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A Story by Michelle Leiva

AMO is a drug guaranteed to find your soulmate but at a cost, losing all memory of someone in your life. When Nadir's best friend takes the drug, he's determined to remake all their precious memories.


"The time is now folks! Try your assisted matchmaking opportunities with AMO."

The commercial is running in the background while I'm scrolling down for new Twitter posts on my phone. I'm stretched out on the couch, leaving no room for David who's sitting on the floor. He's glued to the TV screen. For weeks he's been obsessed with that commercial. It's getting kind of gross.

"AMO uses neurotransmitters to stimulate increases in dopamine and epinephrine when you come into contact with your most compatible person. They smell good but there's no perfume? That's your body telling you they're the one. Your pheromones will lead you to love!" The announcer is using the best car salesman voice I've ever heard. It must be working since David's entranced. What a sap.

"Dude, you're supposed to be watching the movie parts, not the inbetweens."

He barely looks my direction. "Oh right, sorry man. Just been into this product for a while." I roll my eyes.

"Really? I didn't notice. Do I need to leave you two alone so you can jack off?" He throws a pillow at me while I snicker.

"Shut the hell up Nadi. You just don't get it since you're an actual robot with no heart."

"Oh really?" I sit up straight and bat my eyes. "AMO changed my life! I met my husband the next day!" I deepen my voice. "I never thought I would find love until I used AMO. My boyfriend and I could never be happier." I lean towards David. "AMO made me walk on freaking water. AMO-"

He pulls on my arm and I crash onto the ground. He tousles my hair. "Oops, watch out for the floor." I push away his hand and sit up next to him.

"Seriously, though. Why are you so in love with this product?"

"Haven't you wanted to find that special someone? The one you could spend your life with?" David replies.

"David, we're SIXTEEN. We haven't even lived our life yet."

He shakes his head. "I know, I know, I just..." He shrugs. "I think about it a lot."

While David contemplates, I stand up and get sodas. When I return, I put the cool drink on his head. He looks up.

"Look I get it." I say to him. "You're a romantic. And it's sickeningly sweet. And I know a lot of girls will like that in you." And it's true. David's mildly popular and I've heard girls cooing over him. Makes me want to yarl. He never notices because he's too oblivious for his own good. He's better at being a friend than a lover.

"Aw, You're just saying that to make me feel better." He grabs the soda off his head. "But seriously, why struggle getting a date when I could get a drug that does it for me?"

I drop down next to him, cracking the can open. "Ugh, you're sounding like that commercial now. Just forget it man. Besides haven't you heard those rumors?"

"Oh those? You believe them? It doesn't even make sense. Why would you randomly forget someone?" When he says it like that, it doesn't seem like a big deal. I've read message boards and vlogs of people who took AMO, saying that they had no memory of people they knew after taking the drug. Things like the mailman or their teacher seem minor. The really bad ones are when it's someone close, like their sibling or their mom.

Or their best friend.

"I just think I should give it a chance. The worst case scenario is that I waste a s**t-ton of cash on it."

I shake his shoulders like a madman. "Or that you forget meeeee!" He pushes my face away.

"Maybe you should try it too, Nadi. You could get yourself a boyfriend."

"Spend 500 dollars so I won't recognize my Dad in the morning? I'll pass."

David puts his hands up. "Just saying."

The movie's over by the time we finish our drinks. I get ready to head home. "I'll see you on Monday dude. Better not have sold your soul by then."

He smiles mischievously. "Not making any promises." I punch him in the arm. He punches me back. I'd kick his a*s but I have a hungry cat to go home to.

"See ya." I head out and walk to my house. It's almost dark out. I kick a rock and think about what David said. "He's not actually thinking about it, is he? Nah, he's not that dumb."

I'm such an idiot.


