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BL - Four

BL - Four

A Chapter by lawrence bear

An eerie encounter


Present day


White powder fell from the sky that morning, and visibility was one kilometre and the forecast on the tube read, sunny with a chance of clouds. Chance! F**k, the snow was getting thicker by the minute as it seemed. And I was to join up with, Jack and Mark at the cabin, up at Birch Lake. A place we hadn’t gone since we were kids, hell I’m surprised the old cabin still stood long after my father died. Well, went ‘missing’ they said. For all I know, dad may have run off. One doesn’t simply vanish into thin air. But I was just a kid, what do I know? Anyway Mark and Jack had gone a day earlier as I had to stay back for work, and place my order of supplies for the Hardware store before I head out for the weekend. S**t, I only hoped the snow didn’t get any thicker before I left that afternoon. Finding the cabin would be a lot more difficult, let alone to stay on the road.

We never used two-way radios, but something told me I should pick up some before I head out there, just in case it got any worse. Judging by the snowfall, it might be wise to use them. No one but us was crazy enough to go out there during the winter, a place that was so isolated; you need snowmobiles or bikes to get to the place. You can hike it there, but it’s rough terrain and why would one walk thirty kilometres in the first place, unless of course, you have too if you break down. It was the best spot for Elk at the time, back then. The area was rich with them. As I was walking to the entrance doors, Toby had called to me.

“Marcus! You guys aren’t seriously heading up to Birch Lake are you?”

“Yeah, best place for elk if I can remember. Mark and Jack went ahead yesterday.”

“Aren’t you scared of Bobcats or Cougars?” Toby said as he stuck some beef jerky in his mouth. “And wolves?”

“Nah! I’m not scared of them rascals; besides, if you don’t bother them, they won’t bother you.” I hoisted my back pack onto my shoulders.

I turned to walk towards the doors when an elderly man stepped in front of me, I nearly knocked him off balance but I held onto him and apologized; he looked at me for a moment. His face was worn with lines as he looked aged with long white hair, his eyes were pale blue that stuck out from his tanned skin. He looked mighty frail but I excused myself as I walked around him. But he grabbed my arm,

“It is important to know, when out hiking on your own, biking or whatever it may be, respect your surroundings, for you’re not alone as you think you are…” he had said.

“Excuse me.” I turned and looked at him.

“It is said,” he continued. “They will come forth if you do anything to harm any forest inhabitants, roots or flowers. It is they that roamed the forest many years before our time.”

“Walter!” Toby hollered, “Get out of here you old goat.” He stormed towards us from the back.

“It is they who dwell in those woods... of Birch Lake.” The old man said as he turned to look at Toby huffing our way and then turned back to me. “I tell you now before it’s too late. Evil does have a face…”

“Come on you, get out of here. I’ve told you time and time again to quit coming around talking nonsense, you’re scaring my customers.” Toby grabbed him by the collars of his coat and pulled him towards the doors.

Chills ran up my spine as I was lost for words, the old man broke free from Toby and said he was going. He certainly wasn’t fragile as he looked; he gave Toby a cold stare that made him back off, he then straightened his coat and collar and slowly craned his head my way, “It will soon make its presence known, anywhere… anytime.” I didn’t like how he sounded at the end; he then pushed the door open and left.

“And stay out,” Toby said as he held the door and looked at me with the corner of his mouth curled, “Pay no attention to that nut.”

“Who was that weirdo?” I grinned back. “What’s the story on him?”

“Walter Holden. From the stories I hear about him from the folks, was himself a bushman like you, a tracker of some sort. Some say he went nuts after he was lost in there woods for a spell, but later found his way out. He grew up here, knew the bush like the back of your hand, apparently he was lost, but no one knew, cause of his background and all, so which is why no one went looking for him. Wasn’t the same after that though, something spooked him mighty… never gone back in the bush since then. Damn near went crackers.”

“Crackers?” that made me smile.

