A Poem by Norman 223

A bit of lockdown mayhem


Oh LydiaLydia, how can I get rid o'yer

 For when in desperation, we've tried separation

 How often we've found that we always get round

 To rushing back to each other, thereafter to smother

 Our faces with kisses, declaring that this is

 Because we are fools and we'll live by new rules.

 You'll talk and I'll listen, I see your eyes glisten.

  I feel my face burn -I then have to turn

And leave - 'cos you're nagging again


 D' you know what, Jason? These recriminations

 Are part of your nature, when you try to inflate your

 Failing position in a war of attrition

 You know you can't win, so why don't you give in?

 You've already admitted we both are committed 

To each other for life, in spite of the strife..

The ironing and cooking will stop me from looking

For another career - so year after year

I'll stay - 'cos I'm now just a chattel.


 Dear Father, dear Mother, You're having another

 Of your sessions of niggling, with each of you wriggling

 Away from the fact that its all a big act.

 So I thought I'd just mention that because of this tension.

 I now need a rest so I'm leaving this nest

 Now .don't start your crying and continually trying,

To say I'm to blame - you're always the same.

 So I'm off - 'cos I'm going to get married.



© 2021 Norman 223

Author's Note

Norman 223
With our 55th Anniversary next week, I'm sure my wife will forgive me. (fingers crossed)

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Judging from when this fine gem was posted, I must've missed your anniversary, but happy belated! First, I haven't done ANYTHING in life for more than 10 years & the idea of doing ANYTHING for 55 is mind-boggling! Second, this poem sounds just like you sound in your chatty rants via email, posing like you & Trish are at each other's throats or like one of you is only using the other for the distasteful chores. Your rhyme & rhythm in this poem is humming along like a locomotive! Very well-crafted with a storyline that POPS! (((HUGS))) Fondly, Margie

Posted 5 Days Ago

Norman 223

5 Days Ago

Thanks for your fulsome review, Margie, but just to put your mind at rest:-
This pie.. read more

5 Days Ago

This is a precious share! Thanks for taking the breathless time! It just started raining here, which.. read more
55 years and you're still living, Norman. Either Lydia's a lousy shot or you're a ninja.
Is there a secret to this longevity or did you just buy her a telly of her own. It would probably be great to
go a little holiday to celebrate and hopefully soon that will be the case.

Posted 1 Week Ago

Norman 223

6 Days Ago

. Thanks for your touching concern, Paul....
Fortunately, Lydia and Jason don't know where I .. read more
Paul Bell

6 Days Ago

Lol. I'll keep it under my hat.
congratulations on your 55 years together .. deepening love, respect and forgiveness all fruits of commitment ... i especially enjoy the three separate voices in your poem .. the rhythm and rhyming is a bit helter skelter ... when reading i want it to go completely free or fall into a smooth meter .. much like those places in a marriage ;) love the story telling and humor .. what would we be without the ability to laugh at ourselves .. and poke a little at our mates ... again .. big congratulations .. Happy 4th sir .. keep staying safe and healthy always!

Posted 6 Months Ago

Norman 223

6 Days Ago

Thank you E. As you may know, I have been enjoying the hospitality of a range of medical facilities.. read more
Einstein Noodle

6 Days Ago

oh man! yes i know about your medical challenges very happy to see you back ... plenty of time .. read more
Ha! I think I can appreciate this poem so well because I've been married 27 years and raised two children, both now adults (out of the house). Our daughter left willing to attend college in 2012, and has flourished. Our son took a while longer, and I think we jokingly attribute his departure to our standard, lighthearted bickering. So, whether intentional or incidental, I say so long son! The empty nest is not such a bad thing.

This made me laugh, and I don't read many like that on here. And, though I'm not much for form or meter, this reads so well, it's obvious a master poet created it. Thanks much, Norman, for this one.

Posted 6 Months Ago

Norman 223

6 Days Ago

Many thanks RE. My apologies for delay in acknowledgment, as I have been out of action for several .. read more
' So I thought I'd just mention that because of this tension. - I now need a rest so I'm leaving this nest -
Now .don't start your crying and continually trying, .. .. '

Oh dear, dear friend, you've laughed me sane! You always get that meter near enough in step and cause such shivers of laughter. I love your writing!!! Can only imagine, the picture you ve created is how it is, or, can be... and to finish as have shows that.. in spite of the examples one should be warned by... so many brave the dive into hot water !!

Taken me two minutes to tidy my review .. grinning so much, excelled at the typos! Your humour is truly wondrously on the nail's head.

Posted 7 Months Ago

Norman 223

7 Months Ago

Thank you so much Emma, for persevering with this mayhem. But.....don't try reading it out aloud. .. read more

7 Months Ago

Laughing at those final words.. you dear man.. you made me happy!

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Added on May 22, 2020
Last Updated on January 13, 2021


Norman 223
Norman 223

Essex UK, United Kingdom

Now, having reached the age of 89 I'm still trying to write as an optimistic exercise in keeping senility at bay, although I reluctantly have to accept age,unreliable memory, pacemakers and synthet.. more..

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A Poem by Norman 223

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