After Dark - Chapter Fifty-Six

After Dark - Chapter Fifty-Six

A Chapter by lawrence bear



Clouds rolled across the sun with a grumble, crows squawked as they perched on the trees. Beneath them came yellow eyes from the shadows of the forest, a massive black wolf emerged from the darkness and stood on its two hind legs, and it tilted its head back with a call to the rising sphere from the east. The sun raked behind the tall pines where the wolf stood and its shadowy talons grew longer and longer stretching out across the field. Lightning struck and the earth quaked, the crows flew from their perch and into the air, they swarmed like a black cloud and they came forth like limbs screeching.


Gregory McCabe’s eyes had opened and he gasped, quickly he sat up and found himself in an empty field. His eyes darted around to search his surroundings, the clouds raced by the ever so moving sun, from the east it rose and his eyes followed it to the west as it went. There before him by the forest entrance stood the black wolf. Its growl rumbled in his chest, their eyes locked and he froze for a moment, his heart racing; a faint sound of drum beats matched his sprinting heart. Saliva dripped from its enormous fangs as it snarled. It crouched and moved toward him stealthy and slowly. Gregory slowly rose to his feet, watching it’s every move. His hands searched his body for his knife and when they found it, his fear soon turned to anger as he knew this was the beast he was after. Slowly he turned as it circled him. His hand clenched the knife and his body burned with detestation, here was the beast that viciously destroyed their lives. The monster that savagely took his friends, that robbed him of his wife, the only soul he ever loved. Blood had dribbled from the other hand as he clenched it forcefully. Spittle began to foam at the sides of his mouth, “Look at what you’ve done,” he spat, “You’ve taken everything from me!” spit flew as he shouted. Gregory’s chest rose and fell with each breathe, “Damn you, I’ll send you back to hell so help me god.”


A child’s scream of glee filled the air; Gregory heard laughter as he looked up wondering where it came from. He turn his head back to the wolf, it twisted its head looking back; slowly it turned back to him and it lowered its head, tilting to one side as its eyes gleamed. It snarled before it loped into the woods, disappearing into the darkness.


“No… Take me!” he shouted before chasing after it. “No… no god, no.” he pleaded as he staggered forth; the fear he felt ran through him poking at him like pins and needles. 

Drum beats had filled his ear canal, his lungs and legs burned as he ran onward. The forestry seemed to whisper as he went, leaping and gracefully weeding through the woodland. The drumming he heard grew louder and louder with each step. It hammered against his chest. Thump, thump, thump. The drumming pounded; His steps became leaps and he could see small figures rushing toward him. The beast he pursued was near and it roared as it loped after the girls, its dark figure moved through the trees as if it were transparent and Gregory’s chest was about to burst as his heart hammered with fear. He was almost near, the branches reached out grabbing at him, snagging and pulling his shirt. Gregory tripped and wrestled the branches as he could go forward no more. The trees whipped at him as he fought, he pulled and cracked tree limbs. He felt himself go weak as he heard the children scream and cry out for help. His hand reached outward toward the little girls. “Hurry!” he shouted. Tears rolled from the brim of his eyes, helplessly watching as one slipped and fell, while the other tripped and crashed to the forest floor. The beast loped behind them, it leaped at them with a growl, and the children’s screams ricocheted through the blackened forest. Gregory let out an agonizing cry, and he could do nothing as he was tangled among the branches. It ripped him apart, Tears streamed down his face, the drumming he once heard, slowed and then stopped. He could hear the monster rip and tear away at the powerless children. It made his stomach turn as he tried to get free, it made him too weak. Gregory could not bear it and broke into a sob. He closed his eyes momentarily, his stomach turned; and his hatred grew toward the beast. “Damn you,” he muttered. “I will cut your heart out.” he spittle. “For Mary-Anne, I will cut your heart out.”


The beast lifted its head staring at Gregory, blood dripped from its muzzle. Its eyes gleamed, slowly the monster prowled toward him and Gregory felt his heart race, his adrenaline pumping as he heard its growl. He had struggled to free himself from the branches. He needed his knife; he thrashed and thrashed but the branches held him firm. The creature’s dark figure came closer and closer and it rose onto its hind legs and walked into the light. Gregory pulled and pulled to no avail, he glanced at the figure as he yanked some more and he looked again. Gregory froze, the figure that was now before him, was Mary-Anne. It wasn’t her, was it? No, the creature was playing tricks on him. It had had too. Only, it was Mary-Anne. She stood before him among the vapours; blood covered her mouth, hair and it dribbled down over her breasts. She lifted a hand toward him, speaking softly, “Gregory,” steam lifted from her as fresh hot blood dripped from her fingertips. “Why have you forsaken me?”


“I did not abandon you my love; I tried to save you from this madness.” he sobbed. “Forgive me my love.”


She paced toward him and the air smelt of a foul stench. Gregory’s nostrils burned as it came from her. Something was not right; he thrashed to free his hand so he can grab his knife. Mary-Anne glided across the shadows and her eyes blazed of fire. Her face was once lovely, smooth and beautiful, now turned into the horrendous beast. Slobber mixed with blood, dripped from its fangs and snout. The monster hurdled toward him with a roar.



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Added on April 18, 2017
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After Dark


lawrence bear
lawrence bear

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A Story by lawrence bear