A Chapter by Dave Brown



Valentine’s day snuck up and I

Slapped my empty head

I knew I must surely act

So from my bed I sped

Down to the chocolate store

I most quickly tread

Buying chocolates for my love

Before she left our bed

But chocolate, I cannot resist

My weakness I then fed

Instead of to my loved one

I ate them all instead

The harsh ensuing fallout

Has left me in real dread

As my darling little turtledove’s

Eyes flashed a dangerous red

And the comment that she offered

Really should not have been said                                  

As she reassigned me

To the garden shed

Instead of chocolate now I eat

Month old hardtack bread

Hopefully there will come

Better days ahead

© 2021 Dave Brown

Author's Note

Dave Brown
In ancient Rome women lined up to be beaten
On what started as Valentine’s day
On that day now, it is chocolate that is eaten
And diamonds sent by those who can pay

From its dark and bloody introduction
Which heralded brutal seduction
Then tamed by Chaucer and Shakespeare
To become a day of gentle adoration

Now a day of often spending big dollars
To maintain those subtle neck collars
Presents and quite often red roses
All gently laid at romance’s love altars

But a simple card will most likely do
And of course, flowers are acceptable too
And when the day is finally all through
A warm seat by the fire for two

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I don't think I've ever loved a poem more! Valentine's day really did creep up on everyone with everything that's been going on lately. I really loved this poem, Dave! It made me laugh!!!


Nix ❤️️

Posted 5 Months Ago

Dave Brown

5 Months Ago

Glad you laughed
with all the problems we seem to suffer through these days, laughing is grea.. read more
A lovely thought, albeit a bit late, turns into a miserable ending; however, the way you put it together is very interesting and almost comical. I like the way she scolds you and her eyes turn red! I think it's the rhyme that really makes this poem, and of course the content too; very clever. I love it!
Best, Betty

Posted 5 Months Ago

Dave Brown

5 Months Ago

Thanks Betty but I have to say I hope she softens up quite soon because it is cold out here and I pr.. read more
Betty Hermelee

5 Months Ago

You're funny Dave!!!
Great rhyming riffs & I always love your fake self-contrition. I'm catching a big load of attitude off these words as well as this pretending to be a cutesy valentiney little dribble. I can't resist delving into an obvious deeper meaning here . . . clearly this narrator is chafing at the obligatory nature of the holiday! *wink! wink!* I love that you are so full of valentine sentiments, you have to tack on another poem in your author's notes. Maybe I should stay away more often so you can expand your horizons in all the best creative ways (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 5 Months Ago

Dave Brown

5 Months Ago

Welcome back into the mystical pages of WritersCafe where your visits are always a treasured wordpla.. read more
at the market yesterday I saw a giant heart-shaped Delmonico steak and I thought to myself what says love more than a big old slab of heart-shaped meat? well I was misteaken

Posted 5 Months Ago

Dave Brown

5 Months Ago

&UR2Funny .
ha ha yep....doghouse if we forget me not...without the not.

Posted 5 Months Ago

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Dave Brown

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A Chapter by Dave Brown

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