A Poem by Timewithoutgesture

What are you running away from? Barefoot,let pebbles penetrate the bottom of your feet.
With every step you feel blisters forming,let them bleed. As you continue, without caution, you walk through broken glass and on rusted nails.
No matter how it bad hurts, no matter how it feels you run and run .
Leaving a trail of bloody dirt .
You embrace the agony as you like to feel hurt.
You keep going as your feet stomp harder with every step you take.
Deeper and deeper the hole that is made.
The sidewalk bricks are scorching as you switch to the asphalt of the road.
You are limping and offered a cane.
You reply no I must feel something,I embrace pain.
You continue even without feeling your feet or your toes. You push yourself as pain doesn't hurt, but it can show in the trail of crimson dirt.

© 2020 Timewithoutgesture

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Added on February 11, 2020
Last Updated on February 11, 2020



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