no pleasure nor pain. Rather, it's almost as if his mind switches into his zen mode, as he calls it, when everything makes him manically happy. However, while they may not be any physical manifestation of his symptoms, if he goes too far deep into the calm, it's almost as if his system goes to sleep. His body is awake and functioning but it's all mechanical, repeating the previous action over and over again while he's mentally asleep. Another reason why he also has a time limit is that in his zen mind space, all physical sensations are dulled to 10% or their original intensities, making it difficult for the android to accurate assess any damages until it's too late, and his system crashes to protect it from overheating.


A sudden spotlight on them stops the bickering as a floodlight highlights their presence. So much for subtleties. In a moment they're surrounded, rifles propped and ready to fire on command. If they're one thing Jeongguk doesn't like about the world is their obsession with fire arms. It really wouldn't matter if they could kill the enemy but Jin ordered them to keep casualties to a minimum. Otherwise, Jeongguk would electrify the guns, making the gun powder inside explode like fireworks. This is their first official mission as pipers after the completion of Jeongguk's training. They're supposed to retrieve a hard drive containing information about a possible threat to the US or something. To be honest, Jeongguk doesn’t really care. As the youngest piper, he's happy as long as the mission is successful and quick.


"Drop your weapons!" A voice shouts in Portuguese. Looks like Taehyung's software upgrade is working well. He'll be pleased, he thinks, as his quickly translates the words. They don't move, but at another harsh demand, Jin lowers his arms and removes his gun, tossing it near his feet. Jeongguk and Yoongi follow suit before repositioning their arms up, palms out. 


"Identify yourselves! Remove the masks!" They don’t say anything, identities covered by the black half masks covering their faces with a viper on the front, leaving only their eyes exposed. Their entire body is covered head to toe in black uniforms and boots, not an inch of skin showing. A warning shot is fired when they don't comply, cutting sharply and deafening through the quiet. Jin's chuckle fills his ears through the ear piece, amused and dangerous.


"You're going to annoy him if you do that." He sings, loudly enough for the men surrounding them to hear. Jeongguk stifles a laugh as Suga's eyes narrow at the loud sound, eyes piercing in the direction of the sound.


"Quiet!" Another shot is fired. Jin just shrugs before they all smirk at each other. In a blink of an eye, Jeongguk and Jin sprint forward, breaking through the tight ring, disabling those in their way using just their hands. Panicked shouts fills the air, more shots fired aimlessly as the human attempt to hit the rapid targets.


"Too damn loud." Jeongguk hears Suga mumble before the shots are silenced. A quick glance back shows the riffles the small android standing with his left arm pointing out, first two fingers extended. Confused shouts rise as the humans attempt to fire the now blocked firearms as Suga prevents the bullets from firing. A sudden yell pierces the air and the humans scramble out of the way as a grenade is thrown towards the droid, exploding on impact. Jin and Jeongguk rip the ear pieces out, wincing at the electronic high pitched screaming. Everything seems frozen for a few moments, the humans shaking off their disorientation and Jeongguk feels an uneasy feeling build.


"I don't see him, Jin." Jeongguk mumbles, attempting to see through the smoke to find the android.


"Wait." Jin replies, eyes focusing ahead. They're hidden in the shadows, seemingly forgotten in the panic.


"S**t, I can't pick him up at all!" Jeongguk is starting to worry. Jimin is going to be so mad. Imagine of a furious pick hair filters through, soon replaced by tears he knows will fall from Hoseok. Jeongguk is understandably nervous. He knows how strong the blasts can be and it would be difficult even for an android of their calibre to avoid having their limbs ripped.


"Just wait." He stops, puzzled at the amusement in Jin's voice. Is he missing something?


"Jin, what-"


"I really hate loud noises, you know." Suga's voice rumbles through the smoke, the fury laced rasp vibrating through his body. Jeongguk looks up in awe at the pale hand reaching into the air, skin melting off the tips of his fingers as the metal cocoon opens up. The guns are gone from their previous position as human hands scramble to find them. The android had managed to manipulate the surround metal and fashion it into some kind of pod, one around his body and one around the grenade still floating in mid-air. Its yellow blast contained as it explodes inside its protection with an ear-splitting bang, destroying the metal barrier. The following silence is so loud, Jeongguk swears he can hear the various racing hearts in front of them.


