No clothes!

No clothes!

A Story by augustus

An aversion to clothing!

It was when I was caught gardening by a female that brought so many memories flooding back of my youth and early years of my adulthood.
It wasn't the gardening that was the surprise! It was the fact that I was completely naked at the time. 

The visitor was okay about the fact that I was standing in front of her naked and holding a trowel. After a few minutes she began to accept the sight of a naked man wasn't altogether a major disaster, we got along quite well.

I couldn't help but notice she kept looking at my penis. Admittedly, it is quite big even when flaccid. I just had to ask her what she thought of me being naked standing in front of her. Blushing, she admitted that at first she wanted to run out of my garden, but then thought she was alright with it and began to enjoy the experience of talking with a nude man.

I think it was also due to the fact that she was being 'turned on' and as she kept licking her lips I could sense she was mesmerized at the sight of my c**k which was slowly rising.
 I began to find her attractive. She had silver hair and for a fifty odd year old woman she had a decent figure. Being such a hot day, she was wearing a halter top with no bra. Her shorts were brief and tight. 

As if someone had switched a light off, she suddenly turned and hastily left the garden leaving the side gate swinging and me with a silly grin my face.  

That encounter, just about sums up the perception people have of nudism. For people to be naked must mean they are indulging in sexual activities. Ever since I was aware of nudism and introduced to it by being with my parents in a nudist club I had no inhibitions when naked. Sex didn't enter into the equation. 

Those early days when as youngsters in a nudist club nobody gave twenty four hour nakedness a second thought. Oh.Sure, there was the odd occasion when a man might be having an almighty erection and helping by stroking it would be the wife or girl friend.But us youngsters weren't interested in sex. We were keen on all types of sports and keeping fit.

At thirty years of age I was fit and in good health. My parents were the perfect models of nudism. They were in perfect health and unfortunately they both died when a tsunami hit the island they were holidaying on.

Unfortunately for me, nudist clubs don't favour  single blokes and in some cases I've known them to turn down applications to join from singletons. However, there was this Club that welcomed singles. When I joined it, I was introduced to the welcoming committee. A mixed group of adults (all naked) who asked me what was my purpose in joining the club. I'm sure I replied satisfactorily and I duly became a member.

I had a shock one beautiful warm sunny day when I was walking through a wooded area at the club. There in front of me was the female who had seen me naked in my garden. She was as startled as I was, but soon recovered her composure and began to laugh.

It wasn't long before we got know each other much better and on an improvised cover of towels spread over the grass we began to study each other on a more intimate basis. I could see she was in good condition for a woman in her fifties. Her body was well proportioned with breasts firm and not drooping. She had no surplus skin or folds of flesh around her waist. Her long legs were topped with thighs that were enhanced with a clean and shaven vaginal area. 

It transpired she had been in a relationship with a man who took a liking to young men and it was when she came home unexpectedly one day and found him naked and having sex with a young boy that she finally snapped. He hurriedly dressed and followed his belongings out of the front door, together with the boy never to return.

I sympathized with her and said,
"Not all men are the same you know! Take for example, me! I just love women and their beautiful bodies. I would never want to push my penis up a youngsters arse!

"That's good to hear. I expect you have the pick of women in your circle of friends and with such  magnificent thing you've got between your legs I expect it's in constant use!"

As she had pointed to my c**k, I looked down and it began to rise. As I had no hair down there and i had been circumcised when young it was easily evident I was having a very satisfying erection. My flaccid nine-incher was growing to become a throbbing ten to eleven inches and upright!
"I'm sorry about this. It's just you mentioning it and pointing to it, has made it want to be noticed!."

She laughed and stopped me from covering myself with cupped hands.

"Don't whatever you do be ashamed of that wonderful piece of humanity. It's wonderful and like the rest of your body it's crying out to be used."

Without any hesitation she gathered up her towels and bag and invited me to see her chalet. Who would say no thank you to that sort of invite? We quickly made our way to an exclusive part of the club's grounds. All the way there, all I could see were the splendid cheeks of her arse! It was as much as I could do to keep a towel over my stiff c**k!

I couldn't get over the fact that this naked woman was in her fifties and was walking in front of me as if it was the most natural thing in the world! I was in total awe at her open attitude and love of nudity. In her chalet she went into the kitchen and made coffee. I spread my towel and sat on a big divan. Looking around me I could see many photographs of naked people. There was one big framed painting of a naked man with a massive erect penis.

"I expect you think I'm a mite perverted having a painting like that for all to see. Only it is of my Father when in his prime he had this oil painting done by a famous artist. They were both very keen nudists and always ready to show off their figures to anybody. The many photographs you see are of fellow nudists who have been here to this club and wanted their photographs to join the others.

"Perhaps I should explain that really I'm the owner of this club and everything you see here, I own!"

I was duly impressed and whilst she was talking to me I noticed she had spread herself on a cushioned bench. Her body was oozing sex and with her open legs I could see the folds of her labia were glistening wet. Occasionally, she would lift one of her breasts and touch the proud n****e. I was completely entranced by the way she was openly inviting me to have sex with her.

My c**k was at full size with the glans shining and throbbing. I stood up and looking down at her I realized just how much I wanted to lift her up and pierce her c**t with my aching c**k. However, before I could move, she pulled me down and turning, ended up on top of me. She was in a frenzy and fiercely grabbed hold of my shaft and thrust it up into her wet c**t.

She bounced up and down screaming with delight as she had several orgasms. I had shot my load almost at the start, but with me holding on to those delightful tits and running my hands all over her body, I didn't want it to stop. We didn't stop! She bounced up and down my stiff c**k for at least an hour and it was the appearance of a visiting nudist that caused her to climb off my tiring c**k.

The visiting nudist in the shape of a young girl was apologetic at having disturbed us. 

"How lovely. Can I hold it please?"

The youngster, completely unfazed, grasped hold of my flagging c**k and whilst running her hands up and down it, carried on chatting as if it was the normal thing to do when one visited someone!

I must admit that the rest of my stay at the club was, completely and sexually satisfying. My c**k was in demand from a number of women. Not surprisingly, the best of them was the youngster.
She was absolutely a raving nymphomaniac! 

The young girl was a beauty with a slim body. Her b***s were delightful and full with organ stop n*****s. She had no body hair. A tattoo was evident just above her clean shaven vagina. 

"Would you mind me wanting your lovely monster of a c**k?"

She asked me. Just as if it was the most normal question one was asked when meeting for the first time. The older woman just laughed and said she was quite happy to watch us 'have fun'. With that she sat down in a chair by the side of us.

The youngster was still holding my c**k and began to lift herself over my body to enable her to lower herself over my throbbing penis. I helped her to keep her balance by holding firm those pointed breasts and kissing her open mouth with my tongue flashing in and out. 

She was obviously wet with anticipation as my c**k slid into a warm and sensational channel. Whilst thrusting my c**k backwards and forwards I could feel every muscle in her trying to hold onto my slippery shaft. Every time I pushed upwards she would grunt with pleasure. I don't remember how long we were like this but I do know I shot my load onto her stomach several times 

Needless to add, I'm going back there next summer! I only hope my body can take the punishment!! 






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© 2020 augustus

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Oh yes - to suffer such punishment! Very interesting story.

Take care - or not - Dave

Posted 3 Months Ago


3 Months Ago

Thanks Dave. I am still trying!
Nice story and good points.

Posted 4 Months Ago


3 Months Ago

Thank you Michael. I do try to give satisfaction!

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