Factors that impacting the land value in India

Factors that impacting the land value in India

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One of the most significant activities of your life is selling your house and moving on. The first step is to know the value of your property and the factors that will affect it positively as well as


One of the most significant activities of your life is selling your house and moving on. The first step is to know the value of your property and the factors that will affect it positively as well as negatively in order to ensure you get a good deal. When it comes to land or home ownership, all of us want only the best, and your potential customers will have several considerations in mind, depending on who you target. It can become frustrating, but don't worry about it.


The Buyer Class

The first step is to decide who you want to sell to. Compared to industrial customers, families would have a limited set of criteria. On the other hand, it's worth considering who would be ideally fit for your property so that you don't have to make too many adjustments.


Location (Area)

Although the value of the area is a given, there are deeper variables that require close consideration. For example, houses located on the main road may be very good, but because of reduced noise levels and greenery, those located further away may be more preferred.

Because of the automatic curbs on traffic, houses on a route can get a higher price because they are deemed safer for children. This can be a blessing for families with young or school-going children, although commercial buyers can find this slightly challenging. They would like to be easily identified, and in a quiet neighborhood, a house tucked away in a corner may not be suitable.

The neighbors often make a significant difference to the value of a specific location. Having similar neighbors is important for families with children as it allows their children to form new friends and playmates. But if anyone is buying it to be converted to a guesthouse if it is situated near busy cafes and bars, which families would avoid, your property is highly valuable.

Transportation Services

Transportation is, no doubt, vital and can make or break deals in certain cases. Your property will hold great appeal for working professionals who are just starting their career or are saving up for other investments if it is well connected to public transport. The more it is related to several modes, the higher the value. It can be incredibly costly to own a car in the long run, and it can be a highly appealing factor to have public transport facilities at your doorstep.

If there is a chance for future services to emerge, it may double in value very quickly too. Is there a new Metro line running near your home? Will a new bus route that covers your route be introduced? In your favor, all these factors add up.


Near your home, is there a school? Is there an emergency hospital or at least a clinic? These are some of the parameters that can, with their inclusion, increase the value of your property. It will be necessary for families with aging parents to have a hospital nearby.

Living in a self-contained suburb could take away value for individuals who have a long road ahead of them to the city, but this could be ideal for seniors who would enjoy the area's calmer nature. For young families, having a school or even a college nearby will be helpful, as are playgrounds and parks.

If your house is located close to IT parks and other job centers, then it would also have the additional opportunity to be viable for commercial leasing immediately. But in some situations, because of higher levels of pollution, traffic, and noise, it could also push the value down.

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Added on February 23, 2021
Last Updated on February 23, 2021
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