A Poem by Angelina 🖤

Social anxiety- a tormented society
of faceless faces that hold rotting stories,
a variety of venomous eyes
burning holes into the sky,
black holes that suck you into their lies.

I am learning to get better 
with a rehearsed smile, 
a timed handshake
look away..
please behave..

they laugh at you
they can hear your thoughts,
 as  fast  as you  can,
where you cannot be caught..

bleeding nails, pumping chest
     I'm gonna explode,
I'm trying my best to stay..

sweaty palms, 
    crowded halls
        piercing eyes, 
               swollen skies
                              loud sighing
                     they are watching, 
                 they are lying
                     to you!
                     to you! 
                     to you!

you are alone Angela, you are so alone, you are alone Angela, you are so alone..

burying my face into my knees, 
isolation is what I need

please save me.. from myself.. from this anxiety..

© 2019 Angelina 🖤

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Things are hard to overcome! Its even harder when people make fun hurt and laugh. I hope you can prove that anxiety wrong and laugh at it!

Posted 1 Day Ago

Oh, I understand that one major big time, As my husband suffers terribly from Social Phobia and it can really cripple you both mentally and physically. Never give up Angela, take comfort in knowing others do understand and relate to how you are feeling. There is an organisation here in Uk for Social phobic suffers and broader illness too. Speaking up like you have done which is so brave and honest of you to do. Hopefully helps you feel a little tiny bit better, and also shows others who are in the same boat out there feel the exact same way. You might think you are alone but you are not far from it.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Angelina 🖤

4 Days Ago

Thank you so much Dawn.. (:

1 Day Ago

your very welcome Angelina.
went through a period of this several months ago....and it last quite some time...couldn't teach, was home bound...not fun...
you relay this to us in a passionate write.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Angelina 🖤

4 Days Ago

Thank you jacob for understanding my words and taking the time to read.

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Added on October 12, 2019
Last Updated on October 18, 2019