A Chapter by Dave Brown



Although the sun shone

The mood was black

They’d found her face down

A knife thrust in her back


Her family was devastated

The police found no clues

No suspects seemed likely

After dozens of interviews


With no success from police

It would be elsewhere they’d go

With both hope and frustration

The family contacted Hercule Poirot


Taking hold of his cane

As he donned his bowler hat

He gave his mustache a twist

On his way to catch a rat


Although the murder took place

Down a dark alleyway         

He was visiting the sad scene

In the bright of a new day


A stray dog had been digging

In the dark scene’s, stained ground

And as soon as he saw it

He realized a new clue had been found


As surely as night comes to day

He had the murderer now in view  

Because, exposed by that canine

Was a piece of a heel, from a shoe


From footprints seen at the estate

He realized who the killer would be

The very husband of the deceased

Who had declared a wish to be free


Although freed of the marriage

It had all come to no use

Instead of being with his new love

He would now know the noose


Another nasty crime solved

With nary a bead of sweat

Leaving a murdering fool

Full of nothing but regret




© 2021 Dave Brown

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that lil poochie was an angel : )
Sad that people seem to think to be done with someone they have to kill them and dispose of them like trash. Well when they get caught they deserve the same treatment. I liked the way you tell this story in poem form. great story!

Posted 1 Month Ago

Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

Maltese with a touch of Bichon, the cutest!
Thankfully Hercule was available
Thanks ag.. read more
Crime of passion. I like how the dog unearthed the clue that got the husband arrested. I shall of the life of me never under why people don’t leave instead of resorting to violence especially when divorce is common place these days

Posted 1 Month Ago

Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

I think its gotta be the alimony
a good final end to it all is murder's big attraction
It’s always the husband or jealous lover whose the suspicious one, then he pays the price; good dog for finding clues; give him a bone. I like the content, structure and the rhyme. Well done Dave,

Posted 1 Month Ago

Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

Will they never learn, those foolish husbands, but then again, we can't all be wives
Well, none of them fooled Hercule for long. Especially the ones with loose lips.

Posted 1 Month Ago

I enjoyed the tale in the poetry my friend. A very nice ending to a mystery. Perfect set-up for the amazing ending. Thank you Dave for sharing the outstanding poetry.

Posted 1 Month Ago

Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

Thank you Coyote
A little bit of fun on the wooDunIt scene
Enjoy your day
Coyote Poetry

1 Month Ago

You did well Dave and you are welcome.
Do like a good who dunnit Dave. Pleased that the fiendish culprit who murdered his poor wife got his just deserts. Lovely sun today, hoping the sane for you. Have a good one.


Posted 1 Month Ago

Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

Absolutely stunning day yesterday, raining today!
Hard to keep up with it but saves on wateri.. read more

1 Month Ago

And you Dave :)
dearest Dave... Hercule Poirot is charming, but alarming when he twists his waxed mustache. He solves the case after he uses his little gray cells. gently, Pat

Posted 1 Month Ago

Dave Brown

1 Month Ago

I believe he also takes your good advise and eats lotsa blueberries to enhance those little gray cel.. read more
Patricia Wedel

1 Month Ago

My Word... you have taught me to Jitterbug and I expected to only do the Polka... thank you Dave... .. read more

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Dave Brown

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