Giga Issue 10

Giga Issue 10

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

Training is now over. Dom now sends his four son's to a place what will slow down Mandora's plans.

(So this is what I know. Mandora has been building a army for his Blood Moon before he rise the demons). Dom said looking at each of his son's. (How do you know all this) Nick asked. (Thanks to Grey's friends from the police force). Dom told Nick. (Clair and my Captain had been searching any clues for Mandora. And fond out he is building a base in the middle of a sea located in misty peak). Grey told his brother's. (And what's the plan) Danny asked. (Grey if you would) Dom said. (Well as you know Misty peak is the largest and most deepest ocean what's filled with none ending mist. But they will still see us if we come on in a boat with there powerful lights. That's why we will use a spy plan and guild down to misty peak.). (Sounds fun) Dex said cutting in. After the interrupt Grey gave out a massive huff then continue on the plan. (There will be two teams. Team A will be us going in the air with a suppress. And team B the police staying underwater for back up). Grey finished. (And what made you the leader of us) Danny asked Grey. (Because Danny. Shane needed someone he can trust and he only knew me). Grey told Danny. (But remember. When you where chosen to lead us. You would of got us killed.) Danny said breaking the line to face Grey. (Father I should be the one to lead. I did missions like this before). Danny said turning his back on Grey to face his father. (I was young Danny. Just make sure you don't mess this up). (Its not me you should be worrying about brother.) Danny said looking at his brother once again. (It's you) Danny told Grey. (Knock it of you two) Dom said getting hold of Danny's hood and throws him back in line between Nick and Dex. (And how do we make contact.) Nick asked. (With these) Grey said opening his hand to show his brothers ear pieces. (You put them in any ear and then you can hear any one from both teams.). (And we will be giving a bomb. To blow up Misty Peak). Dom told his sons. (And what about Mandora) Dex asked. (Right now he is staying at the Gedo temple. So we won't be bumping into him right now). Grey told Dex. (And Jay will round up the church's to fight of Master Duke and the other priest. To keep us clear) Nick said finishing the plan.

At misty peak. In the middle of the black ocean. Covered in thick mist. Was a tall and wide reactor and a under sea reactor connected as one. Ghost was standing at the each looking over at the ocean and the mist at the edge of the reactor. Seeing Bear walking towards him holding a person with one arm. Ghost turned around to face his partner. (This better be good Bear). (Ghost I found a spy). Bear told Ghost and dropping the spy on the hard metal floor. The spy cried in pain when his two broken legs meets the metal. (Is that so) Ghost said getting out a arrow and aimed it at the spy. (Please I beg you) The spy said begging for his life. (He is from the police in Butterbank) Bear said. (If you want to live spy. You will tell me everything) Ghost told the spy keeping hold of the arrow. Once the spy told Ghost and Bear of a upcoming plan. Ghost gave his thanks to the spy before letting go of the arrow hitting the spy clean in the head. And kicking the body of the reactor to the sea. (It seems we have work to do) Ghost said walking away from the edge.

High in the sky in a military plane heading towards misty peak. Dex,Nick,Grey and Danny. Where set and ready for there mission and the drop of. Clair came down the steps to the brothers giving them a update. (Ok) Clair said putting her voice up loud enough so the brothers could hear. (Once the captain calls. That your call for the drop of to misty peak. So good luck). (Would I be able to make contact to Shane through my ear piece.) Grey asked. (We should be able now yes. He should be at his mark under misty peak by now. So give it a shoot).putting his ear piece in Grey goes in for the call.

Deep undersea with a submarine. Shane sat at the captions seat looking at the Rader what told him that the submarine was just under the misty peak. Shane heard Grey's voice in his ear piece and went to answer. (Yea Grey I hear you. Just get ready).

