Sweet Scent

Sweet Scent

A Chapter by Dave Brown



Although ground was moist

We lay side by side anyway

Together on that bit of dew

Enjoying morning’s entrée


Sunlight cracked the horizon

Bright colored shafts in free flight

Creating reflections neath soft clouds

An adieu to dark of night


Snug and warmed by each other

We watched a beetle struggle by

More intent on life’s problems

Than in the beauty of morn’s sky


Sweet songs from midst trees

Morning's orchestra in flight

Composing a tune filled welcome

To arrival of new warming light


Scents drifting with light air waves

Nature’s specially prepared fondue

But those scents can not compare

With the sweet scent of you



© 2021 Dave Brown

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Many times when I write about nature, I'm thinking about the way everything is scented, which is why I love how your poem focuses on that. The idea of bodies against the mellow soil & moldering leaves brings about a whole host of aroma ideas in the reader's olfactory (you need a big-word challenge with me being absent so long). Somehow I read your middle verse as being the climax -- the crux of your message -- how humans can be like the beetle, looking down & seeing only ground as they plod along. Your poem is an invitation to celebrate all that's out there & stop being obsessed with all the annoyances of society & life (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 3 Weeks Ago

Dave Brown

3 Weeks Ago

I have to agree I am not into the society thingy even less so now with the additional stay away ince.. read more

3 Weeks Ago

Speaking of bud burn, I'll send you a photo in a msg of the burn that was close to me last August . .. read more
Greetings again from Christina in San Francisco. I want to print up your beautiful poem and frame it. It will be hung on the wall leading to the backyard garden area. I have been looking for the perfect item to place on a blank wall. Your lovely poem is that perfect item ! I love this poem and I cannot stop thinking
about it !

Posted 1 Month Ago

Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

I am flattered!!
I couldn't possibly think of a more appropriate location
Happy readin.. read more
Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

I just made a couple of streamlined changes
Think it works a bit better now??
Take car.. read more
Christina Hill

1 Month Ago

I will be purchasing a new and improved printer on Saturday evening so whatever is written under th.. read more
This is beautiful described. The details of nature’s beauty and sounds but the can’t compare to the one you love!!

Posted 1 Month Ago

Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

How very true
What an outstanding poem !!!!!!

Posted 1 Month Ago

Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

What an outstanding comment very much appreciated and a wonderful start to my day

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