A great despair

A great despair

A Story by Alina.Al

Her name was Sara. She belonged to a middle-class family whereas Karen was favorably a rich girl. Karen usually used to go to her elder sister’s house where she used to meet Sara. Her mother was a tailoress and Karen’s sister was giving her clothes to get stitched by Sara’s mother. Karen was a humble girl. She never showed off because of her wealth and all. So she befriended with Sara. Now Sara usually used to visit Karen. Even though Sara wasn’t wealthy; her parents were trying their best to make both ends meet. Sara completed her matriculation from a government school. But what about further studies? No answer. She was always worrying about that and was sharing with Karen. But she was always consoling her saying that,

“Don’t worry. Everything will be fine”.

And it happened so. They found a way. There was a Coaching Institute near Karen’s house and Sara joined it. Sara was a very shy, nice and innocent girl. It was a co-education Institute. Both boys and girls were studying together. There were only three teachers to teach them. One among them was middle-aged man and the other two were young. The one who was teaching them English was “Sir Ben”. He was young, handsome and a good looking person. All the girls in the Institute were having a great crush on him. But he never looked any of them. Sara told Karen about the behavior of the girls towards the Sir and Karen used to enjoy listening to Sara. One day Sara was going to the Institute and Sir Ben was also passing by her. She just said him a formal “hello” and they walked silently to the Institute. Sir Ben recognized that she was his student. Although there was no such big age difference but she used to hesitate because he was her teacher. Sara was an intelligent and hardworking girl. Sir Ben liked her skills and intelligence. She was not like other girls so he was slightly felling for her; but was hesitating to tell. One day Sara forgot her file in the class and left. In the way she remembered that she left her file in the class. She just rushed towards the Institute. When she reached she saw that the whole class was empty but only Sir Ben was sitting and he was checking notebooks. He was shocked to see her and decided that today is the chance. She was alone and no one was there to distract him. He asked her reason of coming back. She told that she left her file and is here to take it back .He told her to take it. She took that and was hurrying to go back that what she heard

was unable to believe for her. Sir Ben asked her to wait for 2 minutes. Her heart was sinking that whether what he was going to ask? She was sweating. Her heart was beating like hell. Ben when saw Sara he told her to calm down first. He said, “Sara you are a very nice girl and, I like you very much. And I want you to be my life partner. Will you marry me?” All those words which Sara heard from Ben made her numb for 2 minutes. And then she came back to normal and replied, “Sir if you want to marry me. Just ask your mother to talk to my parents. And she ran home. She was confused as well as excited that Sir Ben was a very nice man.She was confused as well as excited that Sir Ben was a very nice man and she is lucky that she’ll be getting a life partner like him. A week passed like this and their behavior was the same in the Institute as if their relation was just confined till studies. They didn’t wanted anyone to know about their relation until their parents agree for that. One day after going home Sara’s mother told that some guests are coming to see Sara for their son. Sara didn’t knew that who were they. Because she also started liking Ben. Her mother told her to bring tea and snacks for the guests. She prepared it; she wanted to ask her mom that who were they? Who is the boy? There were millions of questions in her mind but she hesitated and did as her mother told. And in heart she prayed to God that, “How cool it’d be if the one who has came would be Sir Ben. And she went out and kept the tray on the table. When she just looked up, she was unable to believe on her eyes. She felt so happy because the one whom she saw was none other than Sir Ben with his mom. She went inside and was praying that, “Oh god! May they all agree” and it happened. Both their parents agreed for their marriage. She was so happy as if God has given her all the happiness of the world. She completed her studies and then they got married. After marriage he told her to study further. He got her admitted in one of the famous Universities of the city. It seemed like somebody changed her fate. Both the couple was happy with each other. Even Karen was very happy about her friend. She was also dreaming of such a person who’d love her more than anything else. The one who will care for her like Ben did for Sara. One day she went to Sara’s house. They were looking so lovely together. That she also wanted a husband like Ben. On seeing Karen; Ben went out and brought snacks for her as she was his wife’s best friend. She asked Ben to allow Sara to go with her for shopping. He allowed her and they both went for shopping. They went to a mall and bought some cosmetics. When they were just paying for it. Karen suddenly looked at the counter man. He was so damn handsome and was similar to Sara’s husband Ben. She was just so surprised that how could two persons be so similar by face. She fell for him at the first sight but controlled her emotions and expressions because she was with Sara. The next day after college she again went to the same shop and bought one of the expensive perfumes. She went to the counter for the payment. The same cashier was sitting there. He was looking at her without even blinking his eyes. She told him that,” Here is the money take it and let me go”. He told her, “Leave it. You can take it anyway”. She told her,” No, I can’t take it like this. By the way; What is your name?” And what she heard was like , it felt like somebody has took her soul away from her body. His name was Ben. She was even more surprised and amazed that, What a big co-incidence? And then he asked her name. She told that ,”She is Karen”. He said, “Your name is also beautiful like you”. She was just shying and she went. He knew that she was a rich girl. So from that day she was finding excuses to meet Ben. Months passed and their relation continued. One day Ben asked Karen to talk with her father for a permanent job. She told her that , “How can I ask about you? My father will ask me that who is Ben? Then what will I say?”. He insisted and then Karen was compelled. She thought of a plan. She found that her father’s mood was good and then she told her father that, “You know my friend Sara right? Her brother is graduate, but he has no job; So could you please talk to someone for him?”. She was very scared that  if her father asks her more questions then what she will say? But as he was hurrying for his office so he said, “Ok I’ll see”. Everyday Ben was asking her that whether her father has done something for him or not? And Karen was compelled to lie that, “Yah, you’ll soon be called”. 6 months passed like this but nothing happened. And Ben knew that Karen’s father is not going do anything for Ben. One day he took her to a hotel’s room and their he just tried to come closer to her. But soon Karen just pushed him and she ran home. Initially she didn’t

