Desperate (Part one)

Desperate (Part one)

A Story by augustus

A lonely woman is desperate for company.

At thirty five years of age you feel as if you should be surrounded by friends, family or even the occasional visitor to kill this terrible feeling of being totally alone.
It wasn't as if she had deliberately shunned people. She had been popular with colleagues at her place of work. Her work whilst mundane was satisfying and she thought the young messenger bringing her mail and internal files was a sexy hunk. It was without doubt he had a crush on her. She tried to encourage him to make a move on her by making sure her blouse was open enough to show her cleavage to the maximum without being too obvious. 

Reflecting on her situation while standing naked in front of the full length mirror in her bedroom she realised her body was ripe and ready for sex. Her hair was cut short in the Elfin style and she could get away with little make up. Her breasts were firm and of a good size with n*****s proud and wanting to be sucked and nibbled by a hunk of a man. Running her hands down her body, she was pleased to see that her waist was trim with no excess fat. Her hips and thighs showed no sign of flabby skin and with careful shaving and regular massaging with scented oils her vagina was wet with the wanting of being filled by a massive c**k!

No chance of that while she was alone in this pokey apartment. She had a date once. He was alright, but had the annoying habit of staring at her breasts and then rubbing his trouser front. It was as if he wanted sex but didn't like to ask. She was most frustrated and not even seeing his c**k had to make do with a session with her rabbit d***o after the disappointment had left.

She did have one friend Fanny. She lived in a town further up the coast and they had got to know each other by a chance meeting on a beach one gloriously hot summer. It was as if fate had decided they meet that day with her laying on her towel wearing a skimpy bikini and Fanny tripping over a nearby rock and swearing like a trooper at the bruised toes. Fanny was laughing at her predicament and brushing the sand off her hands introduced herself to Penny.

She too was a loner and was in the process of trying to forget her latest big prick. They seemed to have lots in common and hit it off straight away. Fanny was built like a brick s**t house with biceps the envy of a body builder.A six pack chest under two very full tits and n*****s like organ stops, she had on that day a very small bikini that tried, in vain, to cover up both those super tits and a clean shaven c**t. She was also deeply tanned from head to toe, much to the envy of a pale skinned Penny. 

They were both attracting men who were walking deliberately slowly past them with bulging thongs and little else. One brave soul even had a swinger's pouch covering just his penis. Unfortunately, he had a paunch that over hung his nuptials and was balding to boot.Fortunately, there was a ban on nudists using that particular beach. Fanny laughed at the antics of these hopeless males and began to tell Penny all about her sex life of recent date.
She had been living with a multi millionaire who whilst being very rich had little regard for her needs and was more intent with climbing on top of her and with a lot of panting was endeavouring to thrust his little penis up Fanny's vagina. She said this sort of thing went on every day and always on a mattress at the side of a swimming pool. 

Penny while listening to Fanny recounting her dramatic sex life came to realise just how barren her sex life was. No millionaire for her. Just everyday boredom with an occasional chocolate milk shake to liven things up. Fanny was very sympathetic to Penny's account of her life and was emphatic in stressing that they keep in touch when they returned to their respective homes. 

She thought long and hard about the advice Fanny had given her. 
"Go out without any knickers on and no bra and try to entice an older man into your bed. They are better than the young men as they nearly always have fucked before and know what the thing between their legs is for besides they've got more money to spend!" Penny wondered where she should go to attract the right sort of male. Firstly, she had to decide what sort of dress she should wear over her naked body. After trying several outfits she opted for the skimpiest short dress, which was a thin plain cotton material open at the top and finished half way between thigh and knee. It was also showing her bare arms and if it was a windy day she would easily show a bare arse and a shaven vagina.

Feeling excited at being practically naked Penny together with her clutch bag containing a can of pepper spray for protection against any sex starved weirdo,  ventured forth into the world of men and in particular those with big c***s. Her first encounter was with the janitor who was about to pass her on the stairs. He was a friendly man of about sixty years of age and as a widower Penny knew he lived alone. As he drew level with her Penny couldn't resist bending forward to plant a kiss on his cheek and at the same time lift the hem of her dress to show him her p***y. 

"My God woman, do you want to give me a heart attack baring all like that?  he said and at the same time smiling broadly. Penny laughed and continued on down the stairs and out into the sunshine soaked street. Not knowing where to go she tried hailing a cab. It must have been a public holiday. Not a cab in sight. 

Standing there and feeling foolish she turned to see the janitor of her apartment beckoning to her to join him.
If you want a cab you can use my 'phone in my apartment".
Penny smiled and said "Thank you. In all the time I've been here I don't know your name?"
It's Rocky.and you can call me Rock."
His apartment was beautifully furnished and had pictures practically on every wall of a nude woman. Looking at them Penny asked who the woman was?
"That was my wife Jan who used to be a famous porn star".
Looking closer at some of the 'photos Penny could see a naked man with an enormous c**k fully erect in either a pose of a body builder or as an onlooker to the woman.

I don't usually let anybody see them photos, but as you are so pretty and want to show off your body like you did on the stairs, I reckon you could equal Jan's body anyday"!

Pointing to the naked man in the 'photo she asked if that was him ? "Yup. that's me. We used to perform in front of people in clubs and certain gatherings of folks who wanted to see an erotic act."
"Did you have real sex or was it faked?"
"Oh.It was real right enough. We could f**k all night long if that was what the audience wanted and paid for!"
At a few venues we often had women come on the stage and wanted me to f**k them there and then.
"Did you?" 
"Of course, that's what we were there for and what we were paid to do"!
"One night, my wife had to take a big black guy's enormous c**k of about twelve inches in length."
"And did she"?
"Yup. She was magnificent and just about managed it"!
He sighed.
"Those were the days"!

End of Part One




© 2020 augustus

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So far, so good. I'm looking forward to part 2. I wonder, how come I never come across these types of horny women?

Take care - Dave

Posted 1 Year Ago

seems to read like it happens... a universal thing.. congrats on picking up and promoting what comes naturally ................ :)

Posted 1 Year Ago

Thank you for your review. I'm glad you liked it. More to cum!

Posted 1 Year Ago

O gosh this is hot

I'm ready for penny and her hot, wet p***y now

Posted 1 Year Ago


11 Months Ago

Steady the buffs!

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