It's a foggy morning; I feel the cool air turn to water on my face. Biking in these conditions may not be the safest but I throw caution to the wind. And I'd rather brace the fog than take the bus to school. Screw sharing seats with three people. I'm a little late because I was waiting on David meeting me at my house. He always shows up unless he's dying from the flu. He was the picture of health on Saturday so I can rule that out.

"Don't tell me he rode the bus. Why would he do that to himself?" I talk to myself on the way to school.

I arrive at the front of school and see David talking with Vance. I notice David has his bike with him. He rode here without me that piece of s**t. After I lock up my bike, I sneak up behind him and kick him. He nearly falls over.

"Hey a*****e, how come you ditched me this morning?" Vance looks at me with wide eyes. "Hey Vance how was your weekend?" David jerks back up and glares at me.

"Dude, what the hell? Why did you do that?"

"Suck it up. I'm still annoyed with you." I wrap my arm around him but he immediately shakes me off. "Come on, you were that hurt by it? I'm sorry then."

David looks at me then to Vance. "Vance, do you know this guy?" Vance's eyes dart back and forth between me and David.

"Uhh..." He looks nervous. He obviously can't keep up a joke.

"Ha ha, very funny David. You and I both know you can't act for s**t. You didn't have rope in poor Vance." David's looking at me as if I spat in his drink. He's really getting into this. "Is this why you didn't show up earlier? You’re too much." I reach for his water bottle but he snatches it away.

"Listen, I don't know who you are or if you're Vance's friend but can you stop? You're being really f*****g annoying." He's scowling at me. I draw back to push him but Vance stops me.

"Can I talk to you for a minute Nadir?" He says under his breath. I nod and he pulls me aside.

"So David told me over the weekend he bought this 'love drug' called AMO. Do you know what that is?" Vance tells me.

I reply, "Yeah, it's that stupid thing David wanted to take so he'd get a girlfriend. He's not serious though. He just wants to mess with me because I told him not to take it." Vance gives me a worried expression.

"I don't think he's joking Nadir." My confidence falters slightly. Vance is really bad at lying, so why does he look so tense? I march back to David, who's scrolling on his phone.

"David, did you take the AMO drug?"

He frowns at me. "That's not really your business." Vance walks up to us.

"David, just show him the bottle you showed me and he'll leave you alone." David shakes his head as he reaches into his bag. He pulls out a small white bottle with a red wrapper. My heart drops. I grab the bottle from his hand. 

"Hey!" he says. I ignore him and read the text.

AMO - Assisted Matchmaking Opportunities, Your pheromones will lead you to love! I check the only part that matters. Side effects include (but aren't limited to): dizziness, nausea, itching, burning in sunlight, minor insomnia, increased appetite... I don't have to see it to know.

"Amnesia." I nearly drop the bottle before David can take it back. "You... IDIOT!!" I start pummeling his head while Vance tries to tear me away. "DAVID YOU DIPSHIT! YOU CRETIN! YOU SHITHEAD! YOU F*****G DUMBASS!" I run out of words to say when a teacher spots me. I'm dragged off to jail but I call out to Vance.

"Tell him Vance! Tell him everything!"


I'm tapping my foot furiously as I stare down the clock. I've been locked up for "harassing" David. It's not harassment if it's David; we call it playful roughhousing. I'm getting angry again thinking about him. I can’t believe he actually took AMO, that b***h-a*s b***h. I look over to Mrs. Martinez. She’s on her phone, either checking her email or scrolling through Pintrest for a DIY glitter snow globe to give to a sad niece for Christmas. That was mean, I'm sorry Mrs. Martinez. As if she heard my thoughts she breaks away from her phone and sighs.

"Alright Nadir. You can leave for lunch now. Don't get into fights. I do not want to see you here again." The feeling's mutual. She hands me my phone and I bolt.

Vance texts me saying he and David are in our usual spot near the snack bar. He hasn't told David I'm meeting them there, probably to keep him from running away. Good. I've got a lot of things to say. When I walk to the table. I drop my backpack down and sit across from David. He sees me and rolls eyes, with an audible “ugh”.

