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After Dark - Chapter Fifty-Four

After Dark - Chapter Fifty-Four

A Chapter by lawrence bear



The burning feeling in his stomach awoke him from his sleep. Paul stood from his desk, knocking over the empty bottle of whiskey in front of him. The night air was stale and the smell of pines vaguely hung in the air. A hunger sensation crawled over him like tiny spiders as he strolled toward the window staring out at the moon. He felt the urge to hunt, to feed. The moon, the goddess of the night was calling to him. Flashes of the beast’s fangs tearing at a little girl mauled at his vision and her screams jolted him back to morality. These morbid visions haunted him, was he responsible for all that was happening to their village, their place of refuge. He searched for his diary to enter his nightmares. But he could not find it, the screams of the little girl scratched at his heart. Feeling alarmed he called for Julie, when she did not answer he called to her again. His feet felt as though they were lifeless as he stumbled forward, his arms swung out for balance. Half awake, he clambered on.


“Jules…” he called out again.


The house felt cold and empty, he called for her once more as he rounded the hallway towards the bedroom. He had wondered if this was another dream as he fumbled for a match to light up a lantern. “Jules… where are you? I need you.” he stood over the bed; she was not there but a note in her place.


His hand hovered over it as he was slow to pick it up. He turned and looked around, calling for her. Leaving his bedroom he went into every room searching for Julie, and when came to the last room, he stood at the doorway for a moment, lost in his thoughts. Anger, hurt and abandonment filled his mind; his hand crumpled the paper which brought him back to his senses. Staring at the letter, he began to feel remorse, how he had treated her the past month. How he could not control his emotions as he ranted at her, he could not stop himself as he felt himself become something else. Those nights he drank became dark as he could not remember what happened after that. Looking down at his hand he mumbled, “What have I become? I swore to protect her, yet it is I who drove her away.” Slowly he turned and went to his study, plopping himself down he opened it and began to read.


My Dearest Paul,


I am sorry to tell you this, but I have decided to take refuge at the town Nook Inn. I feel it is better for of us both while you hunt this beast. I have tried many times to speak to you but lately, you have brushed me off as anyone else and kept your distance. I do not know how to explain it, how you can understand my fear. There were times when you came home drunk and angry, and all I can say is, it was not you. Those eyes were not yours, they were black, lifeless. It terrified me more as it seemed the spit hung from your mouth while you stared at me and how those eyes bore into my soul. It is this monster you seek that has control of you. And at times I am not sure of whom I should be more afraid of, that beast or you. I do not know who you are anymore. I can no longer take this madness. Your character has been damaged from this hunter and your anger has torn us apart. I fear you will do harm to yourself as I am very afraid you will do something terrible to me. Paul, please forgive me. I want to love you, believe me I do. For now, I think it be best if I were to stay here in town. Until this nightmare is over once and for all. I have asked Gregory for his help…


His heart pounded against his chest and the pulse he felt was beating in his neck, anger raced through his veins. He crumpled the letter in his hand, “Gregory…” he growled. And slammed his fist onto the desk and swatted everything off as he roared in frustration. When he needed her most, she abandoned him; his suspicions of Gregory were right all along he thought. His stomach felt as it were on fire, he tilted his head skyward and screamed. In his rage he picked up his chair and tossed it across the room, flipping his desk over, he smashed everything in sight until there was nothing to break no more. As he strolled toward the window, the broken glass crunched beneath his feet. Exhausted he stood gazing at the moon. “Julie, forgive me!” he sobbed and fell to his knees. He felt a pull within, an itch. The tendons in his fingers stiffened as he stared at them, closing them he looked up to the heavens, “God.” he spluttered, “Why… why have you forsaken me!” He slammed his fist into the floor, cracking it. Hatred expanded over him, anger and lust for blood fueled him. And the moons fury burned into him, the call of the night controlled him. His back burned and ached making him arc over as it cracked. He couldn’t control his rage as his body twisted and turned, his jaw exploded with pain as it popped.  Paul tried to stand as his fingers snapped and cracked, and he watched them turn from human fingers to something of dreadfulness. His fingers split and the nails cracked off as long black talons replaced them. He tried to call for Julie, but all that came within was an unearthly voiced gargle as foam escaped his now growing snout. He fell to the floor in agony as his body burned to his core. Fear consumed him as he could do nothing as he changed but cried in agony. Maybe it were a dream again, he had hoped it was. Inside his head he screamed to awake himself from this madness. Only it was no dream, it was a living nightmare. Slowly he felt himself turn and slowly, he felt himself leave. Paul rolled onto his back shouting in pain, and the last thing he witnessed with his human eyes, were his monstrous arms as he held them out in the air.


And in the darkness, the beast within gave an infinite cry.



© 2016 lawrence bear

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After Dark


lawrence bear
lawrence bear

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A Story by lawrence bear