Wishing Technology

Wishing Technology

A Chapter by Dave Brown




When Amelia flew off on her maiden flight

Technology put her in the air

When John Glen went far out of sight

It was technology, shot him way up there


When the business of wishes first made its start

The bulk of them flew straight from the heart

Although technology has flourished most places

Improvements in wishing shows simply no traces


Wishing nerds have been relentlessly unrewarded

The wishing god keeps working wishes all hoarded

Try and get the real deal and you lose

And not granting wishes is substantially obtuse


When the courts deal with this wishing melee

I’ll do something about my hair that’s gone grey

And the thing for which I will most wishfully choose  

Is for my socks to stop sliding down into my shoes






© 2020 Dave Brown

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I'm pretty sure there are tons of websites peddling wishes, so technology has no doubt infiltrated that arena, as well. You maintain that wishes come from the heart, so we've got to consider all the stints & shunts & pacemakers & dealbreakers that are routinely embedded in the chest cavity & surely you can't believe there's ANYTHING that's not infiltrated by technology. Here in Cali, it's so warm, we never wear socks, so that's our Silicon Solution to your woes (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 3 Months Ago

Dave Brown

3 Months Ago

an obvious attraction for relocation
Think we could rent space in your neighbors VW van
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3 Months Ago

He's got a collection of travel trailers to choose from, too . . .
Dave Brown

3 Months Ago

. 👍

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