After Dark - Chapter Twenty-Nine

After Dark - Chapter Twenty-Nine

A Chapter by lawrence bear

Gregory's log - Part Two


I was afraid to read on. But I needed to find out the truth and so I continued to read more and skipped a few pages.

‘The last thing I remember was I was out taking a walk; I needed fresh air, as my dreams had become more violent. So bad I had frightened Julie; she was terrified as she tried to comfort me, I felt her trembling as she held me. I knew she was afraid of me, she is becoming quite distant these days, and I don’t blame her. I took refuge in my den, to hide my shame from her. I cannot bear to see her this way.

The night has taken control of me, I too am also afraid. I try not to think of it, and the whiskey just doesn’t sooth me as much. Not the way it did at first, now it only angers what is hiding within me. It was then I took to outside to cool me off as I was becoming filled with rage. I needed to escape my home; I feared for Julie, I needed to be as far away as possible. If I hurt in my state of madness, I wouldn’t be able to live with myself. So I took to hills, and while I dealt with my madness, something strange occurred. There were wolves all around me howling. I looked to the stars and then across the horizon of trees, a full spherical ball slowly rose, I was no longer afraid of them and I had the urge to join in their song.

My skin felt as though tiny needles were pricking at me from the inside, my body burned and itched that drove me into a fury. I pulled away at my skin and underneath was to my surprise, I had fur. It was complete terror, it struck me hard when I had seen this with my own eyes, as it happened as I described before, in all my dreams like this. I now realize what I have become. I am going mad with guilt, the visions I recall, why must I be able to see the horrid things it does? My dreams were not dreams, they were real. I am that horrible monster I killed. I screamed in horror. The change happened and, and then… I awoke this morning in the forest, I was covered in blood and I had that iron taste in my mouth.

Dear God, forgive me for what I have done, it was not me who has done this. It was the animal you cursed on me who has done it. I only wish these were dreams now, nightmares I can awake from. I want to be in control of my dreams, not it, not that thing. Am I forsaken? Dear God, why must you do this to me? I fear for Julie, my beloved. I fear for my friends. I fear for those on the next two nights that follow. I have no control for when it comes, when it calls…’


This last entry sends chills through me. My suspicions about him were right all along; it is he, the one who is the murderer of all those innocent people. I have to put a stop to this; I have to try and save Julie from him. I have to convince her of what he is, I have to show her this diary of his and then after, I am afraid I have no choice, no choice…

If anything should happen to me; this journal of mine points to my dear friend Paul who I love deeply. I am the only one that knows his true nature, I must find a way to stop him; stop the madness that is happening, that is going to happen. I’m afraid it is the only answer, but that would make me a murderer as well if I am wrong about my decision. I only hope I am not wrong about this. I must kill him. But if he kills me before I kill him. God help us all.

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lawrence bear
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Well of coarse I love it..but now I wonder will he be able to tell her about him....or will he sacrifice himself somehow for his friends...oh no.. inquiring

Posted 6 Years Ago

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After Dark


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