knew what has he done to her? But then suddenly she realized that; what ever happened was wrong. It should not have happened. She was so exhausted, confused. She was not able to even think. She didn’t went to college for a week. That incident was just unable for her to forget. The next week she went to college and he was standing near the gate. But she ignored him because the driver was with her. Then the next day she went to his shop. Her mood was not good and she was very angry. He was seeking apologize from her. And told her, “We can only be together if we get married.” She asked him, “Tell your parents to bring proposal for our marriage”. On hearing this he said, “No Karen you ask your parents to just agree for our marriage. Actually my mother is not well.” She thought that Ben was literally worried about her mother. He asked her for some money which she gave him at once. He asked again and again for money by increasing the amount. He did the same thing 5 to 6 times. One day Karen visited the shop in the morning and she knew that Ben was sitting at the shop only in the afternoons when his brother was going for lunch. It was his brother in the morning. She asked him pretending that she knows their family. She asked him, “I’ve heard your mother is not well. Actually my mom wanted to visit her. So if you don’t mind could you please ive me your address?”. And the answer which she got from Ben’s brother was just totally unexpected for Karen. It seemed like somebody has pulled down the earth beneath her feet. His brother said , “Madam, are u alright? Who told you that my mother is not well ? “She passed away 10 years before”. On hearing this Karen felt herself to be the most unluckiest girl in the world. She just went away saying nothing. She was helpless. On reaching home she again called Ben saying that, “I knew everything about you. How could you do that to me? If you wanted money I could’ve given you anyway. Why did you lied to me?”. He had nothing to say and even though he wasn’t  shameful about what he has done with her. He just hung up the phone on her face. And Karen was left with pain, sorrows and helplessness.
This story was meant to convey a simple and straight forward message that girls just don’t believe on guys who are just good looking. Just check if their intentions are good or not. It is not always necessary that guys with similar names have similar natures. All of them are not the same. Karen’s Ben was just incomparable

with Sara’s Ben. Even though Karen’s Ben was charming but his deeds were  just dull. So at the end I just want to say that,

“Never judge a book by its cover, and similarly never trust a person by his face”.

© 2014 Alina.Al

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