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I see it too much, ‘Divorce’

Like a runaway nag of a horse

Galloping along, all about me

Whether its about a her or a he


How many lives does it ruin

Marriage with eyes wide shut

Sometimes its for the better

Quite often it isn’t clear-cut


But someone always suffers

And its becoming too common place

Nothing is ever perfect

This is what all couples should face


If it is just about a he and she

It could likely be for the best

But if you are going to have children

Better take the compatibility test


© 2020 Dave Brown

Author's Note

Dave Brown
It more and more seems that marriage automatically means divorce

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I agree with you. Despite being completely hands-off marriage myself, it's only becuz I agree with you . . . I have no business faking commitment with my wild tendencies untamed. It's crazy how many people marry with no intent of entertaining a lifelong commitment. This poem sounds a little uppity & judgmental, but you have street cred, my friend, becuz you walk your talk. And I really admire that about you. Getting up in years now, I find all the single men I meet have been divorced, like, six or eight times by now. They may look at me -- no divorces -- and think me a bad investment. But I look at anyone with more than 2 divorces as a complete fraud (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 3 Months Ago

Dave Brown

3 Months Ago

yes, its unfortunate, my son and his family are now settling into the split family routine but it wa.. read more
Amen. So much damage is done. Deep, lasting damage that can reverberate through people and families for far too long. The solution? I wish there was one.

Posted 5 Months Ago

Dave Brown

5 Months Ago

Very true Sam and it just seems to run rampant
Hope all goes well
The statistics don't look good, that's for sure.
In or out of marriage, people just cannot find true happiness, it seems.
Kids suffer, and will recreate the pattern in their own lives - a vicious cycle.

Posted 5 Months Ago

Dave Brown

5 Months Ago

yes, we have married/divorced kids and almost anybody else I can think of (their friends) has gone .. read more
Laz K.

5 Months Ago

I forgot to comment on the interesting use of figures of speech: the simile comparing divorce to a w.. read more
Dave Brown

5 Months Ago

that is what an empty head is for!

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