The Little Boy that Couldn't Laugh

The Little Boy that Couldn't Laugh

A Chapter by Dave Brown



A smile, he could not produce

To hope for laughter, was no use

This little boys, only reflective sound

Was the forehead crinkle of a frown


Through days at school, each classmate

Brought forth jokes for him to rate

But each time there was the sin

Of him producing not a grin


His Father sat him on his knee

To watch comedies on TV

This did not result in one giggle

As off his lap the lad would wiggle


Clown costumes on a hog

People hopping like a frog

Goats bouncing on a trampoline

His lack of laughter was routine


Joking with cross-eyed looks

Reading from comic books

Building snowmen in the snow

Putting bobble-heads all in a row


People with funny faces

Watching painted turtle races

To see if pigs could really fly

All produced a bored sigh


Then a feather to the nose

And again between the toes

But the lad merely frowned

And produced no giggle sound


They went to see a psychologist

Who could produce a humorous twist

When he presented a three-legged man

The little boy remained deadpan


They watched Panda bears in the zoo

Looked at a monkey with a green hairdo

And when they slid backwards down hill

He asked for a headache pill


As squirrels hopped from tree to tree

He sat with boredom on a knee

And as kangaroos did non-stop hop

The expected laughter was a flop


Finally they ceased to endlessly mourn

This lack of laughter so forlorn

Their only hope was just to see

If he would laugh eventually


At the age of seven in grade two

A student brought a pup born new

As the student was carrying it in

The little boy began to grin


Then the pup climbed onto his face

His protruding nose for fun was chased

Although the lad suffered a tiny bite

He let out a scream of pure delight


The smile that spread across his face

Was quite impossible to erase

With his arms around the bundle of white

His smile beamed out like a bright light


The family now with a new problem to solve

To make sure those smiles don’t dissolve

With open arms they welcomed in

That fuzzy puppy with guaranteed grin




© 2020 Dave Brown

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Added on September 1, 2020
Last Updated on September 1, 2020

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