Giga Issue 16

Giga Issue 16

A Chapter by Joshua Haines

The four brothers gets a new mission from their father. Find the man who gave Dex his sword and find a way to stop the blood Moon forever.

(As you know. All four of you have completed my training. And once again you have a task what needs doing) Dom told his sons sitting on a chair resting on a table. He must of put more strength then he thought in his training his son's have improved in high levels Dom thought to himself. (If you remember my lesson. I once said that Dexs sword was once owed by the greatest swordsman to ever live and defeated Mandora and his blood moon so many years ago) Dom told his sons who all stood in line like a very well trained soldiers. (His name was Tedo from seven hounded years ago) Grey said cutting in. Both Danny and Nick both looks at Dex who gave them a more confuse look than anyone. (What?) (How did you come of the sword) Danny asked Dex. (Some crazy old man. Gave it to me.) Dex told Danny. (That's the vary same sword what destroyed Mandora in the first place) Nick said. (With the help of Grey police team. We found the only one old man living on his own in Butterbank who never had a family. I believe he is the same guy who gave Dex his Sword). (And you want us to catch him). Grey said. (Not like that.Ask him to come with you. If he had the sword I believe he might know how to stop the Blood Moon even before it starts ). Dex smiled getting over existed can't not stop from jumping this was his first mission as a leader.

High in the sky hidden from all eyes. There was a huge stolen military airship gliding in the clouds. In the commander deck. The captain of the ship. Was looking out of the window gazing at the thick clouds. (Captain. We believe Dom has found out where the person we are searching for and is heading there now with his son's). A mercenary said reporting to his captain. (Are you sure. We can't fail Mandora again set for Butterbank). (Yes captain). Once alone the captain to me a long breath and sat down. The captain was a lean man wearing a white scarf around his neck almost covering his mouth. With a long brown leather coat with black boots. ( I am getting really sick of this Mandora ordering me around like this). The captain said under his breath. (Sky) came a female voice. Sky turned and spotted a female walking towards him. In a long red dress. With red hair and red eyes. And wearing a long red cloak. She was a fire witch known to men as the one true fire God comparing her to the God Axel himself. (What is it Blaze). Sky asked. (We better be going after that old goat before he does) Blaze told Sky. (Yes we are on our way there now. What ever he got that will stop this Blood Moon. Will soon be ours).

(Dame it. It's freezing) Dex said with a loud sneeze at the front seat of Grey's car. With Danny and Nick sitting in the back while Grey was driving to there destination. (It should be freezing its the coldest day of winter). Nick told Dex. (Yea. Well why does it have to be so cold.) Dex said. (We are here guys) Grey cuts in making a stop next to a vary old building. Outside of the building was the Butterbank police keeping the building on lockdown. And waiting for Grey and his brothers was Clair and Shane. (Why the shotgun captain) Grey asked Shane when he notice the big gun in his hand when the brothers came across Clair and Shane. (You should know me by now Grey. Even this guy is old. He is a big threat and I may need it.). Grey looks at the building finding its possible escapee routes. ( Why would he stay here). Grey asked after finishing looking at the building. (It's a right mess that's for sure). Danny said. (Maybe he likes it that way) Dex told Danny with a smile. (We kept the building on watch for twenty four hour. And we know he has not left the building. If you like to enter. The entrance is just up ahead). Clair told the brothers. (Thanks Clair. ) Grey said heading for the building his brothers following. Now taking the lead Dex stops by the double doors and gets his guildblade out. Dex slowly opens the door then Nick moved in guns up and ready. Nick gave the all clear and Danny was next in with his teleport. Danny moved to the top of the stairs and leaned on the wall and poked his head out a little and so no one but flys and open tin foods. And again Danny gave the all clear. And next was Dex and Grey. Covering each other sides. Dex. Grey. And Nick all meats up with Danny at the top of the stairs. About to move Danny stops the team. Keeping his eye on the open door. (I see movement). (Ok Danny teleport in that room. And see what it is). Dex said and with a nod Danny teleported in the dark room. From where Dex was he heard two voices recognise Danny's as one of them. From what he was hearing Dex listen to Danny trying to calm who ever was in the room with him.

(Leave me alone!). Came a shout as clear as day. And Danny came flying out of the room hitting the wall knocking him out. Dex left his cover to get to Danny's aid. And saw movement when near Danny. And coming out of the shadows was a old man wearing dirty rags facing Dex. It to me the old man time before he remembered who was standing in front of him. And ran away. (Grey, Nick after him I will aid Danny.). (On it) Grey called and ran for the old man with Nick behind him. (Danny wake up) Dex said going on his one knee shaking Danny. (Come on Danny wake up) Dex said again. (What) Danny said slowly awakening up but still did not know where he is. Danny then finally shook of his dizziness remembering what up got back up and teleported all before Dex could say anything. (Dame it Danny. We are not here to kill him) Dex said before running for the old man hoping to catch up his brother's.

