Desperate (Part two)

Desperate (Part two)

A Story by augustus

Penny learns fast.

Penny was enthralled to hear all about Rock's adventures and after a couple of drinks of what he called 'head splitters' she forgot all about her quest to find a man who could satisfy her needs. It was when he showed her enlargements of some of their different positions and close ups of of Rock's enormous c**k and Jan's p***y, she began to feel that maybe she didn't have to venture out into the world after all!

Here was a man who obviously knew how to look after a woman's body and be able to satisfy her needs. Sitting back into the couch she made sure the short skirt of her dress had ridden up to reveal her shaven vagina. And what was it Fanny had said about getting hold of an older man who knew what sex was? Here was the answer. Alright, Rock wasn't a millionaire but he surely had the right credentials to give her a decent f**k.

It was obvious Rock had noticed the reveal of her vagina. When he got up to top up her drink the bulge in his pants was indicative of a big erect c**k. Standing in front of her and pouring her drink, Penny couldn't help but place her hands over the bulge and press it to feel the glans. Rock almost spilled the jug and groaning with pleasure
and with one hand pulled the front of his elasticated trousers down to allow his gigantic foreskin covered c**k to spring out into the open air. 

"My God woman. You surely know how to tease an old man. Showing me that beautiful p***y and feeling me like that!"
"Who says I'm teasing you?" asked Penny licking her lips and leaning forward began to stroke the foreskin of his c**k and lick the glistening glans.
With trembling hands Rock quickly placed the jug down and with both hands free pulled Penny up off the couch and at the same time yanked off her flimsy dress.

Naked and feeling vulnerable Penny began to undo Rock's shirt finding a hairless chest and when he pulled the shirt out of his trousers she could see a slim and well proportioned upper body. He dropped his trousers to show his nakedness and Penny was excited to see a trim and ready for sex male with no body hair and still erect c**k. She was wet with anticipation and she could feel the juices from her c**t beginning to leak down her thighs. 

Running her hands over his body Penny could only feel shivers running over her. Excited at the prospect of having that big c**k being thrust into her she held on to it and after turning herself she presented her upturned bottom and a pink labia. Rock didn't need any prompting and immediately pushed his shaft into the ready slit. Penny felt his glans enter her and feeling ecstatic with pleasure immediately clenched her internal muscles to feel every part of his shaft. 

It was as if all her wishes had come true. She was having the most glorious f**k with a man in his sixties. His hands were kneading her breasts and tweaking her outstanding n*****s. He was thrusting himself backwards and forwards with her head and shoulders being pushed into the cushions of the couch. Their bodies were covered in sweat and made delightful slapping sounds when they made contact. They were having a ball and both were making up for lost years of sexless life. 

It was Rock who shouted that he was ready to cum. Penny was almost there to join him when he shot his load of semen. Feeling that warm glow she felt herself give way and with a gutteral gasp had the most deep and glorious orgasm. She quite thought that would be enough, but Roack had different ideas and began to move his body in a circular motion. With his rigid c**k moving against the walls of Penny c**t it made repeated contact with her clitoris. Again she felt another orgasm coming and with a delightful cry let her juices flow. 

"Heavens above. I haven't had a f**k like that since Jan and I had one before she died ." They were both laying together on the couch. Penny was playing with Rock's c**k which was still rigid and upright. He had two fingers up her vagina and with sighs of contentment they both agreed that it was a f**k to remember. 

At least once a week they would meet in either his or her apartment and have the most glorious sexual encounters. Penny would lose herself in the midst of their f*****g. Her reasoning would be shot away. Looking forward to having his ten inch c**k inside of her was making her wet with anticipation.
She 'phoned her friend Fanny who was pleased to hear all about Penny's sexual antics. She too was having fun on the mattress alongside the swimming pool. Her moneyed host had to go abroad on business so Fanny made sure the gardener and the handyman were always on hand to give her a decent f**k. 

On the way down the stairs one morning Penny met another tenant who had been resident there for some years. He was a retired Army Colonel who whilst admiring Penny's figure told her about the Janitor. It appeared that not only was he the 'janitor' he also owned the apartment block and several more besides. 

When confronted with this knowledge Rock confessed that he had invested his and Jan's considerable wealth from their 'porn' days into property. The role and work as 'janitor' was merely a hobby to keep him occupied. His income had increased to such a degree that the only way he could spend any of it was to have expensive holidays in the Cayman Islands."In fact, I've booked two seats on a flight next month and naturally enough your pert little bum will be in one of them. So, my little sex slave give in your notice to your employer and stay with me forever!"
Penny did just that and both of them lived happily ever after and had endless sex in all sorts of places! !



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Fantastic! You are one very sex driven lady. I'm 78 and I wonder if I could keep up with you.

Thanks for the fun. Take care - Dave

Posted 6 Months Ago


6 Months Ago

Thanks friend glad you enjoyed it!

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Southampton, Hampshire, United Kingdom

OK So I write stuff that might be construed as nothing more than pornographic. You, the reader will make your own minds up! I'm never satisfied with my writing and I will always welcome your opinions!.. more..

No clothes! No clothes!

A Story by augustus

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