Next door!

Next door!

A Story by augustus

He had no idea who or what they were when they moved in next door!

The house had been on the market for some time and Phillip was sorry to see his neighbors of some years moving out. They were an elderly couple who had been great friends of theirs. His wife had always been going through the gate in the back   garden with a freshly baked cake or a plate of tarts for them to enjoy. Sadly this hadn't been the case for some time as Mary had contacted cancer and died unexpectedly at the age of thirty years. 
The For Sale sign had only been up for a couple of weeks and replaced with a Sold sign. The next few days people were coming and going, and whilst Phillip couldn't see who they were, he was pleased to see that alterations were taking place. There was a swimming pool being installed with a built -in hot tub. A conservatory was in the throes of construction and he could see solar panels were being bolted into place on the roof of the house. Phillip wasn't being nosy!  There was one small window on his landing which allowed him glimpses of work men coming and going and he could see them using a big crane. 

Phillip worked from home with his work being confined to his computer linked to the offices in town. He very rarely ventured out and his car was gathering dust in the garage. Any supplies he wanted or needed, he would order them on line and retrieve packages from the doorstep. In fact, he was fast becoming a loner! Not exactly a hermit, but close! His habits had changed in not only his eating, but his whole way of life. He had decided against taking a vacation and had compensated by applying self tanning solution to every part of his body, so that when he went naked into his overgrown garden it would look as if he spent most days on a tropical island.  He enjoyed his naked excursions in the garden and with a well toned and hairless body he could occasionally be blessed with an erect penis of some considerable size!

He realized that his nakedness was a sort of release in his way of life. He missed his wife terribly and her ceaseless chatter together with her beautiful body that could cause him to have an erect penis. Just by thinking about her! It was fast becoming a habit for him to be naked morning, noon and night!  Why bother with clothes at this time of the year? It was a glorious summer with blue skies and warm sun! He could move from room to room and into the garden without a stitch on and cause no offence to anyone!

That is, until a dame from the village came calling with a census form and instead of ringing the front door bell strode around the house and pushed open a rarely used and rusty gate. She was a big woman with a massive pair of breasts and an a*s to equal them. 

"MY goodness me! A naked man! " She stood with open mouth and wide eyed at  Phillip standing on the lawn with rake in hand and a big smile! 

"Hello! Can I help you?" That was about all Phillip could manage. Shocked as he was to see a woman invading his privacy while he was naked.

"Thank you, i have this form if you could fill it in some time! And I must say how pleasing it is to see such an attractive specimen of manhood in my travels!"

And with that after blowing Phillip a kiss she turned, laughing and left the garden. No doubt she would be telling all her friends about meeting a naked man in the village. Sure enough, every week a woman would come knocking at his front door and would be showing off part of their bodies. A torn blouse revealing a breast trying to escape. A higher than usual skirt, leaving very little to the imagination.

Phillip was always circumspect when answering the door and had a robe handy, by the door. Much to the disappointment of many women.

His new neighbours were moving in and had a huge van where unloading it was taking place. He could see a youngish couple with four teenagers all busy ferrying stuff into the house. 

Paying no more attention to all the goings on next door he was surprised to hear the front door bell. Donning his robe he met his new neighbour. Introducing himself as Trevor he apologized at the noise and disruption and asked Phillip if he would join them at the week end for drinks and a dip in their new pool. He added and with some trepidation asked Phillip if would mind them being naked. He explained that they were nudists! Phillip laughed and told Trevor he wouldn't mind in the slightest and explained that he too was a sun worshiper and spent most of his time in the nude!

One day that week, Phillip couldn't resist looking out of his landing window to see what was going on! The youngsters next door were making full use of the hot tub and he could see that they were naked. They were beautiful to look at and reminded him of his youth. They had friends with them and they were  youths of about eighteen years of age. All were enjoying the sensations a hot tub can give you. 

He could see that one of the youths was having a hard time trying to conceal an erect penis. The girls were keen for him to reveal it and kept pulling his arms away from his body. 
Phillip was keen to join them and using the gate at the bottom of the garden managed to open it and walk up to where the hot tub was situated. Introducing himself, he asked if he could join them. They welcomed him and were staring at his enormous flaccid penis which began to stiffen and rise as he climbed into the tub. It was the first time he had been naked in front of other people and it began to excite him with s fully erect penis. 
He hadn't been in the water long before the parents arrived bearing trays of drinks and sandwiches. They to were naked and Trevor, the Father was sporting a fully erect penis. It seemed it was the fashion to show your manhood whenever the opportunity arose. As the boys began to loose their inhibitions they too had erect penises. 
The Mother of the two girls started to organize everybody to help with the gardening and pretty soon they were all engaged in either weeding, raking or mowing. Phillip had been able to show Patricia (the Mother) the gate and how easy it was for either the family or he to use it. Standing close to him she was attracted to his fully erect penis and began to fondle it. He couldn't resist fondling her breasts and even managed to place his fingers in her wet c**t. 
She arched her back to allow him easy access to her wide open and inviting vagina. He was tempted to plunge his c**k into her ready c**t, but confined himself by just rubbing his stiff shaft against the lips of her wet and ready lips of folding skin.  

Phillip spent many a happy hour chatting with any member of the family over the fence and very rarely saw them with any clothes on. 

The Wife was particularly attractive and could always be counted on to pose when in the garden. He knew she wanted him to f**k her, but in deference to her husband he had resisted her thus far. He fancied the young girls and wondered if they were virgins. 

One hot day Phillip was, as usual, looking over the fence and admiring the woman posing for him and trying to do some gardening! The husband Trevor came out and asked Phillip if he had ever had a nudist massage? 

"I've just had one, done by a friend of the family and as she is still here, perhaps she could give you a real going over? Come on over and we'll sort you out!"

Phillip couldn't resist the opportunity and quickly joined Trevor in their conservatory where a naked female greeted him and invited him to get up on the massage table. He couldn't help but admire her body. She was exquisite in every department! Laying on his back he felt his penis stiffening and rising. 

She invited him to feel her breasts and continued with a strong flexing of fingers all over his body. She was good and in no time his penis was at its peak. 

In time at all he had ejaculated over his stomach which she quickly wiped off with a tissue. What followed was a session in the shower and she again proved to be an absolute delight.

He as beginning to think his penis would be permanently stiff and upright. It was only when back in his own house he began to dawn on him just how lucky he was to have such a free loving family living next door. Who knows what the future would bring?

© 2020 augustus

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Great story telling. I enjoyed this interesting account of new people settling in as neighbors and getting so pleasantly acquainted!

Posted 2 Months Ago

Is there a sequel to this

Well written > I an just having to straighten up

Posted 2 Months Ago


1 Month Ago

Thanks to you Wild Rose I have written a sequel and it can be seen with wet knickers!
Wild Rose

1 Month Ago

Get some clean ones to change into

1 Month Ago

I'm going native!

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