A Story by Emily Marie

First love


The first time we actually hung out. Outside of school. It fits into this metaphor perfectly.


Doesn’t it?


We sat next to each other, right up next to each other. My legs angled away from yours because I still wasn’t used to realationshipy things. Jessica was older than both of us but still sat on the ground raving about cartoons and demanding your attention. Your attention from me. And my mother constantly asking, “Emily, can you do the dishes?” “Can you vacuum the kitchen?” “Can you help cook dinner?” It didn’t matter we had company. I wasn’t resistant to the chores, but it kept me from really knowing you I suppose.


I wasn’t used to relationshipy things. We knew each other since I was in fifth grade and you sixth. We both struggled our ways through middle school and by the time high school came around well… It was meant to be right? I just started getting myself accustomed to this new friend group that you sat within so perfectly.


Hey, you are a performer. A singer. And you know what I thought when you bellowed out choruses? I thought “Damn… I KNOW him.” Because all the girls next to me practically died seeing you do what you love. I swear to Christ I thought they climaxed right then and there it was pretty ….. well. Yeah. Actually you know one of the girls who screamed out “I WANT YOUR BABIES”. She’s our friend now. Ali.


Well we were both in choir together. I a freshman, you a sophomore. And we spent one concert night talking, and talking… and talking…

Then whenever we ran into each other we would talk… and chat… and say hello.


Everyone, literally EVERYONE who knew me would say “Ohh, you guys are cute together!” “He likes you!” “GURL GET IT!” They encouraged me and I went for it.


I… went for it.


I don’t know how you saw it. How you felt it. Because after the rejection




Was it your fault? No not at all.


But it was because I am not used to relationshipy things. And that was my first experience with romance. To me I was a lonely girl in need of someone to hold at night. To me you were … up there. You were above me but I still reached and reached and to my surprise I came close right? I came just that close?

To me you were my Prince Charming. And everyone else bippity boppity bumped their f*****g noses into my business telling me to “GET IT GURL” I wish they hadn’t.


It was as if in the beginning we met that night at the choir concert and I felt as if I were in a gown instead of robes. I walked with such delicacy that night you wouldn’t even know because I tried so damn hard not to crush the glass slippers I wore. Coyly I left one behind, a hint saying “Hey boy, I’m interested.” Insert winky face. But the clock struck twelve and we were both gone by then.


Those shoes didn’t fit. I realized that. But everyone kept telling me otherwise so I convinced myself that these shoes needed to be broken in because nothing is perfect. Perfect is something you work towards. Eventually I came to my senses and we talked about where to go from there. The shoes just didn’t fit. I knew that even before you told me “I love you as a friend”. But I have to say I wanted for a moment to try them on again. I wanted to slip them on and I tried but my toes were pinched. As I stood they shattered and while staring down at my bloody feet I knew, just knew, they didn’t fit.


Sometimes I still feel glass inside the soles.


I want you to know I love you as a friend too. That when I see you, you aren’t my Prince Charming but someone else’s instead. I’m okay with that. I’ve been over it for years. When I see you, I see you as someone I can trust. Someone that probably doesn’t spend as much time thinking about this as I. But you don’t have the same past with men. You handled the situation so much better than I could’ve imagined. Thank you. Thank you for not breaking my younger heart. Thank you for pretending not to remember this. Thank you for not holding this as a big part of your life because I don’t deserve it. Thank you.


For I was naïve and still believed Dreams could come true.

© 2014 Emily Marie

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Emily Marie
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Wow, I wasnt expecting to be drawn into that, but the emotion you put into your writing is intense, I couldnt stop reading and that was just so awesome, wow I sound like a surfer dude now xD Anyway I really enjoyed reading that and the metaphors were really good, bravo :D x

Posted 5 Years Ago

Emily Marie

5 Years Ago

Thank you :) I appreciate it!

5 Years Ago

You're very welcome :D I'll have to read more of your work in the morning :D

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Added on May 6, 2014
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Emily Marie
Emily Marie

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