On the old man's tail. Grey was easily catching up with his inhuman speed. With Nick falling behind. (Sir please stop. We only want to talk its important) Grey called. Knowing that Grey was catching up the old man stoped running and surrendered. But that what Grey thought when he nicely put his hand on the old man's shoulder. And the old man gets hold of Grey's arm and flips him over slamming him to the floor. (Grey you ok) said Nick going for Grey's aid. When Nick made his move to stop the old man. But the ageing man taps Nick on his Collier bone faster then Nick trying to get up. Nick now was unable to move his body. (What did you do to me.) Nick said struggling to speak. (You won't be able to move for a while now). The old man told Nick. And made another run for it but spotted Danny in front. (Its over old man). Danny shouted with the butt of his Katana aiming to knock the strange old man out. But the old man sidestepped and sweeps Danny of his feet. (Danny be careful) Nick said with a warning when Danny went back for another attack. (Nick. We can't be nice with this man anymore. To get him come with us. We need to fight him like if we are going to kill him.). Danny said keeping his eye on the dangerous old man. Danny then went in for a sudden attack. But his strikes where easily dodged by the strange old man. No matter where Danny attacked high or low he found nothing but air. After his fun the old man jumps away from Danny to a safe distance with a cheeky smile while Danny huffed and puffed. (Dame it ) Danny said through his teeth. the objects surrounding the old man started to float and flew towards Danny. Danny saw big tables chairs and cupboards heading towards him by telekinesis of the old man. Danny cuts the objects in half then ran passing the rest of the objects jumped on a flying table. But a chair came flying in and hitting Danny of the table. Hitting the floor hard finding his breath Danny grew his Katana heading towards the old man.
Who sidestepped away from the sharp blade and got hold of the blade not carrying about cutting his hand deep. And ripped it out of Danny's grip. And threw it to the ground with the katana going back to normal size. The old man ran towards the recovering Danny who had no time to defend himself. Going for Danny's Collier to disable him to move but stoped inches away. Having time to take a breath Danny looked up to see a familiar blade around the old man's throat. (Dont move) Dex said behind the old man. (We are not here to hurt you. So please listen to me). (I am not talking to a follower of the Blood Moon and Mandora. Know matter what you do). (No. You see we are trying to stop him and the Blood Moon. And we believe you can help us). Dex told the old man slowly removing his guildblade blade from the old man. Hoping to gain his trust. Nick now finally to move and Grey waking up and Danny standing up. The old man looks at the brothers who all stood in front on him and removes his old raged hood choosing to trust them. Showing out his long grey hair and his pointy grey bearded. And two white glass eyes. Making it seem impossible to see. After a long awkward silence the old man mumbled something under his breath. (Sorry what was that) Dex asked putting his guildblade away. (My name is Setlo). (So you do have a name) Danny called out. (Even if what you say is true and you are here to stop Mandora. I still can't give you the Jidus ) Setlo told them. (The what) Dex asked confused. (The Jidus. It's the only thing that..) Setlo was stoped mid sentence after a loud noise can be heard. Grey quickly went to his ear piece for a update from the outside.

Clair and Shane stood outside of the abandoned house with the rest of the police. Clair looked up seeing the airship hovered over the old house. With a lot of study she also knew the logo what was printed on the airship. With a long wolf claw what had arrows striking it. (Grey. You have trouble. It's the Second most wanted Sky. And his Dying Fangs.).

Getting the news from Clair. Grey made his way to Dex to give him the update. And before Grey could do that. The walls came through with a heavy expulsion. And out of the smoke came the Dying Fangs with there white combat armour. Aiming there guns at the stunned Brothers and Setlo. (Its the same group from misty peak.) Dex said getting his guildblade out. (The Dying Fangs. That must mean Sky is here. You can't let them capture me) Setlo said slowly walking backwards. (Dex. Get Setlo out of here. We will hold these back.). Grey told Dex. Walking in front of Dex and Setlo with Danny and Nick beside him. Dex nodded to Grey who keeps his eyes on the Dying Fangs. Gets hold of Setlo arm and made a run for it. While Grey, Nick and Danny stayed behind.

© 2018 Joshua Haines

Author's Note

Joshua Haines
The latest issue for my ongoing Comic script series XD. Hope you all. Don't forget to leave a comment lol.

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Added on September 7, 2018
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Joshua Haines

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