Prologue 2/Nick

Prologue 2/Nick

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

The second part of my four part prologue introducing the second main character of my ongoing Comic scripts series.

On the blood moon day. Working in a church was always rough and busy. Nick felt relieved when people left the church. Nick was a head priest of the world biggest church based in a town called Butterbank. Nick entered his study at the back of the church. His study was full of all kind of religion crosses all hanged up on the wall. Nick sat on a chair resting his arms on the table with a single candle to give the study a dim light. After a small pray Nick picked up a photo what had falling on the floor the photo showed his lost family his three brothers and his mother and father. Nick was a bald man with blue eyes as the same as his brothers. From his right all the way to the cheek was a cross tattoo on Nick's face. Nick also wore a gold cassock the colour of a high priest. The door knocks Nick turns to the door and said (come in). Opening the door to enter Nick's study was a young woman with long blond hair and wearing a white cassock. (Just checking how you are father Nick) she said. (There is no need to worry. How is Jay doing). (Jay is fine he is locking up as we speak), (good vary good indeed). (Is that your family) Lora asked seeing the photo in Nicks hand. (It is my mother was called Lex, my father Dominick, and my brothers Dex Danny and Grey). Having a look at Nicks family photo she notice how buff the father was and how pretty the mother is. (Who is the eldest of your brothers) Lora asked. (Danny is the eldest fathers favorite son age twentyfour. And what I hear on the news he had hit rock bottom. A full time criminal and is the most wanted. Then there is Grey who is mothers favorite. Age twentythree he was born with great strength and speed and much more. Then there was me the one who gets bullied by the order brothers and as you know a high priest of Butterbank and I am age twentytwo. And the youngest was Dex twentyone years old. I don't know much about Dex these days and Grey for that matter. They both could be dead all I know.), (what happened to your family) Lora asked Nick. Nick looked at Lora giving her a cold stare (that is not for you to find out). Outside of the study Jay had just locked up the final doors and sat down on the wooden bench and maxed a final pray for the day.

Outside of the church bikers came to a stop all removing there helmets and all looking at the church and up at the red moon gaining black eyes.( its time to show people what the Blood Moon is all about). One man said showing out his long snake like tongue.

After his pray Jay sat up and was about to make his way to Nicks study but from the entrance doors came a explosion hitting the doors away just missing Jay who ducked for his life. Hearing the noise outside of the study Lora ran straight out to help Jay. (Wait Lora you should stay here and let me handle this) Nick called but was to late. Jay looked on seeing the intruders entering the church. (There is no way you guys are destroying this church), Jay shouted and from the inside of his blue cassock Jay toke out two duel blades. Each blade sparked with lighting. Jay dashed towards the intruders with great speed Jay hits the first intruder clean in the face even before the intruder know what hit him. Jay kicked the second intruder in the stomach and finish the rest of the intruders with one quick single attack. Knocking them all out Jay stood in the middle of the falling intruders. Jay looked up to see the second wave of intruders entering the church. ( guys look, this kid is no joke look what he did) one of the intruder said with worry in his voice. (There is more where that came from my friend) Jay told them with a smile. From his blond hair came sparks of lighting from Jay's hair, Jay then puts his duel blades together to make a double bladed spear. Jay then once again dashed towards the intruders taking out everyone of them who he passed. His attack toke Jay outside of the church. Jay slowly stood up to only come face to face with another intruder with pure black eyes, (wide open) the intruder said open his palm in front of Jays face. (No) Jay shouted when a force pushed Jay all the way back inside of the church crashing to a stop by hitting the wooden benches knocking him out. Lora saw Jay knocked out so Lora knew she needed to act fast so she closed her eyes and puts her hands together. Behind came wings and Lora started to float from high above Lora saw more Intruders entering the church Lora flew to the top of the church to get her weapon what was kept there. Lora got hold of her white scythe before attacking Lora made a small pray and flew down towards the intruders. (Here she comes) a intruder said Waring his friends but even with his warning Lora cuts his head clean off, still in mid air Lora fond herself surrounded by the intruders. But that did not worry her at all she kept calm and cuts down all her attackers till there was no more. Checking her surroundings for any more attackers Lora went to Jays aid. (Jay you ok) (Lora behind you) Jay warned Lora in weak voices trying to get up to help her. Lora slowly turned at see one more intruder and she quickly attacked with her scythe. But the intruder blocked it with just his arm smiling at Lora putting out his long tongue. (Kneel before your God Tragon) Tragon said putting his whole arm though Lora with his arm coming out full of blood. Tragon left Lora of the gtound. (No) Jay said trying his best to shout. Tragon looked at Jay before throwing Lora away, (Your next) Tragon said to Jay and behind him came more of his intruders. Jay weakly went down on one knee hand on the floor to support him giving Tragon a nasty look. ( there is no need to fight anymore Jay you did well, and don't worry about Lora I will deal with her soon after I dealt with these myself). Came a familiar voice to Jay. Jay looked behind him to see Nick walking beside him to face Tragon and his intruders. (Father Nick) Jay said relieved to see him. (Don't worry now, I am here) Nick said but keeping his eyes on Tragon. (I will never forgive you for what you done) Nick told them putting his hands behind him to bring out two of his homemade pure sliver guns each with a long chain with a cross attached to them, Nicks guns were special made they can fire out energy blast at any speed and not bullets so they don't run out of ammo. With Nicks great aim Nick could fire from any distance and find his mark never missing. Tragon payed no attention to Nick and laughed in his face. (Ah I fellow high priest. Not even you can beat me. I am a god no one can kill me.....) and before Tragon could finish his sentence Nick puts a blast in his head from his gun. Blood spilling out of Tragons head and the body of Tragon was losing balance.( shut up. Do you know how many times hear that same god story.) Nick said when the church went silent. (Every same Blood Moon) Nick said when the body of Tragon finally fell, the intruders where left stunned at what just happened and look back at Nick who had his guns up at them. (Run) Nick told them and in a panic the intruders ran for there lives. Nick fired his guns hitting at fleeing intruder one by one like a good game of hunting. One intruder did get away and ran out of the church and got on his bike and rides away, not wanting him to get away Nick started to leap on the walls to get to the roof. Nick opened the door to the roof heading outside seeing the escaped biker not at some distance away, Nick focused his aim taking a deep breath. (Bye you freak). Nick said when he fired. From his distance Nick saw his shoot fond his mark and the biker fell to his death.

Back to the church Lora was on the floor not moving Jay founding his strength back went to Lora but was lost of words. To stop his worry Nick came jumping back down for Lora's aid. (Ok let me see) Nick said going on his knees by Lora. Nick looked at the deep stab wound knowing its not good at all. (It's bad. But nothing I can't handle so no need worry,) Nick said putting his hands on the wound. Nicks hand then started to glow and slowly Lora's wound had started to heal. (Thank you father Nick) Lora said in a weak voice. Nick had said nothing back but gave his student a smile.

© 2017 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
Hope you enjoy my second part prologue of my ongoing Comic scripts series. Next week Prologue 3/Danny.

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Added on September 27, 2017
Last Updated on September 27, 2017
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Joshua Haines

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