"Vance! Why did you tell him where we are?"

"David, I think you should give him a moment here. He is your best friend and YOU decided to forget him."

"I didn't choose that!" He throws down his sandwich. "Those are just rumors anyway. AMO doesn't really cause amnesia. How would that even work?" I slam my hands on the table.

"That doesn't matter! You forgot me! Like I said you would!" I bury my face in my hands. "Why did I have to jinx it?" After an uncomfortable silence, Vance rises from the table.

"So I see you guys have a lot to talk about. Catch up. Make nice. I'm going to find my girlfriend." 

"Vance, don't go." David and I say in sync. Vance smiles.

"See? Nothing's changed. Ashley’s waiting. So, bye." He's gone before we can say anything else. I don't blame him. Third wheeling a fighting couple is not fun at all. But he was the only one who could convince David that we were actually friends. I turn to David, who's already picking up his bag.

"David, wait." I plead.

"Nadir, right?" I'm not used to him not calling me Nadi. I feel estranged. "Yeah I'm gonna go now. Nice meeting you." It stings.

"Wait I still have so much to tell you." I stand up to stop him, then I hear the bell ring. He gives me a forced smile.

"Gotta go!" He leaves faster than Vance did. Frustrated, I grab his half eaten sandwich and throw it on the ground.

"Damn it!" I head to class, but my conscience stops me. I scoop up the remains of the sandwich and throw it in the garbage. Now I can head to class. Annoyed.

My last class could not be any slower. No, I don't care about the three branches of government. It's hard to think about that when I've lost my best friend to a stupid evil "love drug". I'm deteriorating every second I'm here. The bell rings and I'm rejuvenated. People shuffle out of the room and I maneuver through everyone to get where I need to be. Teens are waiting in groups for their rides and I catch David in the corner of my eye. Gotcha. I try to chase him down but I stop myself. I'm being too aggressive. This might be normal behavior when David knew me but I'm a stranger to him now. My chest tightens. I'm a stranger who's yelling, beating, and stalking him. I need to go about this the right way. Vance has betrayed me so he can't be my middle man. It's all me. I slowly approach my bike, which is next to David's. He doesn't notice me until I speak.

"David! Hi." He looks at me and his eyes widen. He's clearly uncomfortable. "How's it going?"

"Good... And you?" He's trying to unlock his bike faster. I feel like a monster.

"I'm great!" I say with a fake smile. "Perfect day for a bike ride!" I look around. The fog's gone but it's still a winter's grey all around. He nods at me.

"Yeah, time to head home."

"Cool, I'll join you!" He winces. Maybe that was too much. "I mean, we live in the same neighborhood so we're already going the same route." Unless he wants to bike through traffic, he has to go our normal path. For a second, I see him consider the traffic.

"Sure." he says. Success! We walk our bikes down the dirt road. I hop on mine and take the lead, knowing when David does he'll surpass me. And he does. This is our everyday and he doesn't even know it. We bike in silence for a while, then we both say something at the same time.

"You go first." David says.

I take a deep breath. "I wanted to say... I'm sorry. I'm sorry for kicking you, grabbing your stuff, hitting you, calling you a shithead-"

"I was more offended by cretin. So obscure. No one's ever called me that before." He laughs a little and I join in.

"I call you that all the time!" His laugh disappears. He's silent again. Did I say the wrong thing?

He speaks up, "Are you... gay?"

"??” I wasn’t expecting that. “Yes, so?"

"Are you in love with me? Is that why you're so obsessed?"

I fake vomit, which makes him glance back. "Are you freaking kidding me? No! I had to tell you the same thing in seventh grade. I do not want to have this conversation a second time." He goes silent, muttering "Sorry."

He asks "So, we're we really best friends then?". I scoff.