The clearing smoke reveals Suga with a mass of wires and sockets where his left arm should be. Jeongguk shudders uneasily at the sight. Even though Suga's pain sensors are immensely dulled in his current mindset, he can't imagine how painful it must have been, the feeling of the muscles and fine wires tearing and shredding as his arm is ripped from the shoulder socket. He swallows hard at the limp limb laying on the ground, slowly getting drenched in the silvery fluid powering their bodies. It's a bit gruesome, even for Jeongguk but other than the missing limb, Suga seems fine. Bits of skin on his face are missing, melted off and charred at the edges, showing off the metallic gleam of his cheekbone and brow from where the heat of the blast penetrated. Fury paints the pale features as he takes in the limp limb at his feet, eyes narrowing into slits as he glares at the humans through his shield.


His right hand twitches minutely, wrists rotating down 30 degrees before shouts reach their ears. Jeongguk watches as the humans yell and fumble at their waists and pockets as all their grenades are pulled away until their hover just outside their reach above their heads. Suga smiles widely at the frightened whimpers and rushed payers as trembling eyes track the floating bombs, gums showing. The catlike grey eyes are open bright, their inner glow flashing before the soft tinkling of metal reaches their ears.


"We should run now." Jeongguk glances at Jin and they both take off without hesitation. He looks back to see a cluster of grenade pins in his hands before chaos breaks loose. Screams echo through the night before several explosions go off, one after another, Suga's giggles echoing through the pained groans of the survivors.


"So much for minimal casualties." Jin laughs at his mutterings as they break into the complex and away from the mess. The element of surprise is lost now, sirens filling the night, emergency lights flashing


'INTRUDER ALERT! INTRUDER ALERT IN COORIDOR 12! INTRUDERS DETECTED!' An annoying automated female voice screams throughout the building, followed by the pounding boots against the concrete floor, shouts as the humans take up arms. The first round of security defenses block their path to the control room, A.I controlled lasers and guns in the ceiling, glowing red eyes tracking their movements. Jeongguk runs ahead of Jin, quickly disabling the weapons, wincing as the last remaining shot fired hits his abdomen, but otherwise ignoring the pain. They make their way towards an electronic set of double doors.




"Authorized, my a*s." Jeongguk smiles cutely into the camera behind his mask before biting his lip at the sparks travelling down his arm before they reach the security system, shorting the circuit. The camera's red light blinks out and Jin pries the doors open, rushing into the control room as he disables the cameras inside. Jin hops onto the computer, fingers flying over the keys as he breaks through their firewalls. Leaving the blonde to work his magic, Jeongguk forces the double doors shut to give them some privacy. It's quiet for a few minutes, the clicking of the key boards accompanied by Jin's frustrated huffs when he hits another security measure, quickly changing into smug hmphs as he bypasses each one. His thoughts wonder back to Suga. Wondering if his headspace is keeping his pain at bay, if he went to deep and is passed out, or if he's still toying with the survivors.


"Done!" And not a moment too soon. The humans are storming against the door, prying it open inch by inch until they flood in like a clumsy tidal wave. The atmosphere is tense, anticipation swelling against his tongue. "My turn!" Jin nods at Jeongguk before stepping forward. "Won't any of you play with me?" He spreads his arms spread wide before bring them together in a clap. A pulsing wave erupts from his fingertips, making the atmosphere heavy. The men fall to their knees, hunched over in pain as they clutch their heads. Blood drips between their fingers in small streams from their ears and Jeongguk can physically hear the popping sounds as their ear drums burst painfully.


He leaves the humans to Jin, turning his attention back to the control panel in front of him. Bright lights twinkle and litter the board, wires trailing to each computer and outlet in the wall. Placing his palm on the warm panel, he focuses on the current surging inside. Coaxing and manipulating it to build and grow, relaxing and tightening his abdominal muscles. Electricity pulses through him, weakening his knees. He places his other hand on the wall, supporting his weight as his head drops. The pleasure is still growing, just a bit more, he's almost there. He grits his jaw, blue eyes flashing under his heavy lids as he pushes the energy from his hand into the panel, the building tension snapping out of him. He lets out a relieved moan as he curls in on himself, mind buzzing. He turns around and leans heavily against the wall, regaining his strength as he watches the computers short circuit and the outlets exploding with a small pop before catching on fire.


His gaze turns towards Jin. The android is holding his temple, wincing slightly as the circuits pop and smoke behind them. The men litter the floor, dead or unconscious Jeongguk can't be bothered to figure out. The smell of their surroundings burning thickly coating his throat, unpleasant and smoky.


