BL - Six

BL - Six

A Chapter by lawrence bear

Head Rush


It was the sound of the motor running from the snowmobile that had awoken me from my slumber. My head was still groggy as I sat up from the couch, when I had stood, I almost fell over as my eyes rolled from the dizziness and I grasped the bed frame to keep my balance.

            “Good morning!” Jack’s voice slammed into my head like a sledgehammer.

            I turned and tried to focus, “Ouch, not so loud.” My eyes were blurry as I rubbed them and said. “Boy, do I feel like a million bucks?”

“Ah, nothing an aspirin can fix but, I don’t think there’s anything to fix ugly though.” He laughed. “The way you been plugging them beers back, I’m not surprised you feel terrible.”

“Never again, what time is it?”

            Jack chuckled, “It’s noon.” And he came forward and handed me a cup of coffee. “Here,”

            “Noon! Why didn’t you wake me?”

“You’re stressing yourself out for nothing; you have to take time from your job more often. You know, hunt and fish like you use too, we barely see you anymore.”

“My head hurts… shucks, I still have to go out and gather my things and supplies.”

“Way ahead of you, Mark went for your stuff this morning; we both figured you could use the rest. Go wash up and get ready, were just about ready to head out and track us some Elk.”

            “I don’t know if I would be useful, I’m not in the hunting mood right now.” I sipped my coffee.

            “Oh come on, it’s not that bad besides the fresh air will do you good, and the cold air will numb you some, it would help you with that hangover. Funny, I always did figure you were a numbskull.” Jack snickered.

            “You’re not going to let me stay behind and rest some will you?”

            “Nope, need you out there. Maybe that’ll teach you not to party before we go hunting.” He smiled.

            I sighed and rolled my head back, “Okay fine, I’ll go wash up.”

© 2013 lawrence bear

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I'm surprised this chapter is short all your others have a lot of length lol its still good:) Partying before hunting not a good idea lol

Posted 4 Years Ago

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lawrence bear
lawrence bear

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A Story by lawrence bear