The day the gods rose

The day the gods rose

A Story by James Grizzly Jones

Back in the time of the God's, Zeus knew his time and the other God's time was coming to an end. So he gathered the most powerful God's together and made them put their blood in separate vials. He placed the vials in a box made of stone burying it deep within the earth in the hopes that one day the right hands would find it.

Thousands of years later, a millionaire by the name of Victor Shield hired a team of retrieval experts to locate old Roman Relics. During the teams adventure they stumbled across a box made of stone. One of the experts on the team proceeded to open the box and discovered the vials of red liquid. Being the professionals they were, they returned what they found to Victor, received their payment and moved on. Victor noticed the liquid and called his team of scientists.

One of the scientists located a message on one of the vials which read "Only Chosen". The scientist began to realize that inside the vials was blood. Later that day Victor noticed one of the vials missing from the stone box. Victor looked at his surveillance video and saw that it was one of the young scientists on the team named Phillip.

Victor contacted his retrieval team to recover what Phillip had stolen from him. Phillip knew it was a matter of time before he was found so he studied the vial even more and was able to decipher the entire message. The message read "Only the Chosen One Can Wield My Godly Power". Phillip then placed the blood into a syringe as he heard the door smash in. Knowing he would be killed, he rammed the needle into his arm and injected the blood into his body.

After injecting himself with the mystery blood he blacked out. Upon awakening he finds himself in a holding cell. "Do you know where you are better yet do you know why you're here" says a voice from behind. Phillip then turns around to see Victor Shield standing before him. Phillip asks Victor "Why do you have me locked up in a cell like some type of animal?" Victor looks at Phillip puzzled as if Phillip should already know the answer to his own question. Victor then reply’s "I hired you and 5 of your colleagues to run some tests on some old relics of mine, and to my surprise one has come up missing. So I then looked over my security footage and seen you were the one that slipped it into your cheap lab coat pocket. Give it to me now and I will not have you chopped up and fed to your mother. You have two hours to think it over."

As the two hours passed, Phillip began to hear a mysterious voice inside his head beginning to talk to him. "You can't let him talk to you like that; you’re the dark God, the reason for fear." "NO, NO, NO," Phillip yells "Get out of my head." "You can't fight me." says the voice. "We are one, our blood has bonded,  and you are the God of the underworld."

The two hour deadline has come to an end and Victor walks back in. Victor looks at Phillip and before he can say a word Phillip stands to his feet and looks back at Victor. "It chose me." says Phillip. Victor then replys "Mr. Parks, I have no idea what you're talking about." "I am talking about the blood of the Gods. The vial that you are looking for no longer exists. I injected it into myself before being captured. It has bonded with my being, revealed its origin and now I know who I am." says Phillip with a smile.

"Okay, you delusional psychopath; who do you think you are." reply’s Victor with a sarcastic tone. Then the lights start to flicker. Victor feels this cold brush of air go across his shoulders and notices that Phillip is no longer in the room with him. Victor hears a whisper in his ear saying "Mr. Shield, I am Hades".

For the first time in a long time, Victor feels fear. Suddenly out of nowhere Phillip reappears in front of Victor with a new found appearance. Victor then gazes at Phillip and begins to speak with a tremble in his voice. "I don't understand? How did this happen?" "It doesn't matter how it happened!" Then Phillip stops, gazes into Victors' soul and a growl is heard. Phillip says "do you hear that sound?" "Yeah it's a dog." reply’s Victor. Victor then begins to feel this hot, humid mist on the sides and back of his neck. He then turns around. "Say Hello to Cerberus, don't worry you'll be seeing him real soon" Phillip and Cerberus vanish!

With the rebirth of Hades the rest of the vials were activated in search for their host. For weeks Deborah Jones the CEO of a private weapons development company has been acting and feeling strange. Night after night she has been waking up in cold sweats having weird dreams of a woman’s voice. She arrived to work letting her second in charge-Paul know that she would be taking some time off and he would be running the company in her absence. Paul told Deborah he had planned a vacation with his family but Deborah quickly cut him off telling him that her company comes first. As Deborah began to leave the building she passed out. The woman’s voice in her head grew stronger inputting the building’s location in her mind where she can meet this mysterious woman.

Deborah woke up in front of a huge building with no idea of how she got there or where she was. She grabs a man walking past asking him the name of the building; he looks at her sideways and replies “it only belongs to the richest man in New York Victor Shields.” Deborah dismissed the man and walks toward the building. Even though she has never been there before she went in as if she already knew where she was going. She spotted the vial and without hesitation she grabbed it and drunk it. Her vision became blurry and just before she passed out a man appeared before her. Hours later Deborah could hear a voice of the man trying to wake her up. She woke up looking at him in a daze. “I found you in here asleep” says the man, “you’re lucky it was not Mr. Shields who found you!” “Here let me help you up” Deborah replies “No, I am fine-DO NOT TOUCH ME!”

The man insists on grabbing Deborah’s arm only to have Deborah’s hand wrap around his throat breaking his neck. As she tossed the man’s body into the wall she looked at him saying “You should have known better than to put your hands on me mortal, no man touches Athena.” As she began to walk towards the exit of the building she could hear the cries of victimized women. As her wisdom and knowledge grew so did her thirst for war and world domination. With Deborah’s essence still strong in Athena she could not abandon her former life and with limitless resources to help her rule and be worshipped she knew there was no one that could stop her.

Suddenly a cold chill came across her; a familiar darkness that could only be manifested by one being. “Show yourself Hades” she said. “Well if it isn’t the goddess of war herself-You should know better than to speak my name in such a tone” replied Hades. “I know my place in this world very well and I will reign supreme over all of you pigs” Athena shot back. “I am the lord of the underworld; the creator of the soon to be Olympus, and without your father in my way-I will rule! Cross my path again my dear niece and I will kill you” Hades replied.

With the new hades and Athena surfaced the last two vials had chosen there vessels. Tony hoper a war criminal on death row had  been having black outs for the past week the correction officer the he was just up to his normal games. Tony stop acting crazy you have been convicted already says the correction officer. Please help me get these fucken voices out of my head says tony. It’s all war and death tony repeats. Shut the hell up or it’s in the play room you go you sick freak say the correction officer. Tony gets up grabs his cell and rips it from the wall the correction officer calls for back and as back arrives they draw their weapons and tell him to get down he smiles and looks up says to them kill each other they start to point their guns at each other and pull the trigger blood and brains are everywhere the prison explodes and tony takes flight repeating to himself we have to be one.    Tony flew through the roof and  proceeded to shields headquarters  he busted  through the door only to be approached by a 20 man special force team and victor shields himself I don't know who you are or why you are here but you  are the third psycho the week to damage my building said victor shields. Leave my building and you will live. Tony turned to Victor and sadistically smiled then disappeared.  Victor sent his men to search the building. Tony found the DNA of the god of war Aries and made the transformation complete.

© 2014 James Grizzly Jones

Author's Note

James Grizzly Jones
This is chapter one

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This is an interesting concept. The mythology is a bit jumbled. For example, Zeus was Greek, Jupitor was Roman. Athena from Greece was Minerva in Rome. This first chapter seems like a first draft. I'll be interested to read a more polished draft.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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