In mud of pigs

In mud of pigs

A Poem by Martin ?

Do you enjoy pork soda ?

Deep mud of human behaviors 
Faces of filth in mud of pigs 
Hands are torturing beauty and innocent                  3 fingers 

Grey blue eyes will make you weak and sick 
Satisfaction with human flesh smell of pig 
On naked floor at red barn 

Windy weather through the holes on the roof 
Walls are dancing in deep understood 

You can build cross on your body 
To became icon of own fall 
You can feel fire like metaphor 
Night is full of twisted stars 

This will make you happy in truly joy 
Welcome to this world full of filth and betray 
Hiding beasts in human form 
Love is magic of sex 
Lonely position it's for the rest 

Your black hair will turn into grey 
Your body will lost beautiful shape 
Your soul will soon give up 
Your mind will never shut up 

Judging -------------------------------------------------------------------------------self-pity 
Hating of big New York City 
Friends are not with dignity 
You are searching for some hope of purity 
But there is nothing too solid or nice 
So what you do ?
Create another mad killing season 
Hating people and no reason 
Like wild instinct on the edge 
Triping on fears 

Your pig face became real 
Your heart not living on human blood anymore 

At night or in days 
At rooms or in face 
At time or in space 

Taking drugs like happiness and dreams 
Crazy freak out expressions during your psycho depressions 
Oh man you are living in regressions 

Decline of humanity 
In clear lines of your pleasures 
Under lines of chaotic thoughts 
Playing roles with every one 
And everyone plays with you 
There is no public to watch cause everyone is involve 
Useless show for bored gods and goddess 

Like your self 
Like my self 
Like any self -----------------------------------------------------------------------self 

I just chose to show you 
Your living in mud of your pig existence 
Your loving in pernament resistance 
Your dreaming in reality of pigs like a you 

Swallowing golden pearls 
Organic decadence in age of God digital 
Printing of dictatorship on every birth certificate 
Your world is just perfect for you 
There is thousands posibilites of filth 

All aspects of human behaviors in mud of pigs 
Nobody is clean and everybody is sick 
Astral meteor will fall into heart 
Last judgement of last night 

You are god 
You are pig 
You are all people 
In mud of pigs

© 2018 Martin ?

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Added on May 11, 2018
Last Updated on November 3, 2018


Martin ?
Martin ?

Wild New England , VT

"When I die, we will become flowers. By day I will be to the people for joy, and by night I will be alone. - Konstantin Biebl more..