After Dark - Chapter Fifty-Three

After Dark - Chapter Fifty-Three

A Chapter by lawrence bear

Quick Draw




            A small band of men gallop into the valley; the hired hunter, Sebastian Gates slows to a halt and cranes his head, listening to the night sounds, listening for the wolf. Stars had shined brightly as the Milky Way was out this very night, lighting up the gorge and the moon itself in three quarters, also gave light enough to see across the valley. Crickets and frogs sang as Sebastian dismounted his steed and the rest followed his lead. There they would set up camp for the night.


Soon a fire was going and the men were chatting amongst themselves. The old gunslinger withdrew his rifle and began dismantling it by the fire, whistling as he cleaned it. And once he was done, the gunslinger put it back together and stood to put it back in its saddle bag. The fire cracked and popped lighting the area; the old man stared into the forest. An eerie feeling draped him; his eyes scanned the wooded area as shadows danced. He had never this way in a long time; the night air stank from evergreens, smoke and the earth. Tree branches snapped, swiftly withdrew his pistol pointing towards the area he heard from.


The men jumped and scrambled, grasping their guns pointing into the darkness, “You see something, Gates?” one man hollered nervously.

Sebastian held his pistol out, not saying a word before finally, he slowly dropped his arm and all the while, he kept his eyes on the woods. “It’s nothing,” he said turning to face the men. The sides of his mouth curled as he seen the men armed and ready to shoot. “It’s nothing boys, I’m only practicing my reflexes.” he flipped and twirled it on his finger and tucked it back into his gun belt and withdrew it again, only this time with the other hand. The men were quiet as they watched in awe.


“You sure are quick Mr. Gates.” another had said.




© 2016 lawrence bear

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Added on September 14, 2016
Last Updated on October 31, 2016

After Dark


lawrence bear
lawrence bear

Fisher River, Northern Manitoba, Canada

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A Story by lawrence bear