Clair opened the hatch to the door keeping a firm grip Dex looks down seeing nothing but clouds. (Now this is a big drop. One mistake and we could die even before we start) Dex said steeping back inside. (There is nothing to worry about) Clair told Dex. (Who Said I was worried.) Dex said with a smile looking down at the drop once more. Clair moved to the back at where the special equipment was kept. Picked a few things up and walked back to the brothers.(these will get you there safely) Clair said handling each brothers a glide bored. What are similar then skateboard but without wheels and longer and thicker with metal. And also gave Danny a heavy bag. (We are giving you the bomb since you can teleport out before it goes off). (The rest of you. Wait for me at the pick up point as the soon the bomb timer is ticking it will go at three minutes.). (Will one bomb be enough) Nick asked. (The bomb may be small but it will. Give one shell of a show). (But sadly it can't be any lighter) Danny said putting the bag over his shoulder.

Going to make the call for the jump. Shane notice a big blink on a Rader and moved to the front to see what it is. But saw nothing but blackness and the lights on the submarine. Shane called one of the crew member to check if the Rader was working fine. And the Rader came out fine. (Make sure. We can't have any f**k ups now). Shane went in for the call but was blinded by heavy lights shining in the submarine coming from outside in the dark sea. And saw a massive head of what believed to a be a giant robot twice the size of the submarine and there plane put together.( no they know we are here). Shane quickly gave Claire the update.

Clair got the update from her captain and past the news to the brothers. Dex was looking down at the sky's when a seeing a fire ball aiming at him Dex jumps out of the way just in a blink of time. The fire ball shoots past the plane. (Yea Shane is right they know we are here). Dex said stepping inside. (We need to make our jump now) Nick said. Picking up his bored walking to the open hatch. But before he could jump another fire ball came and hits the wing of the plane making it lose balance and making Nick lose his footing and fell on his knees. (You guys need to jump now) Claire called. Holding one of the seats to make sure she does not fall. (Alright then you heard her bros. Time to jump). Grey said who was the first to get back to his feet and jumped out of the plane. Danny was the second followed by Nick. Dex made sure Clair was ok before he jumped himself.

Shane moved the submarine back away from the huge robot what was walking towards the submarine. (No matter what we use nothing will stop that).Shane said making his retreat before he will be crushed by the heavy hands and gets buried undersea with his crew.

After the long way down. Grey was the first to land safely with his bored and strapped it over his back. And behind him was his brothers having the same results with there landing and doing the same with there boards. (It seems we have a winner) Dex told Grey ignoring that he came landing last. (Clair you ok up there) Grey said going to his ear piece. (For now Grey. But I am in a tough spot. I need you to stop those fire balls before they hit). Came Claire's voice. Even before Grey could put out the new orders Danny pushed his away in front by pushing Grey back with his arm. (And what the shell you doing). Grey asked. (Our mission. If we do any side tracks we will fail.). (You can't do this on your own. We need to work together. And help Clair). And without answering Danny teleported leaving Grey Dex and Nick. (God dame it Danny). Grey shouted trying to get Danny in the ear piece but no good he was not responding. (Grey what you going to do now) Nick asked. And before Grey could answer the alarm went of with a loud voice INTRUDERS AT THE MAIN BRIDGE KILL AT SIGHT. The loud voice repeated those same words over and over. And guards came storming out from the inside looking for there unwelcome guest. (Ok this is what we are going to do. I will go after Danny to make sure he does not do anything stupid. And you two go and save Clair by talking by down those fire balls) Grey told his brothers. Grey walked a further up before punching a hole in the metal ground with enough room for him to jump in. Grey told back gave his brothers a thumbs up and jumped down.

Dex looked around his surroundings trying to find where the fire balls where coming from. Spotting four large canons at each cornor. (Ok Nick I am making my move. Wish me luck). Dex shouted while running for the first canon. Not hearing Dex Nick looked back seeing that Dex had already made his move. So Nick went on the defence to support Dex with the Upcoming guards who all wore gold armour.

