After Dark - Chapter Fifty-Five

After Dark - Chapter Fifty-Five

A Chapter by lawrence bear

The Damned


The moon glowed as clouds drifted over covering it from time to time. Julie had tossed and turned. Restless, her eyes open and her room lit from the moon, “Julie,” a voice murmured. A doorway creaked and she recognized that it was her door. Slowly she crawled out of bed following the voice that called her name. The hallway floor was covered with mist and another door had moaned; only it was downstairs leading outside. Fog had masked the stairway down as she went, “Julie…” it called again.

Soon she found herself among the trees following the mist creeping along the forest floor; the cool air touched her cheeks. “Julie…” again it called to her. Walking forward as it pulled at her like an invisible rope. She felt the dampness of the leaves on her feet, the crisp air on her lips. Her heart drummed as yellow eyes ignited from the moon surrounding her. She had felt their growls in her chest; her heart raced as eyes were in every direction, she turned witnessing every single wolf had eyes on her. The pack growled in hunger and with one loud roar and snarl, the forest silenced. One lone wolf appeared before her. It was the alpha, large with black fur, its fangs were visible, its saliva dripped as it rumbled and its eyes were gleaming. The grumble from the wolves moved her as she felt it on her body. Julie felt hot as its eyes absorbed her, the gown she wore fell and disappeared among the vapours. Fear was mixed with desire as she wandered toward the creature and embracing it, stroking its fur. With her hand on the animal, she felt its body rise and fall with every breath of air, the rumble it gave and hot breath rolled over her breasts stimulating her. Its eyes shined blazingly yellow and the saliva dripped from its fangs as it growled near her. The pack around began to yowl and the alpha snarled before it gave a roar.


Julie sat up in bed startled by the call in the night. A sense of anxiety rolled over her once she had realized it was only a dream. She lifted her leg and slid out from under the covers then sauntered toward the window. An owl hooted somewhere, crickets sang as the forest came alive. Staring out momentarily, she listened to all calls in the night, hoping to hear it. She began to think, if she were the one going mad. She turned away from the window and sat at a small table and began to write.


            Dearest Gregory,


            I cannot sleep, nor do I think anyone else can. And how can one sleep when this thing cries loudly at night, will this nightmare end. One can only fear it has come for them. The next town over has been tormented as well. One cannot seem to escape this madness; I have never seen so much fear in many men. They walk about in town holding something to fend off this beast and they hold their weapons with an unsteady hand. It has Paul distressed also, as I have witnessed it firsthand. This thing has cast a wicked plague of fear among us, for it comes when it is hungry, when it needs to feed. It comes only after dark. Some men have built up the courage to search the forest by day looking for survivors to no reward.

My heart aches for you Gregory; it was complete agony when I have heard of Mary-Anne’s death. I am saddened they have never found you or Rudy; I dread how they found your horse mauled by that bear. They believed it was over, and as I had stated in the previous letter; the bear they found dead was said to be responsible for the deaths here and in Elmer Ridge. The town folk here had celebrated in your honor, but it was not long after the creature wailed again. Many have voted to abandon this place since our local minister has considered us damned, but fear we are stuck here. I feel that is possible, for we all are victims to this horrid creature that torments this place. How its unearthly screams spread terror like a disease, yet I am drawn to it. I am going mad, I know I should be terrified, yet I am not. I long for this creature. I don’t know what is happening to me, what is happening to us. How it takes me in my sleep, it calls to me, I hear its voice, how eerie it may sound but I swear I hear him and it does to me what only Paul would do. I feel Paul has done something terribly wrong. Forgive me, for I may be falling in love with this monster that stalks us. Save me Gregory, before it is too late.




© 2017 lawrence bear

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Love this tyoe of writing- its right up my street. The first paragraph was a real hook for me and I couldn't drag myself from reading on. The suspense and tension was great and I couldn't read it fast enough to find out what was coming next.

The invisible rope - nice line.

Great description of the Alpha wolf - I really felt I was there with Julie and the pack of wolves. I liked how you snapped me out of it by saying it was all a dream.

When you were describing the girls letter which she wrote, it reminded me of a movie I recently watched (Can't remember the name, but when I do I will post the name here)

Overall superbly penned and such an interesting and enjoyable read.

Kudos to you.


Posted 1 Year Ago

lawrence bear

1 Year Ago

Thank you Mark. Much appreciated. Glad you love it

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1 Review
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After Dark


lawrence bear
lawrence bear

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