Room of Dolls

Room of Dolls

A Story by Trouble

So many eyes...

"So many eyes..." She said as she laid in bed.
"If you watch, some of the move." Her sister whispered, trying to ignore the glue deep in the dolls eyes, trying to hold the girl's eyes on theirs.
"The eyes or the dolls?" The first girl asked in return, shivering a little harder under her green blanket. The second, older sister looked in the direction of the first sister's voice, hoping deeply that it was her talking.
"Both." She answered in a utter.
They looked around the room of dolls once more and started whispering the same chant again, "We're sorry Daddy, we'll be good... We're sorry Daddy, we'll be good." Tehy hopped if they said those words enough, that their father would let them out of teh torture room. The room of dolls, except these were not normal dolls. These dolls had souls, adn voices, they had giggles adn their eyes followed you wherever you went. Some say, if you looked deep enough into teh doll's eyes, you could see their souls, trapped in teh cages of their minds.

© 2019 Trouble

Author's Note

I'm not used to writing scary stories. Thought I'd give it a try...

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Oooh!!! I could,feel my flesh crawling for those,poor,little girls!!!

A well-twisted tale, Allie! And thank you for a lovely poetry prize. :):)


Posted 1 Month Ago


1 Month Ago

Yeah, I collect porcelain dolls and my sister hates them. I wrote this for her right before bedtime .. read more

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Added on July 5, 2019
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Hi, my name is Allie, but you can call me Trouble;) I'm a young teen writer, and I would like to make other writer friends. I DO NOT date, do not hit me up wanting to flirt. Any sign of it, and I'm .. more..

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