Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Six ) Part 2 of 2

Superman / Apocalypse ( Part Six ) Part 2 of 2

A Chapter by lawrence bear

World's End


“Come on, come on hurry up will you!” Lance Hedburg cried to the pilot. “Get a little closer to action; look at Green Lantern stand up to this colossal being. We’ve got to get this shot. Carlos put new tape in the camera, this is our meal ticket boys, and we’ll be heroes for this footage. I sense an award in the near future, but we need this shot. Now fly Gerry, fly! Get us closer!”


            - The monster roared as it flung its giant fist into Green Lantern, the sound boomed as it collided with his shield he made. Green Lantern returned a blow connecting the creature square in the face. The creature took two steps back as it was stunned by that blow. Green Lantern leapt forward to hit it with his other fist but the creature quickly grabbed Green Lantern and flung him into a wall, the side of the building toppled. The Creature was about to leap on Green Lantern but Wonder Woman looped the giant creature with her lasso of truth. Stopping it mid-air, the creature roared and gripped the rope and yanked it toward him propelling Wonder Woman toward it, where it smacked her with its fist. The force knocked Wonder Woman into a parked car, the impact was so powerful it lifted the car onto its side. Green Lantern had seen what the creature done, he was so enraged he crawled out from the rubble and whistled in attempt to attract the creature’s attention. -


            “Hey!” Green Lantern shouted. Debris fell off of him as he walked into the street. “Hey, Rhino head! Hasn’t your mother told you to never hit a girl? Somebody has to teach you some manners and that somebody would be me.” The creature turned its head, it snarled at the sight of Green Lantern and it tossed a car aside and began to charge, letting out a roar as it went. “You know, you really need a mint. And I got two for you ri--ght here.” Green Lantern clenched his fists.


            - And both, clash with a sonic boom. Green Lantern throws a striking blow that pushes the monster back several meters. The creature skids to a halt and then charges again throwing a powerful blow that propels Green Lantern into a parked car, the vehicle explodes and the monster roars. Green Lantern shielded himself; slowly he rises from the wreckage. -


            Spitting out blood, “Is that all you got?” Green Lantern said. “My mamma hits harder than you.”


            - The creature roared and stomped the ground, it stepped toward Green Lantern but suddenly it was hit by something, the beast staggered to its right and then its head snapped backward. The monster roared but was cut short as another blow to face cut it off and it fell to one knee. -


Flash appeared to its left, he looked at Green Lantern and winked, “You miss me?” He said with a sneer.


“Flash, behind you!” Green Lantern shouted.


- The monster swiped at Flash but swung only at air as Flash darted out of the way; with his lightning speed he gave the creature a number of blows. The giant swung at air as it tried to hit Flash, it stood roaring and then it reached out with its right hand and caught Flash in midcourse. The creature held him in front of it and roared and then thrust Flash’s face into the ground, slamming him over and over and over. Green Lantern leapt into action to save him but the monster hammered a blow with its left hand. Green Lantern smashed into a light post, knocking it over.

Batman set up the cannon and prepared to load it, “Come on hurry up will you.” He tapped the machine as it read ‘Loading sequence’. He set the aim on the monster as he hoped he wasn’t too late.  He witnessed Flash being slammed into the ground and seen Green Lantern fall. He looked down to the loading sequence, 30% it read. Green Lantern tried to get up but he was badly injured. All he could do was watch as the monster dragged Flash’s body toward the fallen lamp post.

Flash fought to free himself from the creatures grip, the giant reached for the post and lifted Flash into the air once more and slammed him into the ground. As Green Lantern struggled to get up, he could not, holding his side he watched as the monster lifted the pole over its head. -


“Barry!” Green Lantern shouted as he reached out his hand.


- The monster plunged the pole through Flash killing him instantly. Batman stood shocked by what he just witnessed. Tears rolled down Green Lanterns face, and the monster looked down on him as he stepped over Flash’s body and toward him. Its steps can be felt as it inched closer and closer. Green Lantern forced himself to one knee; he gazed upward to the beast as it approached. He held his right side as blood streamed out from the wound and over his hand. -


The monster now stood over him growling. Green Lanterns left side of his face curled and said, “Bruce was right, you’re a terrible blind date.” The beast snarled lifting its arms into the air.


“Come on d****t, Load faster!” Batman smacked the device and grabbed a firearm; he stood, aimed and fired.


- The shot hit the creature in the head; it turned with a shriek, snarling it looked at Batman as if to tease him and then turned back to Green Lantern. Batman looked at the loading sequence once more, 50%. The monster roared and it lifted its arms again, Green Lantern clenched his eyes shut. The monster thrusts its fists but Wonder Women looped her rope around its arms and yanked on it. She leapt forward and withdrew her sword striking the beast and propelling it into a building causing it to topple onto the beast. -


“Hal, are you oka…” Wonder Woman stopped as she caught sight of Flash; she dropped her sword and took two steps before clamping her mouth. “Barry,” she whimpered. She slowly walked toward him and knelt down beside him. She caressed his head as tears streamed down her face, “Barry…” she sobbed. She held his head on her thighs and stroked his hair.


“I tried Dee… I tried to save him,” Green Lantern sobbed as he struggled to stand. “I couldn’t, I tried.” his head sunk as he kneeled resting on one arm. Wonder Women felt hopeless, she felt regret. She didn’t want to leave him behind. All she could do was kiss him on the forehead before releasing him; she slowly stood and gazed upon him. The tremor beneath her feet snapped her out of her state of memories, the beast rumbled as it climbed from the remains.