"Yes! For six years! We survived middle school together. We had braces together. We tried taking guitar lessons because we wanted to start a band but we both sucked so our teacher gave up on us."

David stops his bike and turns to me. "Oh I remember that." I perk up hearing that. "I don't remember you being a part of it." I'm dead on the inside again. He shakes his head. "Six years is a long time. How could I forget you in all of that?"

I park it next to him. "That's what I'M saying! There's no way you forgot everything about me. We just need to... jog your memory." I have a brilliant idea. "Come with me, I'll get us slurpees."

"Isn't it too cold for that?"

"You're really going to turn down free slurpees?" David furrows his brow, thinking. Then he looks up.

"Okay, I'm down."


7-11 glows in a winter afternoon. The lighting and set up of the store makes it feel like we could be in any 7-11 in the world. Perfect place to make some memories. Or in this case, remember them. David and I park our bikes outside the store and walk in, the bell and worker welcoming us both.

"I've got us covered," I tell David. "Can you do me a favor and ask the worker about the coffee machine? It wasn't working last time I was here and I wanted to get some."

"You drink coffee?" He says.

"It's a bad habit. I'm trying to get off the juice but the caffeine, she calls my name with her feminine wiles." David snickers. Things are going well.

I make my way to the slurpee machine while David gets (according to her name tag) Shelly's attention. She looks about college-aged, bored and sleep-deprived. She's not going to cause us any trouble. I grab two small cups and fill them a third of lime, a third of cherry, and a third of-

"Oh god, I'm so sorry!" I quickly turn to see David and Shelly standing over a puddle of black coffee. "It burned my hand. I didn't mean to-"

"It's okay. I'll get the mop." Shelly sighs. She trudges to the back room, giving me a little time. David, you're still a klutz and an accidental genius. I fill the cups with their last third of blue raspberry and tuck them away in my coat. Thank goodness for pockets on the inside of coats.

"Come on, let's go." I gesture to the door. David looks at me confused.

"What about the slurpees? Or the coffee?"

"Machine wasn't working and I can't feed my addiction like this. Let's go." I pull him outside, checking to see if Shelly returned. She hasn’t and we get out of there easy. We hop on our bikes and I tell him to go to the park with me.

"I have something to show you there. It's sure to make you remember."

"Hmmm..." He's still wary. Despite it, I think things are going well. We're bonding; we're naturally friends. The memories are going to come back at any point now. Right?

The park is mostly empty. Kids are packing up things for soccer practice and Moms are finishing their jogs. Night comes earlier nowadays but the park lights keep the dark away. We stop our bikes in front of a bench. I step off and take the drinks out of my coat. When I hand him his, he's stunned.

"What?" I slurp mine. 

"Did you steal those!?" He's upset, even while I poke him with his slurpee.

"Yeah, so?"

"You used me! I'm an accessory to your crime!" He scoffs and shakes his head. "That why you wanted me to ask about the machine, to distract her. I bet you don't even drink coffee."

"Not true. I do. Not because of feminine wiles though. Coffee is a robust gentleman of the night whom I kiss to remember what it feels like to be awake." David turns away, probably to hid his laughter. I prod him with the cup. "Drink up, I worked hard for these." He crosses his arms and turns away. After a peek behind, he reluctantly grabs the slurpee. 

"Good. Say thank you to Nadi for the delicious treat."

"Nadi?" He questions. "I thought your name was Nadir."

"You call me Nadi. Since sixth grade." At first it was a joke; he wanted to imitate my grandma who calls me Nadi-Nadi. The more he said it, the more it stuck. Now that she passed away, he's the only one that calls me that.

"You got blue raspberry? I hate that flavor." He's messing with his straw.

"I know. So do I."

"Why would you-"

"Just drink it. There's a surprise inside."

David sighs and puts the straw in his mouth. I can tell he's getting tired of me telling him what to do. I've haven't let him astray yet. David raises his eyebrows.

"It's lime at the bottom?" 

