The Battle (excerpt)

The Battle (excerpt)

A Story by Jdrs132

It says its a story but it is really a quick write kinda thing more like an excerpt enjoy

Through the blaze battle, a single shot rang out. The shot soured through the lines of men, looking for it's intended target. The general, perched on his horse like a king in his castle, suddenly screamed with agony, clutching his chest. As he fell from his horse, time moved slower, as if the universe wanted him to suffer every agonizing second. As the thud was heard, the men seemed to realize that the battle was lost. But all of the men stayed to fight, wanting to protect the man that trained them, fed them, and showed compassion beyond any other general known. The general lay on the ground, watching his men surround him and protect him. He smiled and knew that he was safe. Even if he died here, he died knowing that his men were loyal and that his duty was fulfilled. The general took one long everlasting sigh, and said with his dying breath "Thank you" 
The battle was over, to the mens' delight, but there would be no celebration tonight. The general was gone, taken by a iron ball from enemy musket. They held a dinner in honor of the general, and in the morning buried him. The men gave him the best funeral they could, and buried him under the best spot they could find. Forever he rests under the peach tree in the Shiloh church courtyard.

© 2011 Jdrs132

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Added on April 20, 2011
Last Updated on April 20, 2011
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