Animal Control

Animal Control

A Chapter by Dave Brown



While strolling along the sidewalk

I was hailed by a thin grizzly bear

It raised its great paw to me

Having a concern it wished to share


The lair that was its winter home

Had been destroyed for an apartment

And that cozy spot that used to be

Was now many yard’s of cement


The forest that grew berries

Which he once ate to stay alive

Had now been turned into boulevards

Which daily, a thousand people drive


His forest friends that used to be

Had been indifferently driven away

And he’d been reduced to stealing garbage

To get through each hungry day


People in this latest neighborhood

Cared little about animal’s eats

And instead spent days discussing

The contents of an idiot’s tweets


Animal control arrived as we talked

And he desperately turned to depart

But this slow moving, half-starved bear

Couldn’t avoid their dart






© 2021 Dave Brown

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This is an extraordinary poem. I couldn't decide whether to laugh or cry or just sit here in awe of your storyline!??! You should be publishing children's books, with your artistic ability & wild imagination. The entire poem is done in such a light-hearted sing-song way, it feels like a fun poem, but the message is so sad . . . & then the ending . . . I swear I almost cried. Being darted for browsing garbage & being too skinny & weak to move fast . . . damn! You ripped my heart open! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 3 Months Ago

Dave Brown

3 Months Ago

When I wrote this I was pee'd off
I had also done a 'bear in a barbershop' which was based on.. read more

3 Months Ago

It's painful to see how humans push everything else out. I don't miss that crap one bit. I'm bugged .. read more
Dave Brown

3 Months Ago

definitely .
A trade, Dave: You give us the bear and we'll give you the tweeter. Then run.

Posted 7 Months Ago

Dave Brown

7 Months Ago

The darts are waiting

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Added on October 8, 2020
Last Updated on May 2, 2021

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