Prologue 4/Grey

Prologue 4/Grey

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

The final part of the four part prologue of my ongoing Comic script series. Introducing the final main character

At the end of the Blood Moon. With the stars now going the sky turning dark blue and the moon turned bright pink. In the slums of Butterbank where no police will not dare to go. Were there is no end of crime and trash flying around. A car came to a stop just outside of a messed up house. Opening the door to get out of his car was a man wearing a long long black jacket with black boots. He looks at a piece of paper what had a Andreas written on it. (This seems to be it)he said looking at the house. He walks up the house and knocks on the door. After a few seconds the door finally opened and standing there was a thug with a white tank top. (You Grey) the thug said. (Yea). (Good the boss is waiting). The thug then lets Grey in the building. When Grey enters the house he saw more thugs working on drugs and weapons there where even some thugs done up on drugs where pass out. (Ah Grey my newest customer) came a voice from top of the steps. Grey looked up seeing a man in a suit and a golden walking stick. (I did here even Danny comes here. So I wanted to try this place myself) Grey said. Grey walks up towards the bottom of the steps so the boss could meet him. (So you heard. Yes its true Danny the most wanted comes here time to time. So what can I get you). (Well Tax. I want something from you that have a kick if you know what I mean.). Tax let out a loud laugh before walking down the steps to meet Grey. (Grey you are a funny man you know that). Tax said to Grey putting his hand over him and leading him to a room where he keeps his drugs and weapons. (I am sure you have a nice collection back in there. But there is something else I want to know about). (Oh what's that then). Getting Tax of guard Grey lefts Tax by his collar and of the floor. (What you doing) Tax shouted letting his thugs know he was in danger. (You said Danny comes here. All I want to know is. Where is he now). The thugs had shut the doors so there was no way out for Grey. ( I don't know, Danny has not been here for weeks.). (Do you know where he lives. Where he stays at all). ( no please let me go). Knowing he will not get any answers from him Grey puts down Tax slowly and made his leave. (Kill him) Tax shouted pointing his stick at Grey. And before the thugs opened fire Grey was behind the hired men. (Just in case you have not fond out by now. I am a police officer). Grey told the thugs removing his coat showing of his badge on a long necklace. One thug with a crowbar swung at Grey with Grey ducking and giving the thug a huge uppercut. Hitting the thug to the roof and to the higher floor thanks to his great strength. The sane thug who let Grey in went in for a attack but only to find Grey's heel after a spinning kick to the stomach. Shooting the thug away to the next room. ( now for the rest of you). Worried about Grey's next move the thugs was again about to fire. But Grey slams his fist to the ground with great power making a hole in the ground and hitting all the thugs up. All the thugs landed back to the floor all knock out. Tax saw he had no men left and made a run for it. But Grey made a massive leap to land in front of Tax. (But..but how) ( Don't worry I am still human just gifted.). Grey told Tax getting him a the collar again to out him over his shoulder. Grey went back for his jacket before leaving the house. Grey made his way to the car (I thought it was you bro.long time how long as it been ten years) said a voice. Grey saw that there was a man sitting up top of his car legs crossed. ( no way, Dex is that you). Dex sat up from the car with a smile and a thumbs up. (Great to see you Bro).

© 2017 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
Hope you enjoyed the final part of the four part prologue. My ongoing comic script series will start officially with Issue One next week on Wednesday XD.

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Cool scene. That was fun. Grey being a superstrong human and punching that one guy through the rough was awesome.
At the end when Grey met Dex I was like ooohhhhhh.
Your writing gets better with each piece and look forward to next week to see how it all comes together.

Posted 2 Years Ago

Joshua Haines

2 Years Ago

It really means a lot that you are enjoying my series. And I thank you for that

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Joshua Haines

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