Colorful ego pattern

Colorful ego pattern

A Poem by Night fragrance of chrysanthemum

White moisture of red indigo lips inside of emotional kiss 
Pink color is floating through the golden wild mist 

Moving days 

Orange undertones are in blushing cheeks 
Grey weather it's raping your colorful spectrum of autistic fontaine 


Cyanic flowers are symbolic shining in your mouth of radiance 
Tuscan's lover is naked in absence of camera obscura 


Exhaling of colorful toxic resistance inside of god's hallucinations 
Blooming in shadowing of escalated time of infinity 


Selection of new shades around the flexible shapes 
Let them disolve inside of pattern of your ego print 


Painting on clean face of your Tuscan's lover 
Harmonic maintance of her transparent body cover 


I delibetry give you my colors from my inner bleeding of my heart ---core 
You can repaint mine face into shape of her vagina 

I am 

You can dark up my skies of pastel colors in my losted dreams 
Member it's you who created my existence 

I am 

© 2019 Night fragrance of chrysanthemum

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You can dark up my skies of pastel colors in my losted dreams
Member it's you who created my existence

I am

you've said it ALL! salute

Posted 8 Months Ago

Great writing, I can feel the painting unfold in each line, some one trying to paint a picture of how they want you to be and not seeing the real you, paint drips and bleeds, p.s., what the f**k do I call you now, Marquis de lunacy,lol

Posted 8 Months Ago

gram linski

8 Months Ago

will definitely check out the film and in my head I will call you Hertzog, mad lunatic imagery and s.. read more
Night fragrance of chrysanthemum

8 Months Ago

That's great title for some delightful poem. Are you considerink writing that kind of poem. If you d.. read more
gram linski

8 Months Ago

Go for it, I think you are more qualified than me, lol,

Screaming ink through bloodread more

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Added on March 22, 2019
Last Updated on March 22, 2019