"Kook, time to leave." Jeongguk looks up as Seokjin makes his way over to him. After another moment he pushes off the wall, making sure everything is working properly again. He waits for Seokjin to lead the way but nothing happens. Rather the blonde looks down pointedly, a smirk gracing his lips. Jeongguk follows his gaze in confusion before snapping his hands in front of him, covering his apparent arousal.


"Shut up." Jin bursts out laughing, stumbling when Jeongguk pushes him away before storming out the door, that stupid windshield wiper laugh making his face burn. They run out the way they came, dodging bullets left and right until Jin pushes them back with another wave, slamming them against the wall. The run out to the mess of bodies and bloody limbs surrounding Suga. The pale android looks even paler as his temperature regulating systems start to fail due to the loss of fluid. The android is sitting on the ground, leaning against the metal shield stuck in the ground, staring at his skin less fingers. The pain is vivid on his face, and Jeongguk lets out a relieved sigh. It would suck if they had to carry him home, mostly because it'd be him since Jin's head is most likely pounding by now.


"Doing alright there Yoon?" Jin asks, sitting on his haunches in front of the broken android.


"I-It hurts…" The blonde's eyes soften in sympathy as he gently helps the droid to his feet. Jeongguk moves up to check the damage, wincing as sparks fly when more fluid leaks out at the movement. The sensors are short circuiting and due to the conductivity of the fluid, probably sending shocks throughout his body. A normal human heart would have stopped at the intensity of the pain and fluid loss, unfortunately-or fortunately- androids cannot die from pain. Instead, his body will continue to function as normal as possible, regardless of the pain it sends to their brain.


"Jin, I know it's a lot but can you place pressure around the wound to stop the fluid form leaking on the circuits? It'll stop the shocks from surging through his body." Jin nods immediately, gently placing Suga in Jeongguk's arms. If they could cry, Jeongguk's sure Suga would be bawling and screaming, but somehow, the android is maintaining his composure. His pain tolerance is quite impressive. Jeongguk himself, has low tolerance sensors in order to use his ability unhindered, hence his arousal issues, which are hindering on their own. Jeongguk feels a small but heavy pressure on his bicep as Jin stops the leaks. Soon enough the sparks die down in the socket and the smaller android sinks into him relieved.


"We have to leave now." Jeongguk supports Suga as he stands, placing an arm around his waist and they take off, running back into the forest towards their ride. Jin follows behind closely with his arm, making sure to stay next to them so the pressure around the socket is secure. An hour later, they finally reach their stealth jet, Jin heading to the cockpit and Jeongguk securing Suga in his seat, cradling his detached arm. Finally they lift off and Jeongguk lets out a sigh. It's a bit silly how much they do that considering they don't breathe, but it’s another habit they've picked up from their humans.


Speaking of which, Jimin is not going to be impressed when they bring a damaged Yoongi back. He and Taehyung are both overly protective over them, especially since they built them. Any time one of them returns with even a scratch or any damage, no matter how small, the two always scold the pipers. Though, it's kind of cute when he thinks about it. They remind him of angry kittens, all fluffy hair and glaring eyes and overdramatic attitudes. Jeongguk steals another glance at the dark-haired, noting the way his damaged shoulder moves, as if forgetting it's missing a limb. He knows the other in still in a lot of pain but at least the whimpering has stopped. If anything, the sound is worse as Jeongguk can't do anything to help. Jeongguk gets up from his seat and makes his way to check on the blonde.


"Doing alright?"


"I have a small migraine but nothing I can't handle." Jeongguk nods. "Besides, we're almost home. Another 30 minutes."




"I've already messaged ahead of our arrival." With another nod Jeongguk returns to his seat, shifting uncomfortably at the sharp pain in his side and arm from getting shot. He's not leaking much, barely at all, but he's so sensitive that it still burns. He focuses on the flowing current inside him, urging it to move towards the wounds, closing his eyes at the small relief the pleasurable sparks bring. Still, regardless of the mess they are, their first actual mission is a success. 30 more minutes until he can lay in his bed. 30 more minutes until he returns to Taehyung. That does bring a smile to his face, allowing him to rest, letting the tiny vibrations of the jet fill his head along with thoughts of fresh ocean air and boxy smiles.

© 2017 Toshita

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