I triumphantly say, "And cherry in the middle. We call it sour-sweet-gross. We got these all the time during the summer, even before school ended. After biking, we'd stop by and grab a couple and drink in the park until our headaches took over."

"Did you steal those too?"

"Hey, being a penniless teenager is hard. Who's gonna miss two cups and a tiny bit of slush?" I start mixing the blue raspberry after finishing the good layers. "Besides we only got caught once."

"Is that why I'm banned from the 7-11 on Princeton? I remember not being able to go there anymore but now I know why." That makes me evil laugh.

"Now you'll never get your precious Cheetos!" He chuckles and puts down his drink. Then he squints at me.

"Are you sure we were best friends? You're kind of mean to me." David asks. I laugh some more, but he does not look amused.

"What are you talking about? I'm the most loving person you know."

"Nadir! You kicked me, tried to drink my water bottle, hit me in the face, called me cretin, and used me for your crimes!" I can't tell if he's being serious but I don't want to risk it. I'm not a perfect person but it's been this way with him forever. It's hard to change my behavior. I sigh and stop slouching on the bench.

"You got me. I'm the cretin. But I know how you’ll forgive me." I get up and toss the blue deathberry away. I walk in front of David and stretch a little. Dusting nothing off my coat, I stand straight.

"Hit me."

He does a double take, "What?"

"Hit. Me. I deserve it."

"You're dramatic."

"No, I'm not." This has to work. He’s not remembering when we bike or the rainbow slurpees. He has to remember this. “You have to hit me. We did this all the time.”

“What? Fight? I thought we were friends?”

I sigh and explain. “When we were in middle school, I came out to you and you accidentally let it spill to our entire English class. After it got out, guys called me cocksucker and girls wanted me to be their pet. I was so pissed off, I couldn’t even look at you.”

David is shocked. “Wow, that’s pretty s****y of me to do.”

“Yeah, it was. You thought I was ready to come out to everyone.” I say bitterly. “After a week, you dragged me here and told me to punch you. You insisted it was the only way to make it up to me. So I did. I punched you. We fought hand-to-hand until the sun went down and we passed out on the grass.” David still looks skeptical. “It’s been a bi-weekly/monthly thing now.” I pull him up from the bench.

“No man, I don’t want to hit you.” He resists me as I’m pulling his arm up, pretending to smack myself with it. “I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Oh don’t worry, you can’t hurt me. You’re not that strong.” He raises one eyebrow. Got him.

“That’s not true. You’re a stick compared to me.” David’s a bit bulkier than me. He’s never let down the one-inch height difference. I can use this to my advantage.

“Nope, you’ve never beaten me. Not once. Kind of sad really.” I mock him, hoping it’ll rile him up more. By the look on his face, it’s working. “Prove me wrong.” I toss his arm back at him. “Do it.”

He shakes his head and throws up his arms. “Fine! One punch.” He makes eye contact with me and draws back. I’m ready. He aims for my shoulder, like he always does. He swings. Before it can connect, I grab his fist and twist his arm like a corkscrew.

“Gotcha!” I cackle. He cries out in pain.

“Aw s**t! What the hell dude!?” He rips away from me and stares at me fuming. “Okay, I’m done with this.” He goes for his bike and I grab his shoulder to turn him around. He swats me away, which hurts more than a punch.

“I get it if you’re not in the mood to fight; we can try something else,” I offer. His shoots daggers at me.

“You don’t get it do you? I’m done with,” David gestures all around him, “all this. I’m done humoring you. I don’t care if we were friends or whatever. I’m still not convinced we ever were. Why would I be friends with someone who does nothing but yell, trick, and hurt me?”

“You’ve hurt me too! Like taking a pill that made you throw six years down the drain when I told you not to! Just so you could get laid? You’re the villain here!” I’m getting frustrated again. I feel like he’s still in there; I just need more time. “Don’t you remember me?”