The guard who was guarding the first canon saw Dex coming up vary quickly towards them. (Intruder fire). The guard orders and the rest of the golden soldiers opened fire at Dex. Dex continue to run hitting the bullets away with his guildblade. Before more bullets came Dex leap over the assault and landed in the middle of the guards sword in hand. (Hey) Dex told them with a grin. And before the guards could react the guildblade glowed Dex then swings his Sword to create a powerful wind. Pushing all the guards of there feet and of the factory. One other guard saw the attack and ran towards Dex for support. But Dex got to him first with a deadly hit to the face followed by a spinning kick. Knocking the guard out. With no more guards Dex eyed the Canon. And cuts it in half with one swing. And Dex then made his move for the second canon. While heading there the second canon changed target and fired at Dex. The fire just the metal ground just in front of Dex. Dex used his guildblade for shield and was thrown back landing on his back. (Dame it) Dex said under his breath. And ran as fast as he could towards the second canon. Now on high alert the guards got out the big guns the heavy rocket launcher. And all opened fired at once. Dex ducked dodging the first rocket and cut the last two in half with one swing and Dex continue to run ignoring the exposing behind him made by him after stopping the rockets. (You are not going to stop me you hear) Dex roared at them. His guildblade then started to glow. Dex then jumps as high as he could and swings his Sword to shoot out one massive energy blast cutting the Canon in two. When the split canon hits the ground the impact pushed the guards of there feet and Dex landed back on his feet and ran towards the third canon dodging the bullets while at it. On his way to the third Dex looked up and saw the sky was covered by small missiles aiming straight at him. (Oh no dudes. Even them are not going to stop me). Dex said when the missiles where seconds away from finding there target Dex dashed cutting them all to pieces. And at the same time cuts down the Canon. Dex looked after his job was done seeing no more guards at him and no more canons. (Well that was easy) Dex told himself putting his guildblade over one shoulder. (You truly don't think it will be that easy now don't you) said a voice behind Dex. Dex was shocked after hearing that voice knowing there was no one there in the first place. Dex turned and jumped away to see a person with long sliver hair and long metal claws on his leather gloves and his teeth where as sharp as anything. (Well then this is new) Dex said getting his Sword out once again. (My name is Dog. One of Mandoras commanders. And you are). (I am the guy who will stop you) Dex told Dog.

Up at the pick up Nick had taking out all the targets as he can see. But behind him the two heavy doors opened to revile a man standing there looking at the priest. The man was pale skin and he slowly walked up towards Nick who kept on guard aiming his guns. The man who was walking to Nick had a whip with a sword attached to the end. Taking no more chances Nick made the first move and opened fire at the new arrival. But the arrival easily hits the energy beam away with ease. (It seems the snake has find a new prey. ) The arrival said before running towards Nick. Nick quickly to me another aim.

Deep in the underwater reactor. Danny teleported just out of sight of the base filled with war machines and last remaining guards with the rest out of the reactor taking care of the problem. Danny teleported again to find himself at the heart of misty peak the engine room. (Danny. Danny if you hear me don't do nothing Intill Grey catches up) came Clairs voice from the earpiece. Not wanting a repeat from Clair Danny removed the ear piece and throw it to the ground and placed the bomb on the floor. (What are you doing. Did you hear the order) came Grey's voice from behind Danny. Danny turned holding the switch in hand to face Grey who looked back at him. (Doing my part of the job). (You are supposed to wait for me and my call). (You will just slow me down. Have you seen what Mandora have got waiting for us. I need to do this fast). Grey said nothing knowing Danny was right. When following Danny Grey did see the war machines but he also saw millions of millions of cyborgs lining up with so many kind of weapons. (See what I mean Bro. I know you saw them) Danny told Grey. (Ok I see your point. Is the timer set). (No. Not yet just about to) Danny said holding up the switch. (Its a beautiful set an it) came a new voice making both Grey and Danny turn to face the new arrival. Ghost and Bear both stood out outside of the engine room blocking Danny's and Grey's escape. (No need to block guys I can just teleport past you two) Danny said slowly getting his katana out with Grey behind him.

© 2017 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
Issue Ten of my weekly ongoing Comic script series called Giga. Hope you enjoy

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Joshua Haines

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