“Get out of here Diana! Get out while you still can.” Green Lantern moaned. She wiped her cheek and rushed toward Green Lantern to help him.


The creature thundered once more,


“Are you able to stand, Hal? We don’t have much time.” Wonder Woman asked as she observed his wound and pressed her hand on it to apply pressure.


Green Lantern winced in pain and said, “Tell it to me straight Dee, how bad is it?”


“You look like death, Hal!”


“That’s a relief; I thought you were going to say I looked a bit green.”


“This is hardly the time for smart remarks Hal, now come on, get up.” and he moaned as Wonder Woman helped him to his feet.


He clasped his side and groaned, “I need a vacation.”


- Slowly the monster ascended from the rubble, Batman checked the cannons loading process, 75%. The beast rumbled as it picked up a nearby bus; Batman seen the beast, he cried out to warn his friends. Wonder Woman turned her head slowly while aiding Green Lantern as they stepped onto the sidewalk. The creature flung the bus toward them. Wonder Woman glimpsed and she pushed Green Lantern aside, she didn’t have time to react, she gasped. And the bus piled into her exploding as they both struck the side of a building. -


“No!” Green Lantern cried.


“Superman, I trusted you.” Batman slumped in the cannons chair, the loading sequence was now at 90%. “I trusted you; you were supposed to come help us. I stuck my neck out for you… You’re nothing but a coward! You hear me, a coward!” He strapped himself in.


- Green Lantern found the strength to stand; he flung a giant fist from his ring into the beast knocking it over. “I’m going to kill you once and for all!” he cried and flung his other fist into it. -


- The monster counter attacked and stopped Green Lanterns fist and grabbing him by the throat. The cannons loading sequence was complete, 100%. Suddenly the monster was struck in the back by a missile. This did nothing to it, but only enraging it more. The giant roared and Green Lantern screamed in pain, and he fought to free himself but the monster squeezed until ‘Crack’ the monster snapped his neck. Batman cried in frustration and began punching the console. The monster noticed a chopper hover lower than the rest; it thundered and flung Green Lanterns body into it and leaping after it. Batman fired the mini gun in efforts to save the Daily Planet’s chopper but the creature smashed its fist into the pilot area and killed the occupants. The chopper spun in circles as it fell and exploded.

The monster roared and charged toward Batman as he fired at the raging beast. The Army followed Batman’s lead to try and stop it from coming but the bullets did nothing. Batman unstrapped his belt and climbed out and leaped as the monster grabbed and flung a Tank into the cannon. Batman armed himself with his spikes that slid out from his gloves. The beast leapt toward him, Batman shielded himself crossing his arms. The creature punched at him, Batman countered and thrusts his spikes at the beast. The monster swooshed its hand and grabbed Batman by the legs and flung him over its head and hurls him though a building wall.

The monster then attacked the Army units, they were defenceless against it, as it smashed and crushed everything in sight. Smoke and dust plumed the air, Batman climbed through the rubble and sat holding his side, and he grimaced as he tried to stand. The monsters roars thundered as explosions and smoke filled the air. More explosions thundered.

Batman’s thoughts raced, as he felt abandoned, he felt hopeless, and the pain surged through him as he realized his friends had died in vain. Kneeling and gripping his side, he fought the pain, the loss. Tired and fatigued, he felt he had one last fight in him. His head lifted as he heard a cackle, he tilted his head at the familiar sound. He looked around and saw nothing. Again the laughter bounced around him. Batman caught sight of movement and watched one area and through the dust and smoke, a shadowed figure walked toward him. Cut and bleeding, Batman tried to stand again but the pain was too great. Battered he watched as the figure came closer, the figure cackled again. And through the clouded area, the figure came into view grinning. -


“Joker!” Batman was thunderstruck.


“Hello Batsy,” Joker bowed. “By the look on your face, I do have that effect on some. You know me; I do like to make an entrance. Ha, ha, ha!”


“You come to finish the job?” Batman looked up holding his rib.


Joker looked up thinking and tapping his chin, “Hmm, as inviting as that sounds, I’m afraid I must pass.”


“I should have known you’d be behind this heartless act.”


“You got me all wrong Batsy, got me all wrong. Oh no, no, no, no. I’m here to reclaim what is mine.”


“Yeah, and what’s that?” Batman struggled to stand again.


“There can be only one reign of terror this side of town and that is me. This town isn’t big enough for the two of us. And do you think I could just sit back and watch this thing kill you? Tsk, tsk,” Joker waved his finger. “Oh no, no, no, no Batman… that’s my job! But that’ll have to wait, we’ve come to help.”


“It’s not like you Joker.” Batman was dumbfounded.


“I know! I know…” his hand cupped his face as he giggled. “So don’t go thinking I’ve gone soft and all. You know how I hate all that mushy stuff, but I do like to add a twist to my game. Ha-ha. What do you say Batsy? Are you ready to crash this party?” Joker grinned and extended his hand to Batman.

© 2014 lawrence bear

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This chapter kept my attention the whole way through. Very intense. You are very good at creating battle scenes such as this. You may want to edit the part where Flash dies and then W.W. and Green Lantern act as if nothing happened. The transition sort of was unbalanced. Reading on :)

Posted 4 Years Ago

lawrence bear

4 Years Ago

you constructive input opens my eyes, I will add to that part, thanks :)
I like the story. I had to re-read the complete tale. I like the flow and how you are setting up each situation. I like the statement in the story. Even Superman can't save you from judgement day. I like the use of the many super hero's. Thank you for sharing the excellent chapter.

Posted 4 Years Ago

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