“No, I don’t. It doesn’t matter anyway. If I’m going to find my soulmate, I can’t have a pest dragging me everywhere trying to tell me what I should know. Leave me alone. I’ll see you around, I guess.” He’s seriously giving up on this. I can’t let David go like this. Not when we haven’t tried everything. He’s already biking away. In a fit of rage, I holler at him.


He stops where he is and calls out, “Cocksucker.” David disappears in the night. I’m absolutely livid right now. I shake my bike until it falls and clatters to the ground. Then I scream into my coat. It dies down to a soft sob. I hate this. I hate this so much. Why did this have to happen? What did I do wrong? I think back to Saturday night, when everything was normal and perfect. I didn’t know it would be my last moment with my best friend. 

I apologize to my bike and take the long way home, giving a tearful goodbye to someone not here anymore.


Half of my bed is covered with sort of clean clothes and the other half is me and Ilya, my black maine coon. He’s purring and it’s like a soft lawnmower. I brush his hair while I close my eyes and blast music through my headphones. My therapist said a good way to release anger is to imagine the music carrying it away while you rest. Tonight I’ve got enough stress and pain for Green Day’s entire discography. It works, two albums per year I’ve lost with David. I’m safe in my room. My parents left me alone after an interrogation for coming home late.

Sweetie, are you alright? Did something happen? Is it a girl… I mean boy? Did you get in a fight? Did something happen with David?” 

Nothing gets past you Mom. I didn’t say anything out of fear of breaking down again. I made up an excuse and retreated to my room. I needed some good old fashioned pop punk with a crunchy bass line to take me away. I fired up the playlist and here I am, lying down with my headphones in. Still feeling s****y, but less angry. American Idiot is finishing up but the last song stops me.

“The regrets are useless in my mind…”

“She’s in my head, I must confess,” I sing along. “Whatsername” is an alright song but at this moment, it feels like an old comfy hoodie I could live in. Listening to a song that only reminds me of how much everything sucks over and over again probably isn’t healthy. But sometimes, you just have to indulge in the junk food that is sad music. At least it’s not Adele.

“And in the darkest night, if my memory serves me right,Billie Joe Armstrong recites the line I’m trapped in. “I’ll never turn back time…”

“Forgetting you but not-” The music stops. Confused, I check my phone. I’m getting a call. From David.

“Hello? David?”

“Oh, Nadir. So this is you.” David says.

“What other Nadir could it be?”

“Good point.” He pauses. “Hey, can you come over? You live near me right?”

I’m taken aback at first. Even after all that, he wants to talk now? Part of me wants to get angry at him for toying with my emotions, but I push it away. Does this mean…

“Did your memories come back?” I ask hopefully.

“Just come over. It’s urgent.” David hangs up before I can reply. I shouldn’t listen to him after that awful fight but I can’t help myself. I throw myself out of bed; Ilya rolls over pawing at my headphones. I kiss him on the forehead.

“Maybe he remembered, Ilya. Maybe this nightmare can finally be over.”

I let my mom know I’m sleeping over at David’s and I rush over. It’s a cold night but I’m sweating from how fast I’m running. My anger, sadness, and anxiety are fighting each other inside me but I have to ignore it in favor of optimism. Please, please, please let it all be fixed. I show up at his house and his mom, Melissa, greets me at the door.

“Hi Nadir, are you staying over?” She asks. I’m about to say yes but I remember something.

“Did you know David took AMO?”

“David told you about it too! He was so insistent on it. I can’t believe he saved up so much money for it. He managed to convince me to sign off on it in the end. At least there weren’t any major side effects.”

I’m about to slam my fist on the door but I remember why I’m here. “Hmmm… I’m going to talk with you later. Is David in his room?” She gestures down the hall and I zip by her. The room is closed so I tap-tap-tap on the door.

“David? You there buddy?” I’m getting antsy. The door opens and he’s standing there with an expression I can’t read. “Are you ready to be friends again?” Damn, I shouldn’t sound so eager. It didn’t faze him though.

