Chapter 5- A Most Absurd Meeting

Chapter 5- A Most Absurd Meeting

A Chapter by LKBillips

Chapter 5- A Most Absurd Meeting


A wolf in sheep’s clothing? Surely someone so good looking couldn’t be so dastardly.



            The leather shop proved very rewarding as did the gear shop. I made sure to impress upon the gear shop owner prior to picking out items that I would be handling the billing no matter what my cousin had said, or I would not purchase at all. He begrudgingly said he would honor my request. He also said that weekly the local metal smith discards pieces they do not feel fit for the use in their work.  If I head down two blocks and followed the steamy heat I could catch today’s excess.  What luck!  I thought.  We weaved out way through the mounting crowd and towards the back alley of the metal warehouse. Nathan was quite inept at the task. There seemed to be all kinds of splendid bits to play with. Once Nathan ran out of space in his pockets I unfixed my travel bonnet and started to load that up as well. A tinker’s day dream.

            The head metal smith, Charles, seemed amused by my enthusiasm. He offered a ruck sack for my use and in exchange I promised to make him a new set of googles that would auto-wipe the steam that built up while he worked. A valuable friendship I knew had just been made. To keep my word, I headed off to a glass shop and picked out several shaded lenses in a few different hues. Walking outside I peered through the red lens towards the sun to gauge its shading capacity. I heard scuffling on my left and turned just in time to see two men barreling down the walk in our direction.  These men were not the type to be behaving this way as they were dressed to impress with perfectly tailored suits. I jumped back as they tumbled down and took the place I had just stood. Looking up panting a flicker of recognition flashed in a pair of intense green eyes.

            “Miss Sweeting,” he exclaimed. He quickly picked himself up and brushed the dirt off the front of his jacket. He turned to his counterpart and offered him a hand up as well. “I apologize for that little display of brotherly disaffection.  Let me introduce you to my eldest brother Lord Oliver Nassar, Earl of Thetford.


 Lord Nassar stepped forward and took my hand bowing over it. “Miss Anabelle Sweeting it is

a pleasure to meet you and forgive us. My brother and I had a small disagreement but being a

passionate pair, we clearly let it get out of hand.” He looked towards Miro with a smirk while still

holding my hand.

I gently withdrew my hand and say, “Lord Nassar it likewise a pleasure to meet you. Miro did

not mention a brother, but then again, we did not talk long in our short meeting yesterday. Strange

that the brother of an Earl should be bussing people from the train in his motor. Then again, far

stranger things have happened to me today. Oh, I apologize I am rambling aren’t I” He had the

same exotic look as his brother. A little shorter but with the same almond skin. His eyes, still catlike,

were an amber hue.

“You are correct in your assessment of my little brother. I am quite scandalized to hear of his

common cabbie expeditions. Brother what is the meaning of this?” He turned to Miro with an

accusatory stare. Miro simply shrugged and gave me a wink.

“How else am I to meet pretty girls Oliver. You with the title I am usually overlooked,” he

pouted.  After not receiving the sympathic response he was hoping for he continued. “Okay I was testing out the motor George and I are building for the race in a couple weeks. I know you disapprove of my hobby brother, but the Motor Gala is the talk of the ton and it is very prestigious to be accepted into the race,” he exclaimed. 


            His brother just glared, clearly curbing the retort he had in mind.  “Hobbies aside, how does that explain your pickup of dear Miss Sweeting?” he asked.


            “Ah, well that was all luck and happenstance.  I was driving back from the track and heard the shrillest whistle that I hit the brakes reflectively and saw the most interesting lady standing on the curb.” My face flushed as he continued.  “I couldn’t very well pass up an opportunity of making a new acquaintance, now could I?  And since the cat’s out of the bag, I can return your payment Miss Sweeting as I am not officially a cabbie,” he said.


            “You took her money?  What kind of crazed lunatic do I have for a brother?  I do apologize Miss Sweeting, I assure you my brother will not be causing such mayhem going forward.”  He grimaced at his brother.


            “Miss Sweeting, you’re not mad at me are you,” Miro asked?


            “No, but I must take greater care when entering a motor from now on I dare say.  The tag you had in your vehicle looked quite genuine.  I would hate to get into a dire predicament with another imposter!”


            Looking abashed Miro replied, “Yes, yes I am sorry, it was an official tag.  It belongs to my co-mechanic George. He usually drives the transport, but I was taking liberties that day and may have gotten carried away. Do forgive me!”


            “Only if you promise utter honesty from this day forth?  I truly cannot tolerate to be deceived!”


            “Take it from me sir,” Nathan chimed in, “she does not tolerate it one bit!”  I smiled over to my little champion.


            “Miss Sweeting, there will be a party two nights hence that I hope you will attend, I am sure you should have received the invitation for you and your cousin by now.  I wish to make amends for my behavior,” Miro said shyly.


            “Sir Nassar I will discuss with my cousin this afternoon and reply accordingly.” I smiled with the formality of his name. “Nathan and I must take our leave now as I am off to meet my cousin for tea.  I bid you both farewell.” They both bowed and I turned on my heels with Nathan trailing behind.  I felt an impression that if I didn’t leave then and now I would seriously consider strangling Miro’s deceptive neck. Or accepting the party invite right then in there.  Both decisions I needed to think a little more on. I hate being made a fool of, especially by such a handsome devil. I shook my head to dismiss the last part of that statement. Well except the devil part.  That is for sure.

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