“Funny huh, a bushman who is now fearful of the woods, says there is ghosts in there woods.” Toby laughed. “Toast a popping but no one’s home.”

I grinned, “Yeah well, I better get going before the snow gets any worse. I will see you Monday morning.” I patted him on the shoulder and walked for the door, I turned around while walking backward and shouted, “Don’t forget, it’s your turn to buy the coffee.” And I waved once more before I crossed the street.

The snow was gently falling, if you’d stare at it long enough, it could make you dizzy. I sure hated to travel in this weather, I couldn’t back out now, and the guys were counting on me to bring supplies. I checked the straps that harnessed my snowmobile, made sure they were good and tight. I slid my backpack off and leaned in and put in the truck, as I stood back up that crazy old man was standing right next me and he grabbed my arm tight which made me jump.

“Jesus!” I pulled my arm away from him startled. “What you doing sneaking up on people, you want to get yourself a beating?” that notion brought a sneer to his face that made me quite uncomfortable.

“Beware…” his voice barely audible.

“What? Speak up old man.” I turned and reached for my cigarettes, pulling one out lighting it.

“Beware…” His words whispered and hung in the air, I turned back from lighting my cigarette and he wasn’t there. I twisted this way and that and turned my body completely around in search of the old man but he was nowhere in sight. Again his words broke through the air, “Beware the Skukum.” It was as if, it were the wind that was speaking to me. I stood there dazed and confused; I looked around my truck for the old man, and then stepped out onto the street searching of his where about. I began to think maybe I imagined the whole thing.

What the f**k are you smokin’ Marcus? I thought myself as I looked at my cigarette and studied it before I took another drag. It tripped me out considerably. “Where the hell did you go you old buzzard?” I pondered.

I sat in my truck for some time thinking of what the old man said. An eerie vibe ran through me as I thought of the guys and that thing the old man spoke of up at the lake. What the old man said, were stories the elders told us when we were little. But that’s what they were, stories. I finally came out of my stupor and was to take a drag but all that was left were ashes. I was in a daze so long my cigarette burned out, I opened my window and tossed out the butt and started my truck. The truck rolled out and down the street to our destination.


As time went by the snowfall was getting heavier by the minute. I was lucky to see half a kilometer at that point, and it took a lot longer than it should have getting there. When I arrived to where the guys had parked their vehicles, the sun was going down and daylight was fading fast in the snow. The faster I worked at unloading my snowmobile, the worse it seemed to snow. I wanted to get to the cabin before it got any thicker, and it was too late for me to turn back and even if I tried, I was too far from the nearest house.

It is quite easy to get lost in these parts of the woods, at that rate your vision is obscured and your sense of direction escapes you. The best thing to do is try not to panic when that occurs, although it is hard not too, even the best bushman gets a little jittery when he experiences it. Believe me, it is a scary experience. The shadows of the woods will close in and try to eat you. If you have no fire going, the cold air will nip and devour you, if not the cold, them devils out there sure will. And by them devils, I mean Timber wolves.


I had only enough time to grab for my rifle and backpack of ammo. I needed my gun more than I would need any clothes and I can always come back for them. You can’t frighten off them devils with a bag of clothes. Those Timber wolves glowing eyes are the scariest things ever, like crazed little devils running about. Them fuckers are big as deer and they’re hungry enough, they will follow you, stalk you, and if you’re not ready, its goodbye cruel world. And I wasn’t about to be the prey and I wasn’t going to stick around here to find out. It was a race with the light of day and the cursed snowfall. I strapped a gallon of gas to my snowmobile and set off for the cabin.


© 2013 lawrence bear

Author's Note

lawrence bear
I hope you're loving it so far

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It shows you really put some thought into this:) And I am loving it so far:)

Posted 4 Years Ago

Terrifying, this is very good.
definitely a page turner so far.
Your characters are quite interesting.

Posted 5 Years Ago

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A Story by lawrence bear