“I have something to show you.” David says. I nod. He moves out of the way for me to come in. His room is messier than usual. There are papers all over the floor. Photos and trinkets are scattered around. There’s a large empty shoe box that reads “6th Grade” next to it all. “I found this in my closet, with 5 other boxes filled with the same things. Photos, notes, toys, buttons, and other stuff.” I recognize a lot of it. I squat down and pick a photo.

“This is when we went to the mountains during spring break when we were 11. I forgot to bring water so you shared yours. Then when we ran out, we were both whining.” I laugh thinking about it. I grab another. “This is us at Suzy Miranda’s birthday party. You had a crush on her and nearly puked when she invited us. You were heartbroken when she said she liked me instead. Oh my god,” I say when I see an old polaroid. “This was when we wanted to be clowns and we stole Melissa’s makeup to draw on our faces.” I show him the two boys smeared in lipstick and eyeshadow. His front teeth are missing and I have a mullet.

“So embarrassing,” David scrunches in nose when he sees the picture. “Mom wasn’t upset because she got a cute photo out of it.” I’m surprised by his response.

“Does this mean you remember everything again?” I ask optimistically. He closes his eyes and shakes his head. My smile fades. “I don’t understand, you remember that but not-”

“I remember going to the mountains and Suzy Miranda and the clown thing. I don’t remember you being there. It’s like a hole in my memories.” David sits next to me and pulls out his phone. “There’s more here too.” I lean over and look. It’s more recent photos. Pictures from Halloween, with Vance and Ashley, eating sushi, and that time… “Is this you with a possum?”

I grin seeing the photo. “Yep. You saw it near the bus stop and I tried feeding it my bagel by putting it on a stick and poking at it.”

“Isn’t that dangerous?”

“You said the same thing back then too.” He keeps scrolling until the end. His face falls and then he scratches his head.

“I’m sorry Nadir. I’m sorry for fighting with you and calling you a cocksucker.”

“Nothing I haven’t been called before.” 

“I’m sorry for taking AMO. I really messed up. How could I have erased all of these,” he picks up a pile of stuff from the ground, “just for a girlfriend? I am a cretin.”

“Yes. Yes you are.” I say. He pushes my arm with a smile. It feels normal again.

“It couldn’t have been easy losing your lifelong best friend. I’m sorry I did that to you.”

I sigh. “Yeah it wasn’t. It felt like being hit with a sledgehammer to the gut and then having someone use me like a welcome mat.”

David snickers. “Your comparisons are so weird.”

“I’m weird! So are you!” I punch him in the arm. He pushes me back. It’s a mini-fight until I stop. “I am willing to forgive you, if you’re willing to let me fill in the blanks of your life.”

David gives me a half smile. “Deal.” He pauses then sniffs the air then me. “Are you wearing cologne?”

“What? No, I just ran here crazy fast and got sweaty. I smell gross.”

“No, it smells good. Weird.” He shakes his head and points to the toys on the floor. “Nadir…. Er, Nadi, tell me where these are from.” I bring them in and tell him each story. We read notes we passed to each other in class. I tell him what each button means. He looks at pictures and says what he remembers. I tell him what really happened. I pull up my sleeves and get to work. Tonight is all about catching up to the present. While we shuffle through boxes, I think about Billie Joe and finish the line.

“Forgetting you but not the time.”

© 2019 Michelle Leiva

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Wow... I really like this concept... good job, Michelle.


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Michelle Leiva

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Thank you!

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Tags: slice of life, teen, high school, drama, comedy, ya, ya fiction, young adult, young adult fiction, short story, sci fi, science fiction


Michelle Leiva
Michelle Leiva

Fresno, CA

Artist and Writer, I love to write stories and bring them to life through art. I'd love some opinions on my stories! @Farmersakki